Amiga Forever 3.0 Released - Includes 3.1 ROM and OS - Upgrades Available

Cloanto launched the latest version of its award winning Amiga Forever package at the World of Amiga '99 show in London last weekend. The software is now available on a cross-platform CD-ROM and as a downloadable Online Edition for Windows. Amiga Forever contains a complete and ready-to-use emulation solution to run Amiga software under Windows, Linux and other systems, and a suite of Amiga utility and cross-platform data sharing applications.

"Since 1997, Amiga Forever has been delivering compatibility and stability to a loyal community of users troubled by aging Amiga hardware and an uncertain future," said Cloanto president Michael C. Battilana. "Amiga Forever has kept Amiga emulation legal and accepted by the Amiga companies, allowing it to prosper to a point where it is now ready for implementation in the next generation of Amiga systems."

For Amiga Forever 3.0 Cloanto extended its license, which covers all Amiga patents, trademarks and copyrights, to include version 3.1 of the Amiga ROM and operating system. This version of the Amiga ROM represents the end of the line of the "Classic Amiga", and will be required by future OS revisions, such as version 3.5, which may be released before the introduction of the new generation of Amiga systems.

A downloadable Amiga Forever 3.0 upgrades is now available online for only $14.99. It can be applied to both the Amiga Forever 2.0 CD-ROM and the Online Edition, and does not cause any loss of data in existing Amiga configurations. The size of the downloadable file is less than 5 MB. The upgrade installs the new items of Amiga Forever 3.0:

The latest version of the emulation software includes experimental support for AGA display and MIDI output. The CD-ROM version of Amiga Forever 3.0 additionally contains a StuffIt archive with a complete, preconfigured PowerMac configuration of the Amiga emulation environment.

Because of the exceptional price at which we are offering version 3.1 of the Amiga OS, we have been asked to make sure that the ROMs that we distribute can be used only on emulated Amiga systems. We did this in a way that does not affect software compatibility, and which works with all versions of UAE and Fellow released after October 1997 (when a special ROM encoding was introduced for Amiga Forever).

The CD version of Amiga Forever 3.0 also contains audio tracks with an exclusive interview with the late Jay Miner, "Father of the Amiga", and a complete collection of Amiga ROMs and operating systems released since 1985, starting from version 1.0.


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