Dimensions Computers AMIGA Announces Limited Stock of GVP EGS Spectrum Graphics Cards

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

We are pleased to announce that we have received a shipment of EGS Spectrum Graphics cards from GVP-m. Although the card is heavily backordered, we do expect to have some cards still available, however we do have a limited quantity.

Our price remains at $189 USD, and you may order your card via our website at http://www.dcamiga.com. Or, Click Here to go there.

We also have a large stock of heavily discounted hardware and software, and we continue to sell all of the new products introduced into the Amiga market.


ALL Accepted securely at our new website:


Our E-Mail addresses:

sales@dcamiga.com - any questions about products or pricing
orders@dcamiga.com - to arrange an order or for order status
tech@dcamiga.com - for technical or repair related inquiries

For phone orders and inquiries, call us in the USA at +1 (203) 234-1483.

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