Petro Tyschtschenko Spoke To Saku 99 Audience Via Telephone


ESPOO, FINLAND - September 5, 1999 - The biggest Amiga event in Finland, Saku 99, was held yesterday and turned out to be success, even though Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga had cancelled his visit a couple of days earlier. The show was visited by approximately 400-600 people during the day.

Although Mr. Tyschtschenko couldn't attend in person, he spoke briefly at the show via telephone. He apologized for not coming and asked the audience not to panic. Mr. Tyschtschenko also said that he is not going to be fired and that he will meet with the new President shortly. AmigaOS 3.5 will be released by the end of September and the MCC is still on track, although it could be delayed a bit. He also mentioned the up-coming Cologne show and hoped too see some of the audience there. The speech will soon be available in MP3 format.

Saku 99 was organized and sponsored by the Finnish Amiga Users Group. The show was also generously supported by Amiga, who donated two Amiga A1200's for a raffle and gave away literally dozens of AmiColas, Amiga Theme CDs, card games, mouses, mouse pads, socks, pens and other promotional items. Haage & Partner, in co-operation with Amiga, provided an AmigaOS 3.5 pre release for demonstration.

Warm thanks also to the Finnish exhibitors Amigator, Gentle Eye Ky, Elysée Arena and Petsoff LP for making Saku 99 a truly memorable event. In addition to the companies mentioned above, special thanks to Broadline Oy, ClickBOOM, Digital Dreams Entertainment, Toysoft and Tsunami Trading for supporting the user group with prize donations and product samples, some of which were given away at the Saku 99.

Above all, the Finnish Amiga Users Group would like to thank the hard working Amiga users who have volunteered their time, passion, talent and even financial support for making this spectacular event happen. A list of these individuals will be published in the next Saku e-zine. There could never have been an event like Saku 99 without the tremendeous support of the Finnish Amiga community.

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Finnish Amiga Users Group (Suomen Amiga-käyttäjät ry.) is a non-profit organization for promoting Amiga computing and helping Amiga users in Finland. Also known as Saku, after it's disk magazine, the group is trying to accomplish it's goals by organizing meetings and by publishing a disk magazine. Since 1993 the Finnish Amiga Users Group and it's predecessors have released over thirty issues of the disk magazine and held several public gatherings. Other accomplishments include the Web site and Sakunet, a national Fidonet style network of Amiga related bulletin board systems.

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