NewsCoaster, Offline Newsreader Available

Announcing the release of NewsCoaster, a new shareware offline newsreader for the Amiga. The unregistered version can be downloaded from Aminet, in comm/news/newscoaster.lha

Minimum Requirements:
- 68020 or better
- 4MB RAM (absolute minimum)
- OS3.0 or above


- Powerful control over which posts are downloaded (eg, set a maximum number of posts to download) - can configure for each newsgroup individually - Killfile on any header - Automatic killfile creation, based on a particular message (eg, kill this thread, or kill all messages from this author) - Choose not to download messages greater than a certain number of lines - Email support to reply to sender - Automatic rewrapping of text when replying - no more overspilling lines - Multithreaded interface - view messages whilst replying to others, and having preferences windows open, continue to use the program whilst uploading and downloading news - Import function which reads in all news items from a given directory (and all sub-directories) allowing you to easily import news from your old newsreader - MIME Version 1.0 for decoding files - can decode Quoted-Printable, base64 and uuencoded messages - Attachments - base64 encoding - Search facilities - can search in a particular header, or in any header, the message body, or the entire message - *, / and _ are converted to bolds, italics and underlines - but this can be turned off (no more unreadable programming NGs that you get in some newsreaders...) - You can have eight signatures, with a default specified for each newsgroup - Easy to use interface - AmigaGuide documentation - Download Group list option - Many more features..

Please visit for more details.


Mark Harman

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