Amiga Extravaganza Updates

Hello folks,

Just a short note to tell you some of what is coming up at the Amiga Extravaganza99, now less than two weeks away.

  1. Nova Designs is definitely confirmed for the show now. Corinne will be there doing a great job as usual on Aladdin 4D & Image FX. Kermit is off doing great work on a new product soon to be released for the Amiga users.

  2. Don Hicks of Amazing magazine will be the main speaker for the banquet. There are two very special treats being worked out on this for banquet attendees only. I am still working on even more great surprise speakers for the show. Remember the next North American show will be either late Winter or early Spring....a long wait! Find out what is going on in Amiga land.

  3. The banquet is a truly all you can eat for only $25, and this includes the tax and gratuity. Prime rib, seafood and lots of extras from 7:30 to 11:00 PM. But we have to know soon. At the show is too late. As in all such cases we have to arrange the number of people attending with the banquet provider ahead of time. Get you money in soon. If by check send it to ARCUG, c/o J.R. Wilson, 4007 Lawndale, Indianapolis, IN 46254-2817. If you want to confirm this by credit card, then call Frank Davis at FWD Computing, and he will take care of the charge for you as a courtesy to Amiga Extravaganza99. Seating is limited to only 100 people, first come first serve on this.

  4. Check the web site for new vendors who have come on board for the show, and keep checking back as more have contacted us with their interest. We have the honor of having Compuquick from Dayton, Ohio (a large range of both software and hardware), Dan's Deals from Ohio (with just about the greatest collection of used Amiga hardware there is), Systems for Tomorrow from Missouri, FWD Computings large assortment of quality Amiga software at great prices. MacroHard from Ohio will be there with great hardware (maybe even some Boxers?!) so you can update or replace your present Amiga system. These are only a few who will be there to serve you.

  5. We have seminars lined up, and they are for free. Ranging from a class in properly refilling inkjet cartridges, making your own designed t-shirts, mouse pads, etc; Nova Design products; how to sell and promote Amiga products for vendors, developers or those who would be; using the Video Toaster; and more in the works.

  6. Get your room reservations soon. The special rate we have contracted for is only in effect for another week. So, please do not wait too long. This is a good rate and puts you close to smooze with other Amiga users when the show is taking a rest. Comfort and Sleep Inn, so phone for reservations at (317) 487-9800 or (800) 323-2086 and make sure to mention the Amiga Extravaganza99. When I made my own reservations it saved me $40 a night. not too bad!

    Last of all, go check the web page. If you have a question give us a call at either J.R. Wilson (317) 299-0143 or FWD Computing at (765) 473-8031. Web page is:

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