Phase5 G4 Update from Randomize

Toronto, Canada - Oct. 4, 1999

Some have been talking doom and gloom due to recent annoucements from Amiga, Inc. We certainly think that decisions made by Amiga, Inc. are short sighted, but we don't think that the Amiga is dead in any way. On the contrary, as far as we are concerned, nothing has really changed, as most Amiga development continues to happen by thrid party companies. One thing that has become quite plain to us, though .. is that those waiting for the AmigaMCC, or the BoXeR, or the IWin for that matter .. have all been disappointed. The only real choice for an Amiga continues to be a Genesis Odyssey PPC. Soon to be using the Blizzard G4 from Phase5, the Odyssey continues to offer superiour performance, reliability and customer satisfaction. Find out more at

For those looking to make their current Amiga the fastest ever, Phase5 has recently finalized the pricing on their new G4 products including the Ultra 2 Wide SCSI, Ultra SCSI, Ultra DMA IDE/ATA, CyberVisionNG and IEEE-1394 board. We are continuing to offer Pre-Order Discount Offer of 5% on pre-orders and 10% on pre-payments .. pre-orders can be done at The shipping date for these products from Phase5 is set for November 22, 1999 (just in time for Christmas gifts?). -- Thom Mills

Randomize, Inc. has the answer for your Amiga Systems needs. The Genesis Series is here. Check them out at

Randomize, Inc.
R.R. #2,
Tottenham, Ont.
L0G 1W0

Phone: 1-888-726-3664 or 905-939-8371
Fax: 905-939-8745

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