Eyelight Introduces Power Pack Volume I

October 7th, 1999

ROME, ITALY (October 7th, 1999) Eyelight is proud to announce that the first volume of the PowerPack series is ready and shipping. PowerPack Volume I: Image Maps, is a collection of professionally painted and acquired image maps suitable for any rendering package.

PowerPack Volume I: Image Maps, is shipped on CD-Rom and contains over four hundreds high-resolution, high-quality, image maps in seamless TARGA format. In addition to normal maps, there is also a large selection of seamlessly tileable images and predistorted spherical images for pixel perfect reflection mapping.

"Every Computer Graphics textbook I have read says complex texturing is the most important thing when rendering realism is expected" comments Massimiliano Marras, Eyelight founder and CEO "I'm pretty sure the PowerPack's many images can cope even with the most demanding creations."

Enhanced by an easy to use index system that can be read by any modern Web Browser, the PowerPack is compatible with virtually any rendering package and any operating system. It also features appetizers from further volumes of the PowerPack series: Organic 3D models and Animated Maps.

Eyelight is a 3D Graphics and animation firm located in Rome, Italy, whose flagship software product is Tornado3D, a modeling animation and rendering package for Amiga and DraCo computers. PowerPack Volume I is priced at 29.95 EURO (approx 30.00 USD) and is available direct from Eyelight's web site as well as from the many Eyelight-approved dealers worldwide. Both an online viewable table of contents, and a free Appetizer demo are available on http://www.eyelight-it.com/ppack.html

Via del Serafico, 64
00142 Rome
voice: +39-06-51965486/7
fax: +39-06-51965488
e-mail: sales@eyelight-it.com
www: http://www.eyelight-it.com

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