Vaporware Announces Public Prerelease Availability of Voyager 3

The public prerelease version of V is available. Please check for more informations.

Many bugs have been fixed since the last prerelease. It is advised to reboot after the installation to be sure that no old libraries are staying in the memory.

A PPC version of VFlash is available separately. You can find it on any VaporWare mirror in the voyager directory.

Here's a snap from the V.readme:

Newsflash: Changes since V3.0pre3:

Support & Bug reporting

Bug reports are appreciated, just stuff as much information as possible into them. A quick glance at the V mailing list will reveal whether 50000 people have already reported before. The JSERROR.LOG functionality will come in handy for dealing with JS quirks.

There's now an automated bug tracking system located at

To submit a bug report, simply mail it to

You will receive a receipt and a tracking ID, which allows you to track your bug report stats in the bug database.

Please join the Voyager mailing list to discuss this beta release. Please do not contact any of the authors directly - their time is severly limited, and chances are good that you want them to do some work on the code instead of answering mail all day long :)

To subscribe, mail to

and put "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject or body of the mail. The mailing list is archived at


Voyager is (C) 1995-1999 by Oliver Wagner, All Rights Reserved.

V is actually a joint effort conducted by several people using the powers of CVS:

The flash player and many many core changes have been done by David "Zapek" Gerber

The new bookmark and toolbar system has been devised by the wits of Simone "Wiz" Tellini

Jerome "KingGuppy" Fisher contributed the new Textinput functionality including HTML tag highliting. He also squashed some bugs.

The GUI cleanup and the new about:, plus the Voyager Portal site ( design are done by Ben "Beej" Preece

The nifty new V3 logo is done by Jason "Morden" Murray, who also did the web site design.

David Gerber

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