Compuquick Announces Imminent Availability of Amiga OS 3.5

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3758 Town & Country Road
TEL/FAX: 614-235-1180.TEL: 614-235-3601


Hello Amigans,

  1. The long awaited O.S.3.5 is finally shipping to us this coming Monday, 10/18/1999. This is confirmed to us on phone by Petro. We should have our order in hand around 10/23 or 10/25, depending on UPS. Distribution will begin immediately thereafter for all prepaid orders. We will have some extra stock, so please get in your orders soon. The price is $59.50.
  2. We have recently received stock of Picasso 4, the most popular Amiga graphics board from Village Tronic. The price is $389.00.
  3. Also in stock are the popular Ariadne II ethernet cards for the desktop Amigas. The price is $145.00

Our thanks to all of you who have preordered O.S.3.5 and for continuing to support or beloved Amiga.

Long Live The Amiga.

Randhir J. Jesrani

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