Nova Design/Newtek Announce Millennium for the Toaster/Flyer

The Millennium is coming...

Millennium for the Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer is nearly here. It’s extremely cool, it’s wildly powerful, and it will give your Toaster and Toaster/Flyer amazing new powers to help you make your work look better than ever before!

The Millennium package is presented by Newtek and has been produced by Nova Design, Inc. in cooperation with all prominent Toaster/Flyer developers. It is not to be missed.

What’s Inside

Millennium is not merely a single package. It is a collection of software, scripts, effects, fonts, backgrounds, and other content designed to update your Video Toaster and Flyer dramatically. Millennium was designed to be the largest, most comprehensive, upgrade you could put on your system. Millennium is for the Toaster owner as well as the Flyer owner.

You’ll find some old favorites are now part of the Millennium package. Some packages you will be familiar with and some will be brand new to you. Some existing packages have been upgraded significantly for the Millennium release and some have been made Toaster-friendly and Flyer-friendly as well. Here is a list of what you will find in Millennium.

There are many other features of Millennium. We’ve really just touched the surface of all the tools and content that are included in Millennium to make your Toaster and Flyer more productive for you. Millennium also includes hundreds of new ARexx commands for scripting, programmer’s manuals for the ProMix and RenderFX tools and more.

The package will include three CDROMs filled with wipes, effects, fonts, backgrounds, software and more; full printed documentation, a video tape overview of the package and a comprehensive color catalog of other Toaster/Flyer products.

Check this out!

Millennium will be available by the end of October 1999 from your favorite Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer reseller. Suggested resale price is only $349.95 and you can preorder now!

This upgrade is the largest-ever for the Toaster and the Toaster/Flyer. Order today!

For more information or to order Millennium for the Amiga Toaster/Flyer directly, you can call 1-800-462-4369 Monday-Friday or fax at (804) 282-3768.

You can also find information, and screenshots, on Newtek’s web site and Nova Design, Inc.’s web sites at and on the Internet.

Prepare yourself...the Millennium is nearly here.

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