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*WHALES VOYAGE 2* 19.99 /Out Mid November/

Whales Voyage 2 is a science fiction, role-playing, strategic trading game.

The story so far:

The skyboulevard, seat of government of the Raphastrasystem, has been destroyed by the crew of the Wahle - the political system has been re-established. ... 20 years later ...

... the crew is forced to stay alive in the corrupt world of the 25th century after spending their money for leisure and fun.

Whales Voyage 2 offers a lot of excitement which surpasses part one by far. >From the beginning the player gets directly involved into the highly detailed story and can collect information to reach the "big final".

*The game includes three mainparts:*

The roleplaying game, where a party of four people move through cities or large towns etc, in the whole galaxy. Part two is a complex trading simulation where the player is forced to make money to afford the equipment of the Whale and the crew. Finally the game contains a strategic spacebattle where the player has to fight against pirate ships and other enemies.

*Technical Facts:*

The whole look of the game changed, compared with part one. A mouse control during the game has been included in addition to the joystick/joypad steering of part one.

The old 2d overlandsystem changed into 3d fractal landscape where you can fly over the surface of the planets and search for mineral resources and and cities.

The music by NEO Project, who also arranged the soundtrack for Burntime and The Clue, guarantees the atmosphere.

Whales Voyage II is not only a computer game, but there will also follow other games:

The well known pen-and-paper roleplayingsystem of "Whales Voyage I" has been improved and will be available in two books. A board and game and a card game are also in development.

Whales Voyage II will be available for:-

Amiga CD32
Amiga A1200/4000 CD

There is an abundance of high quality sound effects, music and of course speech.

"Whales Voyage II" will become one of the most complex games of the year, which combines the genres roleplayinggame, tradingsimulation and strategic game.


*Extreme CD edition* 14.99, Disk 1.5 9.99 /Out Now/

Extreme is a brand new program that is essential to anyone involved in creating visual demos or video titling on their Amiga. Whether you are new to the demo scene or an old pro, Darkage has created Extreme with an interface so user friendly it will make your life so much easier. Using Extreme you can create state-of-art visuals involving complex animated backgrounds Anyone who has dabled in demos will be glad to hear that Extreme is controlled with the click of a button.

100% Assembler Coding, Fully Multitasking,
Optimised Routines For 030, 040 & 060
Real Time Calculated Effects, Mixable Textures And Effects,
Highly Customisable, Support PAL,NTSC and GFX Cards
Extreme CD Only:
More Than 200 added Textures, The Programs To Convert Your own IFF
Pictures into Extreme Textures, Bippya-A New Tool To Generate New
Wonderful Textures To Use In Extreme Ready Saved Animations To use In Your Productions


*GoldED Studio* 34.99 In Stock Very Soon

With so many powerful programming languages available today, it's important to have an editor which integrates tightly with your development environment. Finally an editor that understands your programming needs. GoldED will be an essential part of your customised development environment with all the advanced features and customisation you will ever need. Customise! GoldED and choose the c onfiguration options best for you. Install and go, or customise to your hearts content. Dialogue boxes give you the access to a wide variety of options. Change syntax highlighting styles, menus and more.

GoldED's syntax colourcoding is available for many languages inc C++, Assembler, Basic, Pascal and HTML.

Language sensitive syntax highlighting makes scanning through large portions of code a breeze. You also get cool features like multi-file search, context menus, function scanners, spellchecking, filetype recognition zanf as well as automatic indention, templates, a Plug-In interface and folding and much more. GoldED's extensive features have all been optimised for performance. Requirements are an '020 Amiga or better, 2Mb Ram, Hard-drive and CDRom.

Oh yeah - and a dictionary and thesaurus to understand the technical blurb above!


*The Pulse Issue 7* FREE / Out Now /

*Reviews *

The Prophet
Phoenix Fighters
Turbo Racer 3D
Foundation DC
Sim City 2000 (classic review)

*Buyers Guid*e

CD Writers
Candy Factory Pro

And an interview with Paul Lesurf on the new Amiga Boxer, as well as a write-up titles "Battle of the UK Magazines"

For those who don't already know, The Pulse is a 28 page professionally printed catalogue/reveiw magazine. Produced on Amigas, The Pulse is high quality material with glossy front and back covers. The Pulse now features 700 different games, with 300 new titles being introduced with each new issue. Alive carry over 1000 different titles in stock, as well as all the latest serious software, and a complete range of Amiga hardware and accessories. The new issue of The Pulse also features an exciting new range of exclusive Amiga clothing including sweaters, t-shirts, baseball caps etc...

Subscription to The Pulse is completely FREE, and is our way of supporting the Amiga users who support Alive. Because of the costs of producing a free magazine, we ask that people who subscribe try to make at least one small purchase from the catalogue, this way we can continue to improve The Pulse in size and quality and keep the community informed.

The Pulse is freely delivered to your door every 4-6 weeks, whether you're from Birmingham or Japan.

There's two issue left of this millenia, so as a Pulse subscriber, what do you have to look forward to?

Well, now being half way through issue 8, it's going to have to be seen to be believed. We have the most unbelievable gaming special featuring this Christamas' incredible releases. We have had a fantastic response from Amiga developers this month with a wealth of previews and demos of some of the best games to ever grace our monitors! The Amiga is not just bringing up the rear this Christmas - we're gonna blast the competition right out of the water! - That's a promise...

Over the next two issues, you will see the biggest Amiga games reveiws - guaranteed. Well, we have already brought yo to exclusive first reveiws of Virual Grand Prix and Starfighter, and now... in issue 8, the world exclusive review of Goal! 2000 and Tales from the Heaven and that's not all as we also have a review of Wipeout 2097. Issue 8 is out during the first week of November. The Christmas issue of The Pulse (issue 9) will see an exclusive review of Whales Voyage 2 and Putty Squad - Alive's massive new releases.

New features to The Pulse...(from issue 8)...

An additional 4 pages, now giving you a massive 28 pages, enbling us to add an extra page to the buyers guide and the reveiws, as well as introducing "Alive Wares" our own range of amiga clothing, and a new column called "The Lowdown with Jennie" which gives you the latest information on Alives activities and news of the latest releases. We've also added a 3D Power PC Zone for the serious gamers among us.

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