Instant Rebate on ImageFX - Get $40 back on 4.0

Instant Rebate on ImageFX - Get $40 back on 4.0!

If you've been thinking about buying ImageFX 4.0 with the new animation features, now is the perfect time to do so! Nova Design, Inc., in cooperation with your favorite Amiga dealers, is offering an Instant $40 Rebate when you buy ImageFX from any participating dealer. However, this special offer is for a limited time only!

ImageFX 4.0

This new release of ImageFX adds built-in features for editing animations that are easy to use and powerful. They can be used for editing Amiga ANIMs, video animations, or web animations. Keyboard controls, visual controls, and VCR-style controls let you access your animations easily.

ImageFX animation features are built on the amazing ImageFX layering system which can also allow you to build up complex images from layers of composited imagery that can be individually altered anytime you need.

Of course ImageFX has all the other features that have made it the Amiga's Top Rated image editing and special effects package. Paint tools, image file format conversion, batch processing, and amazing special effects that are in use by professionals worldwide.

Upgrading Old ImageFXs

If you own a version of ImageFX prior to version 2.0 your upgrade price is only $149.95. ImageFX 2.x owners can upgrade for only $99.95. ImageFX 3.x owners can upgrade to ImageFX 4 for only $79.95. Shipping adds $10 in the continental US, $15 everywhere else in the world. Remember though, the rebate does not apply to the upgrades - only to new purchases!

You can order via 1-800-IMAGE-69 in the US and Canada or call (804) 282-1157 elsewhere. Orders can also be faxed to (804) 282-3768 or mailed to our address.

Offer Details

To qualify for the Instant $40 Rebate offer you must buy ImageFX from a participating reseller, in the U.S. or Canada, between September 20th and December 31st at their regular pricing. The rebate will be applied immediately at the time of purchase - you will not have to send anything in and you will not receive anything in the mail, and you'll get a $40 rebate instantly.

You can buy ImageFX with this instant rebate at Software Hut, Safe Harbor and many other Amiga resellers.

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