Opus Magellan 5.82 with OS 3.5 Support to be Shown at Cologne


GPSoftware is proud to demonstrate its continuing support for the Amiga with the release of a new version of Directory Opus Magellan which supports the new palette mapped icon system of OS 3.5.

The product will be demonstrated on the Schatztruhe stand at the Cologne show, November 12-14th November 1999 by Dr Greg Perry.

Opus Magellan is available world-wide from good Amiga dealers and GPSoftware distributors. Or you may support the developers by purchasing direct.

Free Update Patch available.

OS 3.5 causes some superficial problems with earlier versions of Opus because of the new palette mapped icon system which is not transparently compatibility with earlier programs. With the help of Olaf Barthel, we have now added support for the new V44 icon library in OS 3.5.

A free update patch from Opus 5.81 is available from our web site at


Regards, Dr Greg Perry
GPSoftware, PO Box 570, Ashgrove, Qld Australia 4060 Ph/fax +61 7 33661402
Internet Email: greg@gpsoft.com.au
WWW : http://www.gpsoft.com.au/

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