IRC Conference with Petro Tyschtschenko

This IRC conference was held on Saturday, November 13 with Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga International. Thanks to the European members of the User Groups Network for arranging the conference and supplying the logs. This log was modified somewhat from the original to improve readability.

[PTYSCH is Petro Tyschtschenko, Amiga International Inc.]

<Pseudo> hello Petro

<PTYSCH> Hi, Amigians...many greetings from The Cologne Fair....

<Pseudo> For questions please /msg Pseudo ?

<siren> Petro, hello. Could you please tell us what is at the Amiga booth?

<Pseudo> Dont forhget ga when finished

<siren> ga

<PTYSCH> Hi...many greeting from Cologne.....


<siren> Ptysch: Could you please tell us what is at the Amiga booth? What are you displaying? GA.

<PTYSCH> We have this time a lot of atractions.

<Pseudo> queue is sTEELER , apetrol, jpj,Darkhhawke, Adam

<PTYSCH> First our Amiga Museum.....beginning with old pionieer machines from the old Commodore time. 8032


<sTEELER> Great... when will amiga be sold? And to whom ???

<siren> If you can, Petro, please list other attractions from your booth? Thanks. GA.

<PTYSCH> I am not a fortuneteller! I have not heard anything about this so far!ga

<PTYSCH> Yes. of course...other attractions are: A big boing big that it took 5 hours to fill this ballon with air....


<JPJ> Hi Petro. What are your thought on the recent Campaign to Open Source the AmigaOS and the PPC OS POWEROS? GA

<Pseudo> queue is Darkhhawke, Adam, Dirk-B , RazMATTaz , sTEELER

<PTYSCH> I am supporting the campain....I have already contact Gateway people and discussed in details this project...So far I received the answer that Tom Schmidt will take care about this for

<DarkHawke> Hiya Petro! Are you still with Amiga, Inc? Do you feel like the company mushroom (kept in the dark, fed only manure)? >B-) Seriously, though, how much "in the loop" are you these days? GA

<PTYSCH> Other atractions on the Fair of course our OS 3.5 which we are selling hopeful like hell to keep AMIGA alive. Annex also is dancing two times a

<Pseudo> queue is Adam, Dirk-B , RazMATTaz , sTEELER, JPJ

<Adam> Hello i'm from APS company in France, could you please tell us how many OS3.5 has been sold ?

<Pseudo> queue is Dirk-B , RazMATTaz , sTEELER, JPJ, Kraftwerk , _bladez_

<PTYSCH> THe break even to be profitable is around 25 ooo units...So pleas3e start to order this wonderful upgrade...Thanks for supporting our beloved

<Dirk-B> Hi Petro. Can we still buy A1200's the next years? ga

<PTYSCH> Yes we have still A 1200 Stock for sells...Feel free to order...Ga

<RazMATTaz> Hi Petro. Are the sales of OS 3.5 enough yet to secure a budget for OS 4.0? GA

<Pseudo> queue: sTEELER JPJ Kraftwerk _bladez_ liluh

<PTYSCH> We have sold so far around 5600 units...of our OS 3.5....unfortuneately the breakeven is to get profitable 25.000....please support us and buy the OS 3.5 so that we can invest in other projects...for the

<sTEELER> Petro sucks... Amiga is dead due to bad "marketing"... I think I gonna get kicked now :))) Tom Schmidt doesnt care about ANYTHING concerning the classic amiga... Bye dudes & dudettes...

<hell_123> upps...

<hell_123> heheheh :)

<PTYSCH> Thaank you for the

<JPJ> Some time ago I read that Amiga was to sell a1200's with G3 card in an Elbox tower as a total package. Is this still planned? Would you consider selling systems based on IBM's PPC CHRP design, say with PowerOS onboard, as substitute Amiga's? GA

<Pseudo> queue: JPJ Kraftwerk _bladez_ liluh Lizard

<PTYSCH> You should know that I am always listten to the Community. I get daily around 100 emails and you can proof it I am always answering those by my

<Kraftwerk> Are more efforts being put into making the PPC.library emulation under WArpOS more complete? When can we expect the first OS3.5 service pack? GA

<Pseudo> queue: _bladez_ liluh Lizard JPJ cYB0rG

<PTYSCH> I have planned a project to port AMIGA OS, my old dream to ppc.....If we have an existing hardway like standard IBM board...we have a chance to continue .ga

<_bladez_> Greetings from some of the Amiga Downunder 99 organisers ... blaz, krash & doug :). Has Jurgen taken his Akubra hat off yet? ... and did you enjoy the vegemite and your Akubra? =) What is Amiga doing to support all of the efforts going on atm and what sort of support are we expect to see downunder?

<Pseudo> queue: liluh Lizard JPJ cYB0rG

<PTYSCH> Hi. AMIGA Downunder...I am missing you here in

<liluh> I know that Amiga is facing some problems now, im not sure

<liluh> what is happening there. Is Amiga USA still prospering?

<liluh> What are Amiga future plans? What will Gateway do with our

<liluh> company?GA

<PTYSCH> I can not answer you this question, because I am not involved in the USA

<Lizard> If 3.6 (or 4.0) is released, will there be a new kickstart too? And there was supposed to be a booklet with the history of Amiga to be included with 3.5? It suddenly disappeared from the announcements

<Pseudo> queue: JPJ cYB0rG petro Senex

<Pseudo> queue: JPJ cYB0rG petro Senex Ando

<PTYSCH> I think the new OS should be PPC.....It was not planned from myside the AMIGA story in the OS 3.5....I am planning ti issue a book, called "AMIGA - my live" ga

<JPJ> What are your feelings on Sun joining forces with Sony to co-develope information appliances communicating through Java/Jini? This is what Amiga Inc. should have been doing already, now, they seem to have lost the edge. Also, could you say more about this project to port AmigaOS to PPC? GA

<PTYSCH> Cannot comment this now...have to see what happens in the next couple of

<Pseudo> go ahead cYB0rG

<cYB0rG> hIYA petro, when a new hardware will be out ? old A4k or A1200 is really old ... Amigans need a new platform (and new OS too). Do u have planified something about that ?. GA

<Pseudo> queue: petro Senex Ando JPJ Dirk-B Syke

<siren> Petro, what can Amiga users look forward to from you after the Cologne show? Any plans for Christmas or early next year?

<Pseudo> queue: petro Senex Ando JPJ Dirk-B Syke drHirudo Kraftwerk

<PTYSCH> I can not argue..A 1200 is some conztries still very popular. But in Europe it is unsellable as a computer. I have customers build up and new markets for our beloved AMIGA technology as imbedded systems like slot machines, entertainment machines

<Petro> What is your opinion of Gateway "selling out" on the Amiga hardware? (ie just producing the os, probably for lame peecees)

<Pseudo> queue: Senex Ando JPJ Dirk-B Syke drHirudo Kraftwerk ^asp^ Fanger

<PTYSCH> iren, I have to keep my sales on going....thats important..and that is my plan before christmas..I have organised in Delhi a fair with an AMIGA BOOTH...together with my Indian

<Senex> Are you authorized by AI-USA/GW to decide by yourself if to let someone like H&P do a PPC-port of AmigaOS if they'd want?

<PTYSCH> Senex: As long it does not cost any money I see no problems...I have also driven the OS 3.5

<JPJ> According to the latest statements from Tom Scmidt, the Amiga OE will be ported to/available for a number of platforms, not merely Linux/Windoze. Have you heard any plans about making the Operating Environment available for OS 3.5 and higher? Thanks for all your good work! GA

<Pseudo> queue: Dirk-B Syke drHirudo Kraftwerk ^asp^ Fanger

<PTYSCH> No, as I told you before I have heard not very much from my US collegues....I will of course support their efforts which will help

<Dirk-B> Hi Petro. Is it possible to port Amiga OS, or parts of it, to the PPC? ga

<PTYSCH> Yes I think there is already done some work..and I am confinced that H&P can be doing this in a relative shor

<Syke> 'lo Petro, Do you have any contact with the people in the US? Whats up with that "alll the phone numbers have been disconnected"? Also, I'm planning a terrorist attack at a local Gateway store, could you sponsor me with some fundings? (Napalm ain't cheap these days) ;) GA

<Pseudo> queue: drHirudo Kraftwerk ^asp^ Fanger JPJ

<Pseudo> for beeing added to queuelist /msg Pseudo ?

<PTYSCH> Do not be emotional...please....Do not forget that Gateway have sved AMIGA out of the bankruptcy in 1997....

<drHirudo> Petro:I haven't seen any commersials for Amiga from Years. How the young people without Amiga friends will know for existing of this Great Computer? GA

<Pseudo> queue: Kraftwerk ^asp^ Fanger JPJ BobF cYB0rG

<PTYSCH> I think that we have to wait with commercials, just in this difficult

<Kraftwerk> The MCC may have been scrapped by Gateway, but has any third party expressed interest in the MCC designs? What about a joint venture with Amiga developers to produce the MCC hardware?

<Kraftwerk> GA

<PTYSCH> I have no information about MCC projects

<^asp^> Hi Petro, long time no chat, it would be great if the Boxer had official Amiga Support. Could it be the next official Amiga. This may make a good interim solution ? GA

<Pseudo> queue: Fanger JPJ BobF cYB0rG petrol

<Pseudo> queue: Fanger JPJ BobF cYB0rG petrol Syke

<PTYSCH> I think that the boxer is a good alternative...but for me it is a never ending story..because it takes alread three years and a lot of promises this machine is announced so many times and always vapoware..unfortuneately...I can believ any stories

<Fanger> Hello from USA Ca. Petro, can i git some AmiCola ;-) or win we can git that here in the states, sorry nothing else to ask...keep up the good work

<PTYSCH> I have no problem to supply you AMICOLA...The problem is that I can not import any food to the USA..There are law

<Pseudo> queue: JPJ BobF cYB0rG petrol Syke DarkHawke dcoldwell

<JPJ> Petro, since there is a potential for AmigaOS on PPC, wouldn't it make sense to work with Phase5? If they can realise their 'AmirageK2' machine, it would also help them to sell more machines if they can offer a choice between AmigaOs or QNX (or both). Currently they plan to emulate AmigaOS, but purists will always choose AmigaOs first. Lets all buy AmigaOs 3.5 to help Petro and allow for a port to PPC!! Thanks.

<PTYSCH> So Amigians I think I have to rush to my booth..Thanks for keeping our beloved AMIGA alive and again many greeting from the Cologne Fair...Petro ga

<Pseudo> queue: BobF cYB0rG petrol Syke DarkHawke dcoldwell OddBod

<siren> Thank you, Petro.

<BobF> So the MCC then, was it ever going to be a proper computer, e.g were the designs for it, and if so what is happening to them now. If not, why have we been dragged along into thinking there would be a new miggy when there wasn't going to be 1 at all? GA

<Pseudo> sorry, guys, Petro has to go.

<BobF> bite l8 now you've gone though :(

<PTYSCH> Sorry I realy do not know the answer...Petro ga

<Pseudo> last answer

<Pseudo> thx a lot Petro

<siren> Thank you Petro.

<BobF> yes thankyou

<BobF> and good luck for the future m8ey

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