Plug-Ins Available for Image Engineer

Image Engineer plug-in discount!

Shareware plug-ins under name Visual Engineering for image manipulation program, Image Engineer, are now very very cheap. After pricecheck I decided to drop prices permanently and for a limited time shock you with an unbeatable offer. For now on these will be the official prices:

Visual Border 25 $
Visual Logo 25 $
Visual Puzzle 9 $  

To the end of November, there will be a special offer. First, with either Visual Border and Visual Logo, you'll get Visual Puzzle for free. But, that's not all. If you order both Visual Border and Visual Logo together, you will not just get Visual Puzzle for free, but you'll get these 3 plug-ins for a shockprice:

Visual Border & Visual Logo = 45 $ (250 FIM, 43 EUR) +Visual Puzzle for FREE  

Secure credit card ordering is a quick way to register.
Use URL -

Mail orders sent before 1.12.1999 are valid.

File "VE-Main.lha" downloadble at website of Visual Engineering and with some days of delay from Aminet, has detailed information about registration using different methods. All minor and major updates with new effects are FREE OF CHARGE. And look at the amount of FREE plug-ins, you already have.  

(Please see the website of Visual Engineering for eye-candy)

Visual Border

Takes an image and applies different kind of border effects to it. Useful for a website designer and as a video background graphic maker. In numbers there's currently roughly more than 50 different types of effects, but as you can easily apply different kind of border -effects to the same image, there's actually thousands of different kind of effects. Image Engineer itself offers possibility to use alphachannel masks, but Visual Border uses them more effectively.

Visual Logo

Takes black and white text and outputs different kind of logos. Currently there's tens of different kind of effects with easy to use adjustments.Philosophy of Visual Logo is that all the effects can easily be composited together, so there's actually lots of different kind of effects.

Visual Puzzle

Takes an image and creates a random puzzle. There's corner pieces, edge pieces and the rest. It's possible to create own puzzlepieces.  

Visual Engineering website (new sample images added)

Image Engineer website  

Marko Seppänen

PS. Image Engineer works fine with new and shiny Amiga OS 3.5.

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