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The Pulse Issue 9 Christmas Special FREE!!

As you may know, The Pulse is a freely distributed magzine by Alive mediasoft. There isn't even a postage charge! All we want it for you to enjoy reading the catalogue and have the option to by anything hat takes your fancy.

Well the big news for the Christmas issue of the Pulse is that we will be duplicating 5000 copies of this issue instead of the usual 2000. We have just over 700 spaces left on our database to fill the 5000, and remember that this is the final issue of 1999. The last time we announced an issue on the internet we had over 400 emails on the first day alone... So if you're thinking of buying anything for your Amiga this Xmas then get your catalogue request in now.

You can request your copy by clicking on the "Pulse" icon on our web page.

Remember that The Pulse is FREE to all Amiga users all over the world.

If you have already subscribed please do not request again. All UK requests are sent out on the day they are received, but overseas requests especially from the states and Australia can take a little longer.

The Pulse Issue 9 Features:-

Heretic 2 (exclusive first review)
Hell Squad (exclusive first review)
Whales Voyage 2 (exclusive first review)
Mikro Mortal Tennis (exclusive first review)
Bertie's Animal Kingdom (exclusive first review)

Rise of the Robots
Chaos Engine

Amiga OS 3.5
Power Tower

And we have a big surprise that we cannot tell you about yet but I think you will like it alot!

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           This is just the beginning...

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