Amiga Survivor Magazine Announces New Issue

For months, many people have wondered whether or not they would see another issue of Amiga Survivor, well, I'm pleased to announce that the latest issue (8) is now available, and is now available for order from But that's not all the news I have brought for you today, the editor of Amiga Survivor, Robert Iveson has decided to pass the reigns entirely to Crystal Interactive Software, who are currently in need of assistance on future issues of this well respected magazine.

We are currently looking for people willing to fill the following positions:


Mr. Iveson's gone, so we'll be needing an editor. Your duties will include chopping and changing documents accordingly, contacting developers for review material and special features for inclusion of each issue. And keeping writers in check.


We need reviewers with a good head for games or serious software. News writers and previewers who can collate relevant information from the internet, and re-write accordingly. Excellent written English is essential, as is a good sense of humour. A good knowledge of the Amiga is essential, and a top spec Amiga set-up is beneficial.


For page layouts. Must have good knowledge of DTP and a keen eye for design. DTP on an Amiga is preferred (such as Pagestream 3.3+), or any program that is capable of disk output of EPS or various image formats.

Further information can be obtained from the official Amiga Survivor website (

Or contact Andrew Reed of Crystal Interactive Software directly on:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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