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Hello Amigans.

As Christmas 99 approaches we greet you all who have supported the Amiga.

We wish you the best for the year 2000 and hope that it will be a fruitful and a prosperous one for you.

For our Amiga we have the following items to offer:

  1. Being one of the distributors for the O.S.3.5, we offer a special till 1/31/2000 at $56.50 per copy.
  2. New stock of Ariadne II's should be with us next week. Our special price- $145.00
  3. We have just received a fresh stock of Amiga 1200 HD's with 260 mb hd and Magic Pack Software from Amiga International. Our special price for these is $349.00
  4. We have ample stock of A 4000 Power Towers from Power Computing for converting your "cluttered" desktop A 4000 into a neat Tower with 230 W power supply and 7 zorro slots. Our price $395.00.

    Similarly, a very versatile product for the A 4000, the Power Flyer is in stock for $129.00. It allows you to connect 4 EIDE,ATAPI devices to you're a 4000.

  5. Also in stock :
                Developer's CD 2.1       - $29.50
                Max Rally                - $29.00
                Net Connect 3            - $97.00
                ST FAX 4                 - $55.00
                Genesis 1.0.4            - $56.00
                Aminet 34                - $19.00

Please use our Secure Online Order Form or call us at 614-235-1180/3601.

Thank you.


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