Amiga Surfer available!

Bensheim 22.01.96

Screen shots now available!

The "AMIGA Surfer" pack will hit the shelves at the end of January 1996.

The "AMIGA Surfer" consists of an Amiga A1200HD multimedia system fitted with 260MB hard drive and two megabytes of RAM, together with a complete suite of Internet software and a 14,400bps modem. The package will be priced at approximately USD 720 (exclusive of VAT). This complete solution from Amiga Technologies is the cheapest available plug & play Internet bundle.

The Amiga A1200 is video-compatible and can be easily connected to a Television set, saving the additional cost of a monitor.

Other Internet options soon to be available from Amiga Technologies include: the "Surfkit", a package consisting of the Internet software suite and modem, at an approximate price of USD 190 (excluding VAT). A package call "Surfware" is also being planned which will provide the Internet software alone.

All packs will include an option to connect to the IBM Internet Link and get 100 hours free connection.

About the Internet Software:

The Surfer pack also includes the popular Amiga Magic Bundle's productivity software of a wordprocessor, spreadsheet, database, organiser and graphic tools.
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