CU Amiga Magazine announces 'Project XG'

CU Amiga Magazine continues its proactive assault on bringing the best products and technology to the Amiga market, backing up its reputation as the World's Best Amiga Magazine.

Announcing Project XG, a DIY feature to build an 18-bit 48Khz external sound card based on the Yamaha DB50XG. It will cost under 130 pounds Sterling (GBP); a full parts list, suppliers and detailed instructions on construction will be provided. Even stylish artwork for the box is included!

Project XG will offer extremely high quality audio with real time DSP effects on any or all of the 32 instruments it can play at the same time. Project XG is a MIDI module with some 676 ultra high quality instruments and some 21 drum kits built in. The DSPs manage 11 types of Reverve, 11 types of Chorus and 42 types of Variation. The lack of being able to play custom samples is solved by mixing the Amiga's audio into that of the Yamaha's.

Whether full MIDI sequencing or straightforward playback of General MIDI and XG MIDI files is desired, Project X will cope better and sound better than any PC sound card in common use. To say the least.

Naturally the corresponding cover CD-ROM will be loaded to the brim with General MIDI and XG MIDI songs, MIDI sequencers and a wealth of other support software. It will also contain audio tracks to demonstrate the quality of the output compared to Amiga output. (A/B comparisons) CU Online will soon also host some MPEG Audio Layer III files.

CU Amiga Magazine hopes to aid the establishment of XG MIDI in Amiga software such as music applications, games and such forth. Initially with this economical DIY project and then following commercial efforts; Project XG is a campaign to bring this high quality audio standard to the Amiga. Project XG will put the Amiga back on the music map!

References: Yamaha's XG home page
            Christian Bauer's GMPlay General MIDI and XG Player

CU Amiga Magazine announces Subscription price reductions

As a second part of this press release, we have a further important announcement to make.

Due to overwhealming interest in International subscriptions following the TFX press release, we've undertaken a review of the pricing. For the next three months, we'll be operating a "12 for the price of 9" deal effective immediately.

        United Kingdom  Europe/Eire Rest of the World
Floppy issue    40.00      55.00      75.00
CD-ROM issue    54.00      69.00      89.00

New subscribers will get the Project XG issue (September) and TFX (October) as their first two issues. The full details on subscriptions, TFX, Project XG and more can be found at CU Online as usual.

Tony Horgan
Editor of CU Amiga Magazine

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