Amiga E-Zine The Lair Announces Latest Issue, Leadership Change

Press Release:

We know you`re not stupid. We know that you turned off when Bluey posted a message saying that he would not be continuing as Editor of The Lair! And we know that you haven`t come back yet. We have stat counters for this kind of thing

But fear not: we`re back now! New editor Chris Hanretty and Erik Elgersma have now kind of taken over, and we aim to reinstall The Lair as the best Amiga e-zine around.

So, this month, The Lair is back with a bang, featuring not only the latest news concerning Amiga Inc., but also views and opinions from respected people in the Amiga community. We have interviews with NewIcons author Eric Sauvageau, and Jeret Lendman, co-owner of the latest Amiga clone manufacturers Nova Sector Engineering, not forgetting ofcourse a number of great articles concerning the future of the Amiga, the latest episode of "The Day The Music Died", and the first article of a whole new series checking out the Aminet.

We analyse the latest news from the mouth of Amiga Inc., and look at the blow up between Phase 5 and Haage and Partner

There's definitely something there for everyone this month, so why not check us out at No subscription is necessary, we are free for all to read and enjoy. The latest issue is out now!

And remember: we know who your ISP is.....

Yours sincerely,

Chris Hanretty, aka Obscure Reference
Erik Elgersma, aka Elgersma The Lair! - the definitive Amiga e-zine.
But you already knew that.

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