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On January 5, 1998 PXL computers and clickBOOM revolutionize the Amiga games market yet one more time - Quake Amiga is announced.

Original Quake was written for PC by id software.

"Quake is the biggest, baddest bloodiest and most atmospheric 3D action game ever conceived"
- PC Gamer

"The most important PC game ever"
- PC Zone

"Quake looks like no other game and perfectly displays id's trademark fusion of nightmarish art and advanced technology"
- Wired

"The new, radically different graphics engine delivers mesmerizing 3D effects"
- Time

Quake contains the most advanced 3D engine in the world. Moreover, players can connect to any one of several hundred Internet servers from around the world and join fast and furious battles against other users. Not only does Quake give the unbelievable amount of gameplay with its built-in options, it also features the most flexible core ever seen in a video game. This allows Quake users to create Quake "add-ons" (also known as "packs"). Quake add-ons can range from simple new levels and weapons to Quake movies and demos, to "total conversions" that change the way Quake is being played.

Total conversions allow Quake players to take control of James Bond in the MGM's official Tomorrow Never Dies; embark on a dangerous snake expedition in Sony's Anaconda; drive popular race cars in QuakeRally; control fighter bombers, tanks, helicopters, hovercrafts and other military vehicles in AirQuake; and much, much more.

All of the above options and more are now available on the Amiga. Quake is the first game to allow Amiga users to join the Internet gaming community. Connect to any Quake site and play against any combination of Amiga, PC or Mac users! Plus, Quake Amiga will use ANY Quake add-on, from freeware to commercial ones! And for those who like one-on-one deathmatches, connect to any Amiga, PC or Mac (modem, cable or network) and gib!

No sacrifices - your copy of Quake is identical in options and expandability to PC or Mac.

Naturally, in order to make it more Amiga-like, Quake also contains full locale support, Amiga-style menus, AREXX, option to play it in a window on any public screen, and much more. The complete list and explanation of each option is impressive, and can be accessed from clickBOOM web site ( ).

Various tournaments, competitions, and clans will be organized in the near future for Amiga Quakers by clickBOOM and various Amiga magazines. ANY Amiga player will be able to join as long as he is a REGISTERED user of Quake. A registered user is a person who buys Amiga Quake, fills out the registration card, and mails it back to clickBOOM.

At the moment Quake has entered its final beta testing stage. After it is fully tested by clickBOOM it will be sent to Id software for their approval, and then to CD duplication and packaging. If all goes according to plan, Quake should be ready on Feb. 1.

Minimum Amiga required to play Quake is 68020 with FPU, 8Mb of RAM, CD-ROM and 30Mb hard drive.

Recommended configuration is 68060 , 16Mb RAM , Internet connection.

For more information about Quake please visit

Quake is a trademark of Id software. (C)1996,1997 Id software, inc. All rights reserved. Amiga conversion (C)1998 PXL computers and clickBOOM.

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