Fleecy Moss, Amiga Inc. Clarifies Company Strategy

Gary Peake of Team Amiga posted this email from Amiga Inc.'s Fleecy Moss in a recent newsgroup thread. In it, Mr. Moss states that an Amiga desktop is not the primary focus of Amiga Inc. and that they do not "need" the existing Amiga community to be successful, but that it does give them an edge.

From: "Gary Peake"
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: Re: Sober Analysis of "The Plan"
Date: 27 Oct 98 23:13:04 -0600

fleecy@netreach.net scribed to us about Re: Sober Analysis of "The Plan" (fwd) in EMail

This is a response from Fleecy Moss, Amiga Inc regarding my post to comp.sys.amiga.misc ... reposted here with permission from Fleecy.

>For Amiga Inc we don't "need" the existing community. Our market is
>much bigger than just desktops and, in another sense, it won't be us
>that concentrates on the desktop and high end, it will be our
>licencees. Our OS and HW references will scale.

>So technically the Amiga community could die and we would be ok.
>However, this is a limited way of looking at the situation.

>The existing Amiga gives us

>a) a good name and reputation -many ppl remember it very fondly,
>b) a worldwide seed community for the new machines - not many
>companies can work on a product with an almost guaranteed first sale
>of 100,00 units. c) a worldwide evangelical force d) a very talented
>pool of developers e) a philosophy and attitude that is just waiting
>to be promoted and will be so much more effective than the stale
>Apple "think Differently"

>The problem is that many in the existing community are only looking
>at their existing 1980's definition of computing, and of how the
>Amiga fits into that, so because we are not building PPC A5000s with
>PPCOS4, they feel betrayed. It requires a whole new mindset
>-computers are no longer just geek toys - they are the conduits for
>digital information.

>Feel free to repost this

Thanks for watching the newsgroups and correcting us where we need it Fleecy!

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