Fleecy Moss Clarifies Earlier Statements

From: "fleecy moss" <fleecy@netreach.net>
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: Clarification on Desktops
Date: 2 Nov 98 11:10:17 -0500

Hey there 8-)

I just went over to Aminew on CUCUG and became steaming mad - that bastard from Amiga, Mr Moss says that desktops don't matter anymore, and that Amiga doesn't need us anymore....well f**k him!!!!

...eeerrrr, oh, that was me........

To clarify (and to demonstrate once again that sarcasm and innuendo is hard to do with a colon and some brackets), the letter I wrote to Gary was in response to a particular letter expressing concern that AInc is abandoning the current market.

If you look, you will see that "need" is in quotes - the reason, because technically, we don't "need" desktops to succeed, precisely because we are not concentrating solely on desktops.

This I feel is an important point that the community needs to understand. I have said many times that we are not just about bringing an uptodate Amiga desktop back to the existing market. To do that would probably spell our doom.

We are about defining a new market, a market in which destops are at home with intelligent TVs, games consoles, servers and workstations - where it isn't the size of your hardware that counts but its ability to do the work you need it to do.

Rest assured that there will be desktop Amigas, workstations and servers - you lot out there are living proof that a market exists for them. I am in constant contact with HW companies who are looking at the logistics of producing their own NG medium and high end Amigas.

As for not needing the community, again the comment made was a technical metaphor - of course we don't "need" it, in the same way that France doesn't need its world cup players to play in the world cup in 2002 - they would just be idiots not to use them.

The Amiga community is the heart and soul of the Amiga.

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