Dimensions Computers AMIGA Announces Availability of EGS Spectrum

To accompany the introduction of our new website, Dimensions Computers is very pleased to announce that we now have our first shipment of GVP-m EGS Spectrum Video Cards in stock!

Although we have limited stock and expect this shipment to sell within the next few days, we should have more cards arriving in the coming weeks.

Here are some specifications for the EGS Spectrum Card:

Name         : EGS Spectrum
Interface    : 3.5MB/second Zorro II, 10MB/second Zorro III
Computers    : A2000, A3000(t), A4000(t), and A1200T with Zorro II conversions
Software     : FULLY CyberGraphX compatible and supported
Video RAM    : 2MB

Screenmodes, : This card includes a built-in scandoubler switcher to
Scandoubling,: provide 100% compatibility with older screenmodes.  For
Compatibility: added convenience, this is via a cable to your existing
             : monitor port, so no internal slots are occupied for the
             : scandoubler.  This is also very handy for use with a Video
             : Toaster/Flyer.  Does not require or utilitze the Amiga's
             : video slot

Video Output : Standard HD15 VGA Port, will work with any standard VGA or
               SVGA monitor.
We are offering this great card for $189 including UPS Blue (2-day) Air Shipping.


Web Site URL: http://www.dcamiga.com

Sales E-Mail: sales@dcamiga.com
Order Status: orders@dcamiga.com
Technical Support: tech@dcamiga.com

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