Met@box Announces AmiJOE G3 PPC Accelerator for the Amiga


Hildesheim/ Germany, March 26, 1999

JoeCard G 3 goes AMIGA !

met@box AG (formerly known as PIOS Computer AG) is proud to announce the newest member of it´s award-winning JoeCard family: the AmiJOE.

The AmiJOE will be the first pure PowerPC solution for the existing Amiga platform. AmiJOE will implement the powerful G3 PowerPC architecture which will enable the Amiga to outperform today´s personal computers.

The met@box engineering team decided to make the AmiJOE available not only to users of the high end Amiga Systems, but also to the many people being committed to their A 1200. The basic specifications of the AmiJOE products are:

The AmiJOE for the A 1200 is clocked at 333 Mhz at a recommended street price of 599 EUR, while the AmiJOE for the A 2000/ A 3000/ A 4000 is clocked at 400 Mhz with a recommended street price of 899 EUR. Prices do not include VAT/MWSt.

met@box AG is ready to take orders without any prepayments. First product shipments are planned for the beginning of Q3 1999. Purchase orders please send to

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