Genesis Odyssey PPC II - System Update - April 28, 1999

We are pleased to announce that we have improved the Floppy Disk handling capapabilities of our systems. Systems now ordered with High Density Disk Drives will be using the Catweasel from Individual Computers making them able to not only read and write Low and High Density Amiga and PC disks, but will also be able to read and write the XTRA-HD Format (2380 KB) as well as the ability to set up your own drivers for Atari, Commodore 1581 and Mac DD Formats.

We will also be offering the Catweasel ZII which includes all the functionality of the Catweasel plus the Buddah providing 3 IDE interfaces capable of 6 IDE/ATAPI devices (12 by putting IDE-Fix 1200 on each of the 3 IDE ports). The Catweasel ZII requires a ZorroII busboard to be present in the system.

We have also improved the IDE interface performance by including the IDE-Fix 1200 adapter by Individual Computers. IDE-Fix 1200 allows for the conenction of 4 IDE / ATAPI devices to the A1200, improves performance and allows for compatibiltiy of ATAPI Zip drives and LS 120 Drives. You can increase the IDE Preformance with the IDE-Fix Express allowing for transfer rates up to 5 MB/sec. and better multitasking. IDE-Fix Express can easily be added to the IDE-Fix 1200 already part of the Genesis System.


We do feel it appropriate to respond to comparisons made of our Genesis Towerhawk vs. the AlienBoxer.

It should be noted that we have dropped the Genesis Towerhawk from our product line due to the confusion between it and our Odyssey PPC system. In revamping our product line, we have moved to a "Build-Your-Own" paridym letting users build their system exactly as they'd like it. We have kept some pre-made systems for those that are not familiar enough with the Amiga to build their own and systems that are built as solutions.

Let us state that we think the idea of a new Amiga motherboard is a great idea and long overdue and that we support this effort for their development on this motherboard. We are even interested in adding a system to our Genesis line that would be based on this motherboard and will seriously consider that possiblity when we can get our hands on a Boxer motherboard.

This has always been our company policy re. the Boxer board. Like wise, it has been our policy to only adversise and market those products that we can actually deliver. Using this as a basis, we are designing systems using the A1200 as a motherboard. We think that this offers some substantial advantages:

Regarding Price

Genesis Odyssey PPC II incl.

All this for $1699.95 US .. thats more speed and Hard Drive space than the Alien Boxer.

To match the Boxer, we'd need to add a Zorro bus and a modem

You'll see that this makes the price of the Odyssey PPC II system more than the Alien Boxer at $1795 US, but you've got PPC, a larger Hard Drive and Faster CD including ASIMCDFS software. And the modem is a high quality USRobotics, basically the best you can buy! Also, there is really no need for the Zorro Slot card as in this configuration it is not being used for anything so lets take it out.

The Total Odyssey PPC II is now 1924.95. Just slightly more than the Alien Boxer but with PPC, larger Hard Drive, a great modem and everything else mentioned above.

We haven't even yet talked about our experience and expertise doing systems. Your Genesis system comes backed up by Randomize, Inc. will long experience with all the manufactures involved plus our one year parts warrentee.

We're not saying that we have all the solutions and that the Alien Boxer isn't appropriate in some situation, we simply suggest you compare carefully.

Having said that, we are always open to system suggestions. Please email us at with your suggestions, comments, questions, and orders.

Randomize, Inc.
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Tottenham, Ont.
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Phone: 905-939-8371
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