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Randomize, Inc. - Genesis DVD Survey, AVI/QT ready and Monitor Solutions - Toronto, Canada - June 2, 1999

DVD Survey

Any one that has been watching what we have been doing in terms of Amiga Systems will have noted that we are attempting to allow as many popular "PC" devices to be used on the Amiga as possible.

DVD compatibility has been discussed a number of times with in the Amiga communicty but at this time we are unaware of any one that has made DVD compatibility areality. With the prices of DVD readers comming down very quickly, we feel that this issue needs to readdressed.

As we understand it, DVD compatibility has been not happened for a few reasons:

Looking over these concerns we have recognised that our Genesis Odyssey PPC II with a BVision graphics card is the first Amiga to likely meed the requirements for DVD by providing:

There is no doubt that the Odyssey PPC II is not the only system to have these requirements but that Amiga systems with a Cyberstorm PPC (and possiblity MKIII) with a CyberVision (or possibly a PicassoIV on a true ZorroIII bus) would likely meet the requirements.

With this in mind, we intend to work with the various and related Amiga Software and Hardware manufactures to bring DVD to the Amiga.

But, the question arises, do Amiga users really want DVD compatibility and are they willing to pay for it? If you'd like to be involved in this process then please fill out our DVD Survey located at

Genesis Systems Now Come AVI & QuickTime Ready using MooVID

As we continue to develope the Genesis Series into the Amiga multimedia computer, we are pleased to announce that all Genesis systems will ship with MooVID AVI and QuickTime player pre-installed. After having tested a number of players, we determined that MooVID provides the best compatibility, quality, flexibilty and interface.

ViewSonic Monitors Now Offered to Complete Your System

We are also pleased to announce that we now offer Viewsonic monitors to complete your system purchase from us. Due to an agreement with a US distributor, we are now able to be quite competive in monitor sales to our US customers.

Improved Shipping Service to US Customers Via UPS

In order to serve our US customers better, we have reached an agreement with UPS to provide discounted pricing on 2nd Day shipping services.

Randomize, Inc. has the answer for your Amiga Systems needs. The Genesis Series is here. Check them out at

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