Amiga Advisory Council Officially Launched

August 6, 1999

San Diego, CA - The Amiga Advisory Council is officially launched today August 6th, 1999.

The community submitted hundreds of Nominations, and based upon your input we are pleased to welcome the following members of the Amiga Advisory Council:

Andrew Elia         Ben Vost        Bill Panagouleas    Cade Hannan
Carsten Schroeder   Chris Heereman  Christian Kemp      Christoph Dietz
Conor Kerr          Craig DeLahoy   Dave Law            Don Hicks
Gary Peake          Gunter Horbach  Heinz Wrobel        Hulger Kruse
Ian Greenaway       Jeff Rose       Juergen Haage       Kermit Woodall
Luca Denelon        Malte Mundt     Randhir Jesrani     Thomas Frieden
Thomas Raukamp      Thomas Svenson  Tom Lively          Trish Zlotek
Wayne Hunt          Wayne Martin

The objective of the AAC is to help us better plan the future of Amiga through close communications with people who are viewed as leaders in the Amiga community. The members of the AAC have all executed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), with Amiga and will have access to confidential information regarding future products and plans. This allows Amiga to share sensitive information with respected members of the Amiga community without having to disclose our plans publicly.

The members of the AAC were selected to represent their different areas of affiliation within the Amiga community - the Press, Developers, Dealers/Distributors, and the User Group organizations. The AAC is designed to provide a flow of information from the Community to the Amiga management team and from Amiga back to the community. Each of the members of the AAC will act as a conduit to the community and the areas that they represent.

We held our first official meetings with the AAC in London and in Sacramento with over 20 AAC members participate in these first official meetings. The AAC was able to share with Amiga many of the desires, and needs of the community. As we work towards the launch of the Next Generation Amiga the input received by the AAC will help guide those decisions.

"We are excited to welcome the members of the AAC as active representatives of the Amiga community and look forward to implementing many of the programs suggested in the near future, stated Jim Collas, "together we will make a difference in computing forever."

For more information please contact:

Bill McEwen

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