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Note: The following wanted ad was posted in the, and newsgroups on August 23rd by Blake Ward of Amiga.

From: Blake Ward (
Organization: Amiga
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Subject: Java security positions at Amiga
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 00:36:20 -0700

At Amiga we are designing next generation Internet-ready, consumer-oriented digital appliances. The Amiga name is associated the world over with user-friendly, low-cost, powerful computing. We are taking this philosophy into the next generation, enabling products from hand-held Internet appliances to high-end graphics computers that help the user rather than frustrate them. You can visit the general Amiga web site ( for more details on Amiga, our history and the community (it's worth noting that the web site is fairly heavily oriented toward classic Amiga products, and therefore isn't completely representative of our new direction which will focus strongly on digital appliances).

We are looking for senior engineering candidates who have a proven industry track record of developing and delivering robust, top-quality software and hardware on time. At Amiga we believe strongly in both teamwork and individual contribution, and all staff members are expected to drive their commitments to completion. We expect all candidates to be entrepreneurial, focused and fast moving. We are hiring only the best.

Our operating environment for digital information appliances will be based heavily on distributed computing - objects and data that will move freely between devices and over the Internet. As such, security is extremely important and our goal is to build it into our architecture at every level. We're looking for one or more candidates with general security experience, and specifically experience dealing with the issues surrounding security in Java and Internet-based applications. Some relevant areas of expertise might include: signed code (e.g. applets, JavaBeans), authentication, encryption , SSL, PKI, general Linux security, Java SecurityManagers & general Java VM security issues, etc. Experience with e-commerce security issues, digital wallets, enterprise javabeans, etc. would also be relevant.

The positions are available immediately and are located in San Jose, CA. If interested, you can submit your resume by fax, mail or email to:

1740 Technology Drive, Suite 180
San Jose, CA 95110
Fax: 408-441-9152
Attn: Blake Ward, Director of Distributed Computing

For some additional details on Amiga's plans, we also have a white paper at:

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