Alive Mediasoft New Products and Updates

ALIVE MEDIASOFT LTD. 21st November 1999.

One of the best fighting games to ever hit the Amiga will be put back into production before Xmas thanks once again to Alive mediasoft.

Coming from Alive before Xmas...

Goal 2000
Whales Voyage 2
Whales Voyage
Putty Squad
A real good fighting game
and two other top games that we have signed up just today!

Being this close to Xmas, we wouldn't dare announce games that we weren't 100% sure we could release. We give you our word - hand on heart - that these games will definitely be on sale for Xmas.

Apologies to all those who have pre-ordered Whales Voyage II, there's been a short delay whilst we re-write the manual into English - it was in German!

I thought I told you that we wouldn't stop - We'll never stop...NEVER!

ALIVE mediasoft

We will never stop NEVER
100% Amiga

TEL: +44 (0)1623 467 579

PO BOX 940
NG17 7FA

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