Great Midwest Computer Show, Sunday June 30, 2002

by: Debra Smith (pictures by Jim Lewis)
CUCUG Goes to the Show

We had a very pleasant trip up to the College of DuPage Computer Show. CUCUG members Rich Rollins, Emil Cobb, Dave Witt, Mark Lenigan, Jim Lewis and I were there, with Rich and Dave doing the driving.

We arrived about 20 minutes before the show opened although there was a already a line formed at the gate. We were able to keep from getting bored while waiting by browsing the booths strategically set up in the hallways. Snack food and soft drinks are also sold in this area.

After going through the gate and down a long flight of stairs we entered a large gymnasium filled with vendors' booths.

All their tables were piled high with everything from old video cards to new flat-panel monitors. I saw a 19" Gateway monitor for $175 and flat panel monitors for $340. I may splurge on either a flat-panel monitor or a 19" monitor at the next show!

(Editors Note: Most of the vendors keep the same booth locations from show to show. This makes it easy to visit your favorites first, before the best deals are snatched up.)

Big Crowds There was a booth that had cables where I found the video-audio cable for my ATI All-In-Wonder video card for only $7. I'd lost the one that came with my card so I've looked at a lot of places for the past 2 years to find it with no luck. That purchase alone was worth the trip. I might be watching cable TV on my computer soon! I was also able to find a 64MB Visiontek Xtasy GeForce2 video card for my daughter's computer for only $60. She's happy now because she can play the games that she likes on her dual-boot (Win98 & W2K) system.

(Editors Note: Everyone found something to buy. Even you neglected Mac users can find generic items like hard drives, scanners, keyboards & mice and various USB devices. There is also a large amount of used equipment including printers, laptops, Uninterruptable Power Supplies, monitors and even complete computer systems... available at great prices!)

I think the oddest thing I saw were the blinking body lights. Some of the vendor workers had them on their ears, their clothes and even in their belly buttons!

(Editors Note: One of the vendors features only novelty items, no computer-related stock at all! They have a little bit of everything from butane lighters to black-lights and posters... And yes, even the blinking body lights. They tend to be one of the busier booths at the show!)

I tried to convince Emil and Jim that they needed them but they didn't think so. I might get one or two the next time I go.

I had a very good time at the show and plan on going to more of them soon.

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(pics by Jim Lewis)
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