Bill McEwen Confirms: He Was Let Go By Amiga

September 1, 1999 - Amiga "evangelist" and avid supporter of the Amiga community, Bill McEwen confirmed via email to CUCUG that he was let go by Amiga yesterday. Bill was one of the few members of the recent Amiga staff who took a personal interest in the "classic" Amiga community. He regularly communicated with Amiga-oriented groups and individuals keeping the current fan base for Amiga computers up-to-date and helped them to understand the goings on at Gateway's Amiga division.

"I was notified on August 30th, that August 31st was my last day," Bill said in a tersely worded email answering our request for a confirmation of the rumors which had spread on the Internet over the last 24 hours.

Only weeks before he was relieved of his duties, McEwen had strongly implied that his responsibilities might be changing and that he would be even more involved with Amiga community issues.

Today (one day after McEwen's last day) it was announced that Jim Collas, president of Gateway's Amiga division had resigned. It has not yet been answered whether the new president, Tom Schmidt made the decision not to retain McEwen. McEwen was a contracted employee of Amiga.

Many in the Amiga community have expressed grave reservations about Amiga's approach to the current user community. The company has shut off all communication about its projects and two people who regularly shared information with Amiga enthusiasts world wide are no longer working for the company.

Late last year, Amiga fired another employee well-known for his involvement in the user community, Fleecy Moss. Moss continues to be active in the newsgroups and various distributed mailing lists.

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