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Awards and Other Honors Won by The Amiga Web Directory

NetGuide Magazine Netguide Magazine's CyberGuide is one of the most read and most respected guides to sites across the net. The Amiga Web Directory recently received their coveted 4-Star Rating. Netguide wrote, "A slick search engine and polished presentation take you through extensive Amiga resources."
Internet Underground Magazine Ziff-Davis' Internet Underground Magazine said, "This tribute to the most-ignored, yet most-championed, hardware on the planet is enormous," and awarded the Amiga Web Directory FIVE STARS, the highest rating it allows.
NetUser Magazine NetUser Magazine has given the Amiga Web Directory its highest award possible, the coveted NetUser 5-Star award.
WebCrawler AOL's WebCrawler has hand-picked a collection of the best sites the Internet has to offer and The Amiga Web Directory is one of their few, WebCrawler Select sites!
Amiga Universe Users of the Amiga Universe web site voted the Amiga Web Directory "Best Amiga Web Site of 1998"
Point Communications Corporation Point Communications reviews and rates thousands of the Web's top sites. The Amiga Web Directory is rated in the Top 5% of all Web destinations.
Amiga Inc. The Amiga Recognized User Organization Seal of Approval from Amiga Inc. indicates that the web site, newsgroup, e-zine, or other information source has been endorsed by Amiga.
GAMASOFT The GAMASOFT sponsored contest, Best of the Best invites thousands of Amiga users to vote on their favorite Amiga software packages, hardware add-ons and web sites. The Amiga Web Directory was voted by actual Amiga users as the "Best Amiga-Oriented Web Site"!
CU Amiga Magazine CU Amiga Magazine includes the Amiga Web Directory as one of their Top 20 Amiga WWW Links and declared the Amiga Web Directory, "The Amiga's best directory."
Amiga Review Amiga Review Magazine cites the Amiga Web Directory as a "No. 1, Five-Star Site" and proclaimed, "There is no other site as comprehensive as it. The mother of all Amiga sites."
Top.De's Best of the Internet Top.De's Best of the Internet featured the Amiga Web Directory in their Top Computer Links of the Week for March 3, 1997.
Personal Computer Webopaedia Personal Computer Webopaedia declared the Amiga Web Directory an Outstanding site--their mark of excellence afforded few of the thousands of indexed pages in their general web directory.
Computer Currents Interactive Computer Currents Interactive tapped the Amiga Web Directory as one of its famed Links of the Week for the week of October 14, 1996.
Maczynski's Info Service Maczynski's Info Service's Super Sites are among the best in the world and The Amiga Web Directory has received this honor.
Magellan Magellan is another web search engine/cataloging service that rates The Amiga Web Directory highly.
Underground The Internet Underground gave the Amiga Web Directory their highest rating: Five Stars!
Best of the Best The Bruce Peninsula sponsors a list of home pages it considers the "Best of the Best" and the Amiga Web Directory is honored to be on that list.

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