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January 1, 2000 - The Champaign- Urbana Computer Users Group (CUCUG) announced today that it has retired its popular, award-winning Amiga Web Directory (AWD) web site.

Citing continuing declines in the Amiga marketplace and Gateway's failure to deliver new Amiga computer systems, CUCUG reluctantly decided to discontinue its popular web site link directory and news service on January 1, 2000. It was felt that while CUCUG could continue with the AWD for several months, it was better to retire now rather than allow the site to slowly decline with the market. CUCUG is hopeful that the latest owners of the Amiga can turn this market around for the developers and users who have held on throughout all the past ownership changes and other difficulties the Amiga has faced.

For over five years, the Amiga Web Directory served as one of the most-visited Amiga-oriented web sites on the Internet. Its carefully cataloged listings of Amiga web sites was the most-respected collection of its kind. Each site in the AWD's listings was reviewed by the CUCUG webmaster to ensure quality and Amiga orientation. Site descriptions were carefully prepared by hand, resulting in accuracy not possible on other machine- driven sites or those which allow site owners to write their own descriptions.

The AWD's Amiga news pages became one of the most imitated features in the Amiga web community. Dozens of Amiga news sites were inspired by the success of the Amiga Web Directory's hugely popular news pages.

A well-known offshoot of the Amiga Web Directory was "Agnes" the Amiga web searching service. Agnes was also a cartoon character which personalized the searching service. In addition to the over-2000 Amiga sites cataloged in the Amiga Web Directory, Agnes could search the general Internet for Amiga content, newsgroup messages, CUCUG Status Register newsletters and other Amiga-oriented materials.

The Amiga Web Directory was one of the first member-supported Amiga web sites. Amiga enthusiasts joined the CUCUG organization to show their support for the efforts of the group. These memberships covered the costs associated with running the popular web service and other CUCUG activities. CUCUG is very grateful to its members' support which it has received over the years. The group also acknowledges the many Amiga-oriented companies which have given assistance.

CUCUG, which has been supporting local computer users in the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area since 1983 will now focus its efforts on local user group activities.


"The Amiga Web Directory", the Amiga Web Directory logo, "Agnes" and the Agnes character are service marks of the Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group, Inc. All of the textual descriptions associated with the links shown as well as the collection of links are property of CUCUG. Copying or unauthorized mirroring of material from the Amiga Web Directory is prohibited.

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