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News From 1996

21 Jan 96 - WebVoyager - All about the new Web browser which is soon-to-be-released by Amiga Technologies in their Amiga Surfer software bundle.

24 Jan 96 - Amiga Surfer available! - Amiga Technologies releases the special Internet version of the Amiga 1200.

24 Jan 96 - VISCORP Agreement Complete - Amiga Technologies will license the Amiga chip set for use in set-top boxes.

2 Feb 96 - Amiga Surfer Screen Shots - Screen shots of the new Amiga Surfer software AMFTP, AMIRC, Mindwalker (web browser) and Voodo (e-mail client).

5 Mar 96 - New Amigas at Cebit - Amiga Technologies announces that two, new Amigas will be shown at Cebit: the Amiga Surfer (see below) and a new, 680EC30/40 Amiga.

8 Mar 96 - ESCOM Increases Share Capital - Financial announcement about ESCOM from Amiga Technologies.

16 Mar 96 - Amiga Convention '96 - Official info about the Amiga Convention '96 which will take place at Montreal, Canada in August.

16 Mar 96 - Escom Faces Tough Competition in Europe - PC price wars and increased non-European competition plague Escom's bottom line.

16 Mar 96 - Siemens Buys Part of Vobis and Escom - Euro-giant, Siemens tries to reduce expenses by partnering with Escom and Vobis.

17 Mar 96 - Dave Haynie Conference - Former Commodore Wiz discusses the Amiga, past, present and future in an online conference on March 6, 1996.

18 Mar 96 - Iomega Press Release - Zip drives hit a million units, Escom now to include Zip drives in machines. Hey AT: how about an Amiga with a built-in Zip!

18 Mar 96 - Walker FAQ - Questions and answers about the new Amiga Technologies Walker 1200 prototype.

28 Mar 96 - Manfred Schmitt Quits - Helmut Jost to take over as CEO of Escom AG.

30 Mar 96 - Terminus Dead - Apparently official word on the demise of the Terminus modem terminal program by Jack Radigan.

11 Apr 96 - Amiga Technologies to be Sold - Escom will sell-off its Amiga Technologies unit to Chicago, IL-based VIScorp.

11 Apr 96 - VIScorp to buy Amiga Technologies - Press release from VIScorp, about their intention to purchase Amiga Technologies.

14 Apr 96 - VIScorp Official Backs the Amiga - Brief but positive comments made by Carl Sassenrath, Director of Software for VIScorp.

16 Apr 96 - Petro Tyschtschenko Speech, April 13 1996 - Amiga Technologies president gives an official view of the pending sale of AT.

19 Apr 96 - VISCORP and AMIGA: The Phoenix Strategy - Official pronouncement from VIScorp regarding the potential purchase of the Amiga from Escom.

25 Apr 96 - VIScorp Developer Support - VIScorp CEO Bill Buck invites Amiga developers to contact them regarding future ideas and cooperation.

25 Apr 96 - Press Conference Cancelled - Brief message regarding the rescheduling of the Amiga Technologies/VIScorp press conference.

26 Apr 96 - VIScorp Purchased By BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED - A tongue-in-cheek reflection on all of the recent hubbub surrounding the Amiga.

28 Apr 96 - VIScorp Memo to Developers and Users - VIScorp asks for input from Amiga Developers and Users.

29 Apr 96 - SMG Exits the Amiga Market - Tortured, ominous message from Service Management Group about their leaving the Amiga market.

29 Apr 96 - Amiga Show 1996 in Brussels - Amiga Technologies will have a booth at the upcoming show in Brussels.

04 May 96 - Anti Gravity Products Counters SMG's Claims About Amiga Technologies - And gets a few digs in at SMG, at the same time.

04 May 96 - More About the SMG Story - More background on the SMG story with new comments from Amiga Technologies and Service Management Group. Did they quit or were they fired?

06 May 96 - Amiga Magazin Interviews Petro Tyschtschenko - Amiga Technologies president talks positively about the proposed sale of AT to VIScorp and makes some other new revelations.

08 May 96 - New Amiga 15-inch Monitor Announced - New 15-inch monitor designed specifically for the Amiga.

08 May 96 - New Amiga 17-inch Monitor Announced - New 17-inch monitor designed specifically for the Amiga. Finally!

09 May 96 - IRC Conference Transcript: Carl Sassenrath and Jim Goodnow - IRC conference held on 08 May 96 with VIScorp's Carl Sassenrath, Director of Software and Jim Goodnow, Senior Software Engineer. This is the "long" version.

10 May 96 - VIScorp Invites Amiga Community to Attend Meeting - Official VIScorp press release about the upcoming meeting in Toulouse France on May 19.

15 May 96 - PowerUp - The Next Generation - phase 5 Digital Products announces an Amiga-OS-compatible computer for 1997.

15 May 96 - Eagle Computer Products to Make A4000 TE - Amiga Technologies has licensed Eagle Computer Products to make an exclusive version of the A4000 called the A4000 TE.

22 May 96 - Miller Freeman Acquires AMG Media - New company purchases Video Toaster User, LIGHTWAVEPRO, and Alpha Visual FX graphics-oriented print magazines.

22 May 96 - Aminet is the World's Largest Archive - A little history and a look at the future of Aminet by Urban D. Mueller as it hits the 30,000 file mark!

22 May 96 - Bill Buck's Speech at Toulouse - Opening remarks from the CEO of VIScorp at the Amiga meeting held Sunday in France.

23 May 96 - Comments From Dave Haynie on the Current Situation - Former Commodore veteran makes an assesment of the current Amiga situation in this Brian Sorli interview.

25 May 96 - Report: VISCORP Meeting, 19 May Toulouse - News from the recent meeting in France as reported by eyewitness Christophe Decanini.

25 May 96 - phase 5 Answers Comments Made by Dave Haynie - We received this message from Wolf Dietrich, General Manager of phase 5 digital products, in regards to recent comments made by Dave Haynie (see below).

26 May 96 - VIScorp IRC Conference Announced - Tune into channel #VIScorp on May 31st at 22:00 GMT (6:00pm EDT) and talk to VIScorp.

29 May 96 - VIScorp Adds Three New Directors to the Board - A press release from the 16th regarding new board members at VIScorp.

02 Jun 96 - VIScorp's Toulouse Gathering - As reported by David Rosen, Vice President, Business Development for VIScorp.

13 Jun 96 - VIScorp Establishes World Wide Web Site - It was a slow news day in Chicago. (But we think they actually mention the Amiga Web Directory!)

21 Jun 96 - VIScorp Values the Amiga - VIScorp is not amused by recent developments in the third-party scene regarding Amiga ROMs.

24 Jun 96 - VIScorp Finalizes Deal to Buy Amiga Technologies - The Wall Street Journal announced that the deal would be for $40 million in cash and stock.

25 Jun 96 - ESCOM AG sells Amiga Technologies GmbH to VIScorp - The official press release from VIScorp and Amiga Technologies about the long-awaited sale.

28 Jun 96 - VIScorp and Emerson Radio Corp. Sign Letter of Intent - Emerson will have the North and South American exclusive distribution and sales rights to VIScorp's interactive Internet television set-top device.

05 Jul 96 - Escom Files for Protection from Creditors - Fierce competition, a slow market and a loss of investor confidence have forced Escom to seek protection from its creditors.

10 Jul 96 - Escom Stock Trading Under Investigation - An unusually high number of Escom stock trades has caught the attention of German officials.

15 Jul 96 - Escom Files for Bankruptcy - Escom will apparently file for actual bankruptcy, the AP reports.

20 Jul 96 - phase 5 Announces the CyberVision64/3D New-Generation Graphics Board - German hardware manufacturer plans to release a new Zorro II/III board based on S3's Virge 3-D chip.

22 Jul 96 - Amiga Supports The 1996 Olympic Games - VIScorp mentions the Amiga's role in the 1996 Summer Olympics.

25 Jul 96 - VIScorp Proceeds with Amiga Acquisition - It's official! On August 19, 1996, the Amiga belongs to VIScorp.

25 Jul 96 - An Open Message to the Amiga Community - Bill Buck, CEO of VIScorp lays out the current situation and outlines upcoming plans.

27 Jul 96 - Escom AG Passes Away - The Dutch unit of Escom unit has been sold off but the UK division closes due to lack of buyers.

02 Aug 96 - Escom's WWW Site Kaput - The Escom Germany WWW site is(was) now offline. Short goodbye text in German. Here's a rough English translation.

04 Aug 96 - CUCUG Announces the Ultimate Amiga WWW Search Tool - The official announcement of CUCUG's enhanced Amiga WWW search feature, Agnes.

08 Aug 96 - The Midwest Amiga Exposition - The Amiga Central Ohio Network user group is sponsoring an Amiga show to be held on October 19th and 20th in Columbus, Ohio.

09 Aug 96 - VIScorp Information from the ACMontreal Convention - Paraphrased transcripts of speeches and follow-up questions of VIScorp big-wigs at the recent AC96 convention.

18 Aug 96 - CUCUG Announces its Fourth WWW Mirror Site - A fourth, international mirror of the CUCUG web site recently began operation in Cracow, Poland.

18 Aug 96 - AQCVid: Omnilink Corp.'s NEW Amiga interface for use with the QuickCam - This is the official announcement of the Omnilink/Connectix Quickcam hardware/software set up for the Amiga.

21 Aug 96 - 30 More Days - The final closing date for the Amiga Technologies purchase by VIScorp has been pushed back one more month.

22 Aug 96 - Design the New VIScorp Logo! - VIScorp is looking to add an Amiga flavor to their new, corporate logo and is inviting Amiga fans to help.

05 Sep 96 - Amiga Article from EE Times - Extremely well-written and well-informed article about the current state of the Amiga written by Craig Matsumoto which recently appeared in Electronic Engineering Times magazine.

11 Sep 96 - Frankenstein Software Closeout - Amiga titles on blowout sale as software vendor closes its doors.

13 Sep 96 - New Beta System Tools - Amiga Technologies publishes beta software (SetPatch, FastFileSystem and an ATAPI device driver) for public testing on its FTP site.

16 Sep 96 - Haage & Partner News - Popular, German software developer announces new versions of its StormC development package including one of the upcoming phase5 PowerPC Amiga.

18 Sep 96 - Aminet Temporarily Down - A hardware upgrade on wuarchive will disable uploading for about a week on Aminet.

18 Sep 96 - VIScorp-Amiga Acquisition Update - A little message from Jason Compton to let everyone know that the Amiga purchase is still ongoing.

20 Sep 96 - Portal's Amiga Zone Moves! - Harv Laser and the gang are moving the world-famous Amiga Zone (formerly on Portal) to CalWeb. The home page address has changed, and is now, so be sure to change your bookmarks!

21 Sep 96 - GPSoftware Announces Two Add-Ons for Directory Opus - New support items are now available from the GPSoftware site: The Directory Opus Software Developers Kit and Dutch Catalog files for Opus 5.5.

25 Sep 96 - Dave Haynie Interview - Dave speaks out again and gives us some insight into the future of the PIOS PowerPC and some history of the fractured Amiga PowerPC developments. This article appears in issue #5 of Amiga Blast Magazine.

26 Sep 96 - Cronus Announces Price Cuts - CD-ROM supplier announces big price reductions on favorite Amiga titles: Fish Library, Aminet, Eric Schwartz, etc.

01 Oct 96 - What in the heck is this? - We found this odd yet intriguing mention of the Amiga in Computerworld.

03 Oct 96 - Amiga Mentioned in PC Magazine - And can you believe it was positive and well-informed?

05 Oct 96 - Update on the AQCVid interface for QuickCam - More info on the previously announced Amiga/QuickCam interface from OmniLink.

05 Oct 96 - ICP-Verlag - Computer 96 - Information about "Computer 96" a show that takes place in Cologne, Germany November 15-17 (written in German).

14 Oct 96 - IPISA '96 - The Italian Programmers' Meeting for Amiga Development convenes on Saturday November 30, 1996 in Milan, Italy.

16 Oct 96 - Amiga Atlanta Offers 10th Anniversary Banquet Celebration Video - Coverage of the big event is now available in a professionally produced video.

16 Oct 96 - GPSoftware Releases New Utilities for Opus 5.5 - Lots of great, new add-ons for DirOpus now available.

17 Oct 96 - VIScorp Patents Internet Television? - A description of US patent #5561709 we found somewhere on the WWW.

23 Oct 96 - World of Amiga 1996 - Wonder Computers announces a big Amiga show to be held in Toronto on December 13th, 14th and 15th.

24 Oct 96 - Haage & Partner - Looking for Amiga Books - Useful information regarding invaluable books available about the Amiga from Haage & Partner.

25 Oct 96 - Statement By Petro Tyschtschenko - The president of Amiga Technologies is still optimistic that resoulution to the current situation can be reached.

26 Oct 96 - Video Toaster User and LIGHTWAVEPRO Changes - Publisher Miller Freeman, Inc. announces changes to the distribution of these popular Amiga video-oriented magazines.

27 Oct 96 - Netcom Announces Complete Internet Access Solution for Amiga Users in the UK - The world's largest Internet provider is now supporting Amiga users in the UK.

27 Oct 96 - New ISDN Internet Solution from ZyXEL - Buried in ZyXEL's press release for their Omni.Net ISDN system is a mention that it is compatible with the Amiga!

27 Oct 96 - CUCUG Begins 1997 Membership Drive - Join CUCUG and support the Amiga Web Directory! This year, many Amiga-oriented companies are offering exclusive, CUCUG member-only deals. Join CUCUG today, right now on the World Wide Web!

29 Oct 96 - Amigazone Now Open And Running On Calweb Internet Services - Industry legend Harv Laser makes the official announcement of the grand opening of the new Amiga Zone which recently moved from Portal to CalWeb.

01 Nov 96 - Revamped Nova Design World Wide Web Site Now Online - The makers of ImageFX and Aladdin 4D recently gave a celebrity makeover to their web site. See the results!

03 Nov 96 - phase 5 PowerUp Update - The latest news and status on phase 5's promised PowerPC acceleator solution. Includes current developer list and expected pricing info.

06 Nov 96 - Intangible Assets Manufacturing Announces Lower Prices - IAM has lowered their prices on some Amiga classics and are also asking your help to allow them to become uncensored.

09 Nov 96 - Zipperware Named US Distributor for Photogenics - Photogenics 2.0, a high-end, 24-bit image manipulation package available only on CD-ROM, is now being distributed in the US by Zipperware, a Seattle-based Amiga distributor.

11 Nov 96 - AWeb-II v2.1 Update Now Available - AmiTrix, distributor for AWeb, a popular Amiga web browser announces availability of a new and improved update.

15 Nov 96 - Try the Amiga Zone FREE For Two Weeks! - The Amiga Zone is offering FREE trial memberships for a limited time. Check out the action today in the Amiga Zone!

16 Nov 96 - Carl Sassenrath Quits, Flames VIScorp - Original Amiga developer quits VIScorp in disgust, describes VIScorp as "an idiotic, screwed-up, incompetent company".

17 Nov 96 - Amiga 97 Show in St. Louis - Information about the upcoming Midwest US Amiga show sponsored by the Gateway Amiga Club.

23 Nov 96 - VIScorp Reaffirms Its Commitment to the Amiga - VIScorp's Jason Compton reports that VIScorp is still very committed to the Amiga acquisition and further development of the Amiga platform.

24 Nov 96 - Sony Chooses NewTek's LightWave 3D For Development Environment - Sony thinks Lightwave is "the best 3D graphics software program available for video game development," and is now including it in a special game developer package in Japan.

24 Nov 96 - Follow Up Message From Carl Sassenrath - The controversial Carl Sassenrath offers further thoughts on the future direction of the Amiga.

26 Nov 96 - Asimware Releases Audio Thunder - A new, audio conversion software package for the NewTek Flyer.

27 Nov 96 - VIScorp Faces Challengers in Bid to Acquire Amiga - This is a story off of the BLOOMBERG Business News service which we have received permission to reprint.

27 Nov 96 - Info Update on AmigaFest Show - Last-minute update on the Amiga show which will take place November 29, 30 and December 1 in Toronto. Information courtesy of National Amiga.

29 Nov 96 - VIScorp Contract for Amiga Assets Was Canceled, Attorney Says - Another story from BLOOMBERG Business News which claims the contract was canceled and VIScorp is no longer the front-runner to acquire Amiga Technologies.

30 Nov 96 - World of Amiga Show Canceled - One of the two planned Amiga shows in Toronto has been canceled due to scheduling conflicts.

30 Nov 96 - World's First 4X/6X CD Recorder From Yamaha Shown At COMDEX '96 - Yes, they actually mention that it supports the Amiga.

04 Dec 96 - Amiga Fest Show Report - Our roving reporter, Steve Collins, brings you the latest right from the show floor.

04 Dec 96 - Jason Compton Resigns from VIScorp - VIScorp Communications Manager and Amiga media figure Jason Compton gives his two weeks' notice to VIScorp.

04 Dec 96 - Ultimate Amiga Collector Items Unearthed by IAM - Archaeologists at Intangigble Assets Manufacturing have dug up one of the most startling discoveries in the history of the Amiga--the original boing-ball logos that almost made it onto the first A1000 production run! And, they want to give them away!

04 Dec 96 - VIScorp Update on Amiga Situation - VIScorp confirms some recent reports and announces that it, "continues to be interested in completing the acquisition of Amiga."

05 Dec 96 - Blittersoft Announces PCx: Software Pentium Emulator - This thing is supposed to beat Emplant's e586 emulation speeds and it's all in software.

06 Dec 96 - CUCUG Announces its Sixth WWW Host Site - Our thanks to CompuLink in Athens, Greece for becoming the latest CUCUG mirror site.

07 Dec 96 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Announces AsimCDFS v3.7 - The latest version offers support for more CD-ROM drive models, Amiga protection bits and file comments, improved Raw Sector volume handling and updated French and German catalogs.

08 Dec 96 - Preorders for AQCVid Amiga Camera Adapter Being Taken - OmniLink's new Amiga-enabling adapter for the Conectix QuickCam is shipping soon.

13 Dec 96 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Announces MasterISO v1.25 - The MasterISO software package allows a user to control a CD-R recorder to create custom CD-ROM and CD-Audio discs.

14 Dec 96 - VIScorp Gets Injunction Against Curtis Mathes - Curtis Mathes may not sell their Uniview set-top box since it may be infringing on VIScorp's technology rights.

26 Dec 96 - Quikpak Announces Offer for Amiga Technologies - Quikpak announces publically that it has filed an official offer to purchase the Amiga from the German liquidator.

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