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Amiga News From 1997

News From 1997

09 Jan 97 - More Boing Logos Discovered--And DevCon Posters - Intangible Assets announces that they have unearthed a few more "Boing" Amiga hardware logos and are offering them as ordering premiums.

09 Jan 97 - The AmigaZone Announces a New Web Interface - The AmigaZone's Harv Laser announces that members can now access the content of the AmigaZone via their favorite Web browser.

09 Jan 97 - IAM Announces New Low Prices - Price reductions on key, Amiga software packages are announced by Intangible Assets Manufacturing.

18 Jan 97 - Haage & Partner News January, 1997 - Covering updates and new products including StormC 2.0, ArtEffect 1.5, DrawStudio 1.1 and more.

26 Jan 97 - NASAU at IEEE '97 - For the eighth straight year in a row, the North Alabama Society of Amiga Users (NASAU) will be on hand to demonstrate the Amiga and its capabilities to the public at Huntsville Alabama's IEEE Computer Fair (February 7-8. 1997).

27 Jan 97 - Amiga Fest 1997 Report - Show report from Canada by Kirk Trumble.

30 Jan 97 - ImageFX and Aladdin 4D Demo Tape Now Shipping - Nova announces availability of FREE video tape for user groups, Amiga dealers, Video Toaster/Flyer dealers or stores carrying Amiga software.

31 Jan 97 - Amiga Show in Scandinavia - AmiTech '97 - Another exciting Amiga show demonstrates that the Amiga is still an exciting computer platform.

31 Jan 97 - New USA Amiga Print Magazine Launched - Information (what else?) from The Amiga Informer, a new Amiga print magazine making a name for itself.

01 Feb 97 - Quikpak Announces It Has Made Final Bid for Amiga - QuikPak states that all bids were due at midnight, January 31 and that a final decision is promised by February 28. Here we go again!

04 Feb 97 - Topolino - This clever, new German device connects PC mice to the Amiga.

06 Feb 97 - SBase4Pro v1.30n Upgrade Offer - Mr. Hardware Computers announces super special SBase4Pro v1.30n upgrade offer. SuperBase is a real, relational database management package for your Amiga.

07 Feb 97 - Bloomberg Feature Story About the Amiga - Thanks to Amiga Atlanta president Lamar Morgan for causing the national media to stand up and take notice of the Amiga! This article was fed nearly everywhere on the planet yesterday by Bloomberg.

08 Feb 97 - Amiga 97 Show Growing, Gaining Worldwide Attention - Popular St. Louis show announces new vendors have been added, NewTek will be sponsoring classes and QuikPak may donate an A4000T to the usual huge list of door prizes!

09 Feb 97 - New Web Feature, The Lair, Announced - New WWW online magazine-ish site is unveiled. Edited by "Bluey" you'll enjoy the slightly tilted attitude of this new feature.

11 Feb 97 - Cloanto's Personal Paint 7 Breaks Amiga Chip RAM Barrier - Cloanto announces new technology to finally get around one of the Amiga's few graphics limitations.

12 Feb 97 - New Service Sets Standards for Freeware Software - The new Amiga Coding Excellence Scheme aims to identify high-quality, free software and promote its use.

12 Feb 97 - Cloanto Announces Amiga Software Support On Internet And Aminet - Now you can have quick access to Cloanto support files either through Aminet or their superb web site.

15 Feb 97 - Impulse Announces Special Offer for Amiga Imagine 5.0 - Now Amiga users can purchase one of the most powerful 3D packages ever written for a very low price.

17 Feb 97 - The Amiga Informer Magazine Requests User Input, Announcements - A note from Fletcher Haug, Editor of The Amiga Informer Magazine gives details on how to submit news items for possible inclusion in the magazine.

18 Feb 97 - The Amiga Education Network Announced - A new initiative is announced with the objective to support the Amiga in Australian education.

22 Feb 97 - Gateway's Amiga 97 Update - The latest additions to the Amiga 97 show vendor roster. This is going to be a big show!

22 Feb 97 - NATIONAL AMIGA: Updates and Specials - News from National Amiga regarding some sale items and new products.

22 Feb 97 - The Official Info Pack on the PowerCon’97 - In July, the first annual PowerPC Convention will take place in Montreal, Canada. The goal is to gather the PowerPC community together from all across the world to show its support for PowerPC platforms, including the Amiga.

24 Feb 97 - New Amiga Enforcer V37.70 Supports 060, Source Code Available - Intangible Assets Manufacturing announces the availability of Enforcer V37.70, by Michael Sinz.

25 Feb 97 - Amiga-oriented Reseller, Zipperware Closing Its Doors - One of the more visible US Amiga shops has announced that it is getting out of the computer business altogether as of March 2, 1997.

28 Feb 97 - Issue 6 of The Amiga Informer Now Available - The latest issue of the Amiga Informer is now available for only $1.00. Some material also available on their web site.

28 Feb 97 - Developers Meeting Announced at Amiga 97 - Kermit Woodall. of Nova Design Inc., will chair the initial meeting of the Developers Meeting at the Gateway Computer Show, Amiga 97.

28 Feb 97 - Amiga Informer Announces Special Subscription Offers - The newest US Amiga print magazine has special savings opportunities on DrawStudio for subscribers only.

28 Feb 97 - InterNauts Luncheon at Amiga '97 - Join friends at a special Amiga Internet lunch, organized by the North Alabama Society of Amiga Users, to be held on March 15th at the Amiga 97 show. Sorry, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

01 Mar 97 - The Independent Amiga Rejuvenation Survey - Press release announcing the Amiga user survey effort lead by Gunnar Liljas.

01 Mar 97 - The World Of Amiga Show Is Back Again - Announcement of the upcomming Amiga show to be held in London, on May 17th and 18th.

02 Mar 97 - phase 5 Announces the Cyberstorm PPC Power-PC Accelerator for Amiga 3000/4000 - Upgrade your Amiga 3000T or 4000T to PowerPC performance.

02 Mar 97 - phase 5 Announces the the Blizzard 603e Power Board Accelerator for Amiga 1200 - Upgrade your Amiga 1200 to PowerPC performance.

02 Mar 97 - Peter Tyschtschenko, Manager of Amiga Technologies, Comments on Current Situation - Original German text and rough English translation. Petro says he thinks it will soon be over!

03 Mar 97 - Gasteiner Throws Its Weight Behind The World Of Amiga London Show - Two show sponsors get together to support one Amiga show in London.

05 Mar 97 - REBOL With a Cause - A Computer Language With an Attitude - Carl Sassenrath announces a name change for the programming language formerly known as LAVA.

06 Mar 97 - Magic Days in Trier '97 - The AMIGA1 user group is sponsoring an Amiga show to be held on April 19 and 20 in Germany.

06 Mar 97 - Myst For The Amiga To Be Released By clickBOOM - PXL Computers and their clickBOOM programming group have aquired the rights to release an Amiga version of Myst, the enormously popular game formerly only available on other computer platforms.

09 Mar 97 - Frankenstein Software For Sale - The owner of Frankenstein Software has announced his intentions to sell off the company's Amiga strategy game titles.

11 Mar 97 - Amiga '97 Online Interactive Conferences To Connect Amigans Worldwide - Amiga Report's Jason Compton announces online conferences to be held from the show in St. Louis this weekend on IRC.

14 Mar 97 - Carl Sassenrath Publishes the REBOL Reference Manual, Part 1 - All about REBOL Values: the Building Blocks. Written for both non-programmers and software gurus.

16 Mar 97 - CUCUG’s Gateway Amiga 97 Show Report - Read all about the recent Amiga show held in St. Louis, MO. Cool, new Amiga products, rumors running wild, pictures of the event, product details, web links to exhibitors and much more! Check out CUCUG's exclusive scoops right now!

17 Mar 97 - Almathera Systems Ltd. Going Out of Business - Almathera claims that cash-flow problems prompted by non-payment from VIScorp has forced them out of business.

17 Mar 97 - Developer's Conference at Amiga Gateway Show - Notes from the meeting attended by many leading developers for the Amiga at the Gateway Amiga 97 show.

19 Mar 97 - Amiga OS 3.1 Kits in Short Supply, Legal Hassles Blamed - Village Tronic is involved in litigation with Amiga Technologies regarding their selling of AmigaDos kits. Version 3.1 Upgrades are now in very short supply.

20 Mar 97 - Amiga Advis Magazine Serves the Denmark Amiga Community - The Danes have their own Amiga magazine, Amiga Advis.

20 Mar 97 - ImageFX Seminars Now Available - Nova Design announces the limited availability of instructional seminars for its graphics manipulation program, ImageFX.

25 Mar 97 - Oshawa Amiga to Offer Chameleon Case - Ontario Canada Amiga merchant will sell this line of Amiga expansion boxes.

25 Mar 97 - Photogenics 2.0 Being Offered At Special Price by Randomize - Due to recent developments regarding Almathera's closure Randomize has announced special pricing on many of their products.

26 Mar 97 - Amiga Developer Network Launched - The North Alabama Society of Amiga Users announces a new WWW service designed to assist the Amiga developer community.

27 Mar 97 - CUCUG Welcomes Gateway 2000 To The Amiga Community - Our reaction to the announcement today that the Amiga has been sold (tentatively) to Gateway 2000.

27 Mar 97 - Intangible Assets Manufacturing Responds to Amiga Acquisition - Former Commodore Wizzard Dale Larsen reacts positively to the news of the Amiga's new owners.

27 Mar 97 - Gateway 2000 Acquires Assets of Amiga Technologies GmbH - South Dakota-based PC marketer/manufacturer is the new owner of the Amiga.

29 Mar 97 - HiQ Announces Release of Siamese System v2.0 Software - The Siamese System integrates your Wintel computer with your Amiga. This new software allows you--among other things--to run your Amiga from a window on the Windows '95 desktop.

30 Mar 97 - QuikPak Welcomes Gateway 2000 to the Amiga Community - This is the official, surprisingly positive response to the Gateway 2000 announcement from unsuccessful bidder, QuikPak.

31 Mar 97 - Gateway 2000 Offer To Buy AMIGA Accepted - The bankruptcy court in Germany has accepted Gateway's offer for the Amiga assets.

02 Apr 97 - The World Of Amiga Show Is Back Again - More details released about the upcoming premier Amiga show in London, England. A growing vendor list along with expected new product debuts should make this a good show. Press release includes reference to a surprise, new (non-Gateway) Amiga computer to be introduced at the show.

06 Apr 97 - Finale Development Licenses Voodoo Emailer - Osma Ahvenlampi, author of Voodoo, the Amiga multimedia e-mail program announces that Finale will be taking over development of the program.

08 Apr 97 - Asimware Announces AsimCDFS v3.8 Maintenance Release - The latest update of Asimware's fabulous CD file system is available to registered users from their BBS, WWW or FTP sites.

08 Apr 97 - Asimware Announces MasterISO v1.25b Maintenance Release - Asimware's CD-R driver software just added direct support for the Philips CDD2600. Update available via their BBS, WWW or FTP sites.

08 Apr 97 - CultureShock Announces Release of Pagemonster Web Page Generation Tool - The long-awaited HTML editing package for the Amiga is now shipping.

12 Apr 97 - Interview with Petro Tyschtschenko - Finally, we hear that Gateway 2000 really does plan to make Amiga personal computers and not some new WebTV-like widget. Petro speaks out from the Amiga Magazin WWW site!

13 Apr 97 - Intangible Assets Manufacturing Offers Haynie-Autographed Tape - For a very limited time, you can now own the infamous Deathbed Vigil tape autographed by the one-and-only Dave Haynie.

16 Apr 97 - Magic Days in Trier - More Highlights - Some last minute updates on the upcoming Amiga show to be held in Trier, Germany on the 19th and 20th of April. Sponsored by the AMIGA1 user group.

17 Apr 97 - Update: Amiga Show in Scandinavia - AmiTech '97 - The AmigaTech '97 show is right around the corner (April 25-27) and it looks to be a good show with lots of Amiga heavy hitters scheduled to show.

17 Apr 97 - Issue 7 of The Amiga Informer Now Available - The latest issue of the Amiga Informer Magazine is now available. Press release outlines this issue's contents. Some material also available on their web site.

17 Apr 97 - A Note to the Amiga Community From Gateway 2000 - Gateway 2000 asks for patience from Amiga fans and advises that more information will be available at the World of Amiga show in London on May 17 and 18.

19 Apr 97 - AAA Awards Honor Amiga Accomplishments and Contributions - The Amiga Computer Group of Sweden has established an awards program designed to honor people and organizations that have made the greatest achievement in contributing to the upkeeping of Amiga values during the past year.

22 Apr 97 - AHI Audio System Version 4 Released - Martin Blom announces the availability of the AHI Audio System version 4, the retargetable audio standard for AmigaOS.

23 Apr 97 - Impulse Announces Continued Support For the Amiga: Imagine 6.0 - Impulse has announced that the renewed optimism and interest in the Amiga has resulted in further development of their highly regarded Imagine animation package for the Amiga. Upgrades from version 5.0 available.

25 Apr 97 - FotoFUN! Photo Printer One of 1996's Top Imaging Products - Fargo's famous digital color printer wins the Cool2 product award from a respected photo imaging magazine.

25 Apr 97 - Yamaha's CD-Rewritable Available in June - Yamaha continues to offer CD-R products that specifically support the Amiga (note that they mention 'major platforms' and Amiga in almost the same breath!)

28 Apr 97 - Amiga Atlanta Invites You to the Spring Comdex Show - The last Spring Comdex (a non-Amiga specific computer show) in Atlanta will be held June 2-5 and the Atlanta Amiga club is welcoming Amiga fans to the area.

30 Apr 97 - Press Conference to be Held at World of Amiga Show - Amiga International President Petro Tyschtschenko and Gateway 2000's Director of Corporate Development, Steve Johns, will announce the future direction of the Amiga computer on May 16th at the London World of Amiga show.

03 May 97 - Gateway 2000 Comes To The Aid Of North Dakota Flood Victims - Gateway 2000 shows some compassion for the thousands of flood victims by donating the use of 17 computers.

05 May 97 - clickBOOM Announces Its Conversion Wish List - clickBOOM is asking users which games it should convert to the Amiga platform after its successful bid to bring Myst to the Amiga.

06 May 97 - GamaSoft Announces New Alliance of Dealers and Developers - Software distributor announces special dealer programs designed to enhance their success with GamaSot products.

07 May 97 - Sagittarius Software Announces Price Reductions on Vulcan Software Titles - Some very good bargains can be had on titles such as Bograts, Burnout, JETPilot, Timekeepers, Tiny Troops, Valhalla III and more.

09 May 97 - Cloanto Releases PowerPC Blitting Library For Personal Paint 7 - A new library file allows Personal Paint to work on bitmaps in Fast RAM instead of Chip RAM supporting RTG environments and giving a substantial performance boost.

09 May 97 - Haage & Partner Are Bringing the Power of Java to the Amiga - Some details about the ambitious, new JAVA project being worked on by Haage & Partner.

09 May 97 - Disksalv 4 And More, Now Available In The UK - IAM announces UK distributor and that many of their products will be at the upcoming World of Amiga show.

10 May 97 - GPSoftware Announces the Release of Directory Opus 5 - Magellan Version - A new upgrade for probably the best directory utility ever written for any platform will be shown at the upcoming World of Amiga show.

12 May 97 - Sadeness Software Announces Titles to be Shown at World of Amiga - Sadeness will be showing new and other best-selling CD-ROM software at the WOA. Also, check out their newly redesigned WWW site!

12 May 97 - Toysoft Development Announce Air Mail Pro SMTP/POP E-Mail Client - Air Mail Pro is available in both Class Act and Magic User Interface versions.

14 May 97 - A New Amiga Organization is Announced - The Amiga Industrial Council and The Open Amiga Workgroup (ICOA) strives to set up a united group of developers to improve the Amiga platform.

14 May 97 - Phase 5 Digital Products Expands The Powerup Product Line - Product details on the entire line of Power-Up boards as well as some brand new models.

15 May 97 - clickBOOM Supports Power Up - Popular entertainment software declares its support for phase 5's PowerPC board add-ons for the Amiga.

15 May 97 - Cloanto Launches Personal Paint 7.1 at World of Amiga Show in London - The latest version of Cloanto's flagship application sports many new features and improvements.

15 May 97 - Gateway 2000 Announces Stock Split and Repurchase Program - Gateway looks to be in great shape, financially as they announce share buybacks and other rosy financial news.

16 May 97 - Press Conference London, May 16, 1997 - Petro Tyschtschenko, president of Amiga International speaks at the World of Amiga show in London and outlines the future of the Amiga.

16 May 97 - AMIGA International Acquistion Finalized - Gateway 2000 announces the finalization of the Amiga aquisition and hints at the future direction of the Amiga.

18 May 97 - Amiga Informer Announces Redesigned Web Site, New Web Address - Editor Fletcher Haug has completly re-vamped the Amiga Informer (US print magazine) web site.

21 May 97 - Amiga E-Zine The Lair, Gains in Popularity, Announces New Issue - Don't miss the latest issue of this sometimes irreverent but always entertaining e-zine hosted by 'Bluey'.

23 May 97 - Petro Tyschtschenko to Make Public Appearance at Amiga Atlanta User Group Meeting - Amiga Atlanta is inviting all interested Amiga fans to its meeting on Saturday, May 31 to meet Petro Tyschtschenko, Managing Director of Amiga International.

23 May 97 - Impulse Announces Special Offer for Imagine 6.0 - Details of the special Constant Upgrade Program designed to make sure that you always have the latest version of Imagine at a very affordable price.

24 May 97 - Gateway 2000 Begins Trading On The New York Stock Exchange - The parent company of the Amiga moves its stock trading to the big board with the big boys.

25 May 97 - Amiga Informer to Change Distribution Method - And also announces a bi-monthly drawing for free Amiga-oriented prizes.

26 May 97 - Amazing Computing/Amiga Announces London Press Conference Video - Amazing's new tape promises to be the most complete and non-biased coverage of the big event.

29 May 97 - MediaSoft Announces Amiga Review Magazine Issue Four - The new UK Amiga magazine announces its latest issue and a special offer for Amiga Web Directory users!

29 May 97 - CNet Amiga Professional Version 4 Begins Shipping - ZenMetal's premier BBS software for the Amiga has undergone a major overhaul and will be available on May 30.

01 Jun 97 - Sadeness Software Announces Signing of Amiga Games Software Developer - Paul Burkey's Foundation will be the first game release from Sadeness.

04 Jun 97 - AAA Awards Associate Applications Due - The Amiga Computer Group AAA Awards Associate applications are now due in one month. If you'd like to help with the organization of this awards program, check this out.

05 Jun 97 - SASG Intl. Celebrates 3rd Anniversary and Grants 20% Discounts - The shareware organisation SASG (distributing such famous products like MUI and MagicWB) offers a 20% birthday discount on all of its products to celebrate its 3rd anniversary!

05 Jun 97 - Petro Tyschtschenko's Speech at AAi Meeting Transcript - Petro is upbeat, gives a few more details about the future and announces they are looking for an R&D manager. From a speech given at a recent Amiga Atlanta event.

14 Jun 97 - GamaSoft Sponsors User Group Software Demo - The Michigan Computer User Group (MCUG) is hosting a demo of new Internet software from GamaSoft on Thursday, June 19.

15 Jun 97 - Australian Amiga Gathering Announced - The Australian Amiga Gathering will be held on the weekend of June the 28th and 29th.

15 Jun 97 - Amiga Informer Announces Details of Latest Issue - Issue 8 of The Amiga Informer promisies to "read between the lines" of the Gateway buyout.

16 Jun 97 - Asimware Announces MasterISO v1.28 Maintenance Release - More compatible devices have been added to this premier CD-recordable driver system for the Amiga.

16 Jun 97 - Aladdin 4D Ships with ImageFX Limited Time Offer - Nova Design announces v5.0 of their famous 3D package for the Amiga.

17 Jun 97 - Gateway 2000 Head Mentions Amiga in Boot Interview - Ted Waitt hints that there may be more to their interest in the Amiga than just the patents.

18 Jun 97 - AmigaZone Expands - AmigaZone leader Harv Laser announces more Amiga mailing lists added as well as new Amiga Fidonet "echoes". Special FREE intro offer.

23 Jun 97 - HiQ's Siamese System goes Alpha - Now join your Amiga and one of Digital's Alpha workstations as if they were one computer.

25 Jun 97 - Mr. Hardware Computers Announces Retail Escort v4.1 Demo - A demo version of the Amiga point-of-sale system for retail shops is now being offered.

25 Jun 97 - Sadeness Software Offers to Make You a Star! - How would you like to become an actual character in the release version of Foundation, the newest game release from Sadeness Software?

25 Jun 97 - Official Amiga "Clone" to be Offered - The Infinitiv Tower from German hardware developer, MicroniK is officially licensed by Amiga International.

01 Jul 97 - Aurora Works to Release TCP/IP Multi-Player Title - The new H-Bomb, will ship as both Cybergraphx and AGA and will support AHI and TPCIP remote play by linking two computers for up to four players.

01 Jul 97 - Petro Tyschtschenko's Speech to the Australian Amiga Gathering 97 - Petro offers more details on Amiga International's plan and makes a plea for unity in the Amiga community.

04 Jul 97 - CU Amiga Magazine Announces Release of TFX - The popular Amiga flight simulator will be included on the October CD-ROM issue of CU Amiga Magazine. What a deal!

04 Jul 97 - FutureSights ISP Offers Specials for Amiga Web Sites - Amiga-oriented Internet service provider provides discounts for hosting Amiga web sites.

05 Jul 97 - AMIGA International Licenses Index Information Ltd to Manufacture Amiga-based Computers - Another third-party company gets the official okay to make real, live Amiga computers. In particular, their Access Amiga-on-a-board looks very interesting.

07 Jul 97 - GamaSoft Announces Availability of New York - Information on the newest an Amiga news reader program produced by Finale.

07 Jul 97 - The Australian Amiga Gathering '97 Show Report - Basil Flinter submits this report of the goings on, down under.

10 Jul 97 - CU Amiga Magazine Project XG Announcement, New International Subscription Deals - A do-it-yourself feature to build an 18-bit, 48Khz external sound card based on the Yamaha DB50XG!

10 Jul 97 - CygnusED Soon To Be Re-released by Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe - Popular, high-performance Amiga text editor will once again be available and updated.

10 Jul 97 - Amiga International License Intrinsic Computer Systems to Manufacture A1200 based Computers - The latest company officially authorized to produce Amiga-based computers is Intrinsic Computer Systems.

11 Jul 97 - Wusage Web Stats Utility Now Available - Sophisticated web stat program now available for the Amiga from Boutell.Com.

12 Jul 97 - Cronus Announces Aminet Set 5 CD-ROM - The latest Aminet CD will be available later this month and includes bonus content.

14 Jul 97 - Amiga Informer Announces New Web Site Features, Special Subscription Offer - More articles and a new tech help section are now available at the Informer's site. Also, don't miss the "7 for 6" subscription deal!

14 Jul 97 - Mr. Hardware Computers Announces Special Video Escort v2.5 Promotion Sale - Check out the super deal on this business management program for videographers who run their own video businesses.

19 Jul 97 - Computer City to Distribute Amiga Computers in Benelux - Amiga International announces an authorized distributor for Amiga in Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxemborg).

20 Jul 97 - Honorable Mention Web Site Hits 400 Indexed Articles - Matt Ignash's site, which indexes mentions of the Amiga computer in non-Amiga magazines, hits an important milestone.

22 Jul 97 - Far-East Rights to the Amiga Acquired by Lotus Pacific - Recent press release from New Jersey based Lotus International announcing that the assets of Commodore-Amiga have been sold for use in the Far East. More questions raised rather than answered.

23 Jul 97 - Lotus Pacific Announces the Wonder TV A6000 - This press release from the 18th reveals that Lotus/Regent will partner with the largest Chinese TV manufacturer to produce a machine which will serve as a "multi-media computer, a fax machine, a karaoke, an Internet box (like WebTV) and game machine."

24 Jul 97 - Gateway 2000 Disputes Rightiming's Amiga Sale - Gateway 2000 clarifies the situation with the Far East market question and affirms the ownership of all Amiga rights.

24 Jul 97 - Complete Gateway 2000 Speech Transcript - A complete transcription of speeches by Gateway's Jim Taylor and Amiga International's Petro Tyschtschenko at the World of Amiga show. Contains interesting and significant information about the future of the Amiga.

26 Jul 97 - MediaSoft Magazines Release Two New Amiga Magazines - UK-based Amiga magazine publisher is spinning off a new magazine, Amiga Gamer from their popular Amiga Review title.

30 Jul 97 - Chroma Announces a New and Affordable Do-It-Yourself A1200 Tower Case - Save money by building your own A1200 tower and keep your Amiga up-to-date.

30 Jul 97 - Sadeness Software Announces New Game Title - The latest game from Sadeness Software's games division is onEsacpee, an action adventure game.

31 Jul 97 - Movement Aims to Increase Awareness of Children's Amiga Titles - Conor Kerr's aim is to get more kids software developed and call attention to existing products.

01 Aug 97 - Randomize Goes Direct with the Release of PowerPC Boards - Canadian distributor announces direct sales of Phase 5's PowerUP boards.

01 Aug 97 - Vidamus Multimedia Licensed to Manufacture and Distribute Merchandising Items - Amiga International will license Vidamus to market AI promotional products such as mugs, T-shirts, pens, etc.

02 Aug 97 - Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces p.OS PreRelease - A "pre-release" of this alternative operating system is now available for the Amiga.

05 Aug 97 - Amiga Review, UK Magazine Folds - Just weeks after announcing plans to spin off a games magazine, Amiga Review unexpectedly folds, blaming other print magazines for not accepting its ads.

06 Aug 97 - Haage & Partner Announces Two New Special Effect Packages To Extend the Power of ArtEffect 2 - PowerEffects 2 offers a variety of outstanding effects like LensFlares, Lightning and FishEye for ArtEffect 2.

07 Aug 97 - IDG Publishes Last Issue of Amiga Computing Magazine - The second UK Amiga magazine in a week goes out of business.

07 Aug 97 - Amiga Informer Announces Latest Issue - Issue #9 of the fastest-growing Amiga magazine is now available and promises to be the best.

07 Aug 97 - Nova Announces Aladdin 4D 5.0 Now Shipping - The latest version of the 3D modeling, rendering, and animation package for the Amiga is now available.

17 Aug 97 - AmigaZone Web Site Gets Complete Face-Lift - New layout and enhancements make the venerable AmigaZone's web site faster to load and easier to navigate.

17 Aug 97 - Club Amiga du Québec Announces Festival Amiga '97 - User group Amiga gatehering will be held Sathurday, August 23rd, 1997 in Montreal, Canada.

17 Aug 97 - Amiga Web Directory Updates to Resume - The Amiga Web Directory returns to normal after a brief vacation.

17 Aug 97 - Amiga Format Offers Limited-Time Discounts - Amiga Format Magazine is offering new subscribers up to a 33% discount until October 31, 1997.

17 Aug 97 - Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Aminet 20 CD-ROM - August 1997 release contains nearly 1 gigabyte (uncompressed) of Amiga software in thousands of archives.

17 Aug 97 - Vulcan Software Announces USA Branch - UK Amiga software developer opens a new division in the USA.

18 Aug 97 - Amiga Replacement OS (AROS) Now In 11th Beta - The latest version of the project which promises to improve AmigaDOS is now available.

22 Aug 97 - QuikPak Update Regarding Product and New Web Site - A long silence is broken by this letter from QuikPak head David A. Ziembicki regarding their Amiga-based products and new web site.

24 Aug 97 - North American Amiga Computing Subscribers To Be Offered Amazing Computing/Amiga Magazine - Good news for North American subscribers of the now defunct Amiga Computing.

27 Aug 97 - No Amiga To Waste - Developers Wanted - The 'No Amiga To Waste' site expands with a new feature that allows developers to post announcements about any co-developers they need to work on a specific project.

31 Aug 97 - Vulcan Software Announces Development of Advanced 3D Game - Vulcan's newest work promises to be a sophisticated Amiga answer to Virtua Cop type games.

03 Sep 97 - CUCUG Announces Support For the Midwest Amiga Exposition - CUCUG is helping to promote AMICON's Amiga show. Mark your calendar for November 1 and 2 (Saturday and Sunday) and head to Columbus, Ohio for a great Amiga weekend!

04 Sep 97 - CU Amiga Announces 'AIR Link' DIY Project - Clever little do-it-yourself box that allows you to control virtually any infrared device (TV, VCR, stereo) right from the Amiga Workbench!

06 Sep 97 - Amiga Inc, Developers Registration - Amiga developers are being encouraged to register with Amiga Inc. at the CU Amiga web site.

06 Sep 97 - Amiga Inc. To Host Official Developers Conference at MAE - Amiga Inc. begins an assertive plan to coordinate and communicate with developers. First stop, Columbus, Ohio at the 1997 Midwest Amiga Exposition. (Also includes a surprise announcement about upcoming Amiga support from a MAJOR hardware vendor.)

08 Sep 97 - Directory Opus Magellan Upgrades Now Available - Registered users of GP Software's venerable directory utility may download the latest patch from the company's web site.

09 Sep 97 - Picture Manager Professional V4.0 Available Now from Blittersoft - Commercial image catalog program with a large number of features for creation and handling of thumbnail tables. Includes link to downloadable demo.

09 Sep 97 - Join the Amiga Effort to Crack the Code and Beat the RSA Secret-Key Challenge - The Amiga RC5 Team Effort, organized by Thomas Tavoly aims to bring the Amiga into the limelight by cracking the mighty security codes of the RSA. Yes, it's on!

15 Sep 97 - Amiga International to Offer Amiga Spare Parts - The Amiga International web site now features listings of parts for Amiga A500, A600, A1200, A2000, A3000 and A4000 models which may be purchased directly from the company.

17 Sep 97 - Aladdin 4D 5.0 Summer Sale Nearly Over - Time is running out for your opportunity to pick up one of the best 3D packages for your Amiga at a great savings.

17 Sep 97 - New Software House, The World Foundry, Formed - Details regarding a new game software company promising to support the Amiga.

18 Sep 97 - New Commercial Site Debuts, Turtle Lightning Amiga Software - Company specializes in stocking Amiga legacy software.

22 Sep 97 - Amiga Informer Announces New Services and Features - Amiga Informer Magazine has added a moderated user editorial forum, a develepor's forum and game evaluation section. You may also now subscribe via a secure subscription form.

24 Sep 97 - AAA Awards Coordinator Appointed - Tobias Ander will now become the main contact and coordinator of this Amiga award program sponsored by the Amiga Computer Group in Sweden.

24 Sep 97 - ImageFX Chosen as a Top Ten Product for 1997 - Nova Design announces that their ImageFX graphic manipulation software has been declared a top seller by Safe Harbor Computers.

24 Sep 97 - Amiga Inc.'s Darreck Lisle Addresses Amiga User Group - Learn what Gateway's Amiga Inc. is up to and what they think about the future direction of Amiga development. A thumbs-up for RTG and USB, thumbs down for UAE and MUI. Thanks to the Amiga Users of the Heartland for this newsworthy article.

29 Sep 97 - Pianeta Amiga Exhibition Report - Our Italian corespondent Luca "OgniX" Ognibene submits this detailed report of the recent Italian Amiga show along with some more enlightening comments from Amiga International head, Petro Tyschtschenko.

30 Sep 97 - Amiga Informer Announces Latest Issue - Issue #10 of the fastest-growing Amiga magazine is now available and promises lots of good breaking news and background stories on the latest in the world of Amiga.

01 Oct 97 - Internet Development Seminar to be Held at Midwest Amiga Exposition - Co-sponsored by Pantheon Systems and The Amiga Informer Magazine, this 2-hour seminar promises to show how to use the Amiga and the Internet effectively together.

01 Oct 97 - SASG International Announces MagicWB 2.1p Released for Free Download - For the first time ever the popular Workbench enhancer MagicWB 2 is now available as fully installable shareware version for free public download. If you have never installed MagicWB you're in for a real treat. Check this out now!

02 Oct 97 - Team NewIcons Announces V4.0 Release of GUI Icon Enhancement System - The NewIcons system transparently allows up to 256-color icons on the Amiga Workbench.

06 Oct 97 - Power Solutions Acquires World Wide Distribution Rights For Distant Suns - One of the coolest Amiga programs of all time is now available from this Manitoba, Canada based retailer.

07 Oct 97 - C.H.I.P.S., The Amiga Users Group of Western New York Celebrates 10 Years of Service - User groups celebrates an important anniversary, show attendance and dinner event.

09 Oct 97 - GamaSoft Introduces Share-1, the Ultimate Way to Easily Register Shareware - Now it's easy for users and authors to make the shareware software concept more successful and easy to implement.

10 Oct 97 - Cloanto Cloanto Announces Amiga Forever, the First Officially Licensed Amiga Emulator - Now an official emulator for the Amiga will be available for the first time. This program will be partially based on the popular UAE but will include official ROM images and be much easier to install and use.

10 Oct 97 - Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Aminet 21 CD-ROM - October 1997 release contains 1 gigabyte (uncompressed) of Amiga software in thousands of archives.

12 Oct 97 - The Amiga RC5 Team Effort Enters Top 10 Statistics - The Amiga team in the RSA Secret-Key Challenge has made nearly unbelievable progress! This effort, organized by Thomas Tavoly, aims to bring the Amiga into the limelight by cracking the mighty security codes of the RSA.

12 Oct 97 - Vulcan Software Limited Announces Changes to its Operations - Company responsible for many quality Amiga titles changes its distribution, adds partnerships.

16 Oct 97 - Amiga to be Part of ZKM Internet Media Party - This message from Amiga International President, Petro Tyschtschenko highlights the Amiga's involvement in a world-wide net media event.

17 Oct 97 - Nova Design Offers Special Pricing on Aladdin 4D Deal for the Holidays - Buy Aladdin 4D and ImageFX from popular distributors and dealers and save a bit of money.

20 Oct 97 - Chroma Announces Availability Of Two New Multi-Format Digital Still Cameras - Sony's new Mavica line makes digital photography just a little easier (although not ideal) on Amiga users since it stores photos on PC-style disks. Chroma also bundles the cameras with Amiga software to make it even easier.

21 Oct 97 - Amiga Computer Group AAA Awards Committee Appointed - Sweden's Amiga Computer Group appoints the committee responsible for this year's Amiga Achievement Awards.

21 Oct 97 - Power Solutions Acquires North American Distribution Rights for Melody - Melody is a Z2 MPEG, 16-bit sound card driven by a special DSP. Melody has native AHI support and Toccato emulation.

21 Oct 97 - Vulcan Software Ltd Announces the Signing of The World Foundry - Vulcan will be publishing all World Foundry titles under the Vulcan Software banner beginning with Explorer2260 and Maim & Mangle.

23 Oct 97 - Lotus Pacific Announces Wonder TV Broadcast System - Asserting themselves further into the intellectual property territory claimed by Gateway 2000, Lotus moves forward with its plans to market an Amiga-based set top in the Far East.

24 Oct 97 - Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Monthly Contest - Win a Phase 5 PPC board just by answering a riddle!

29 Oct 97 - AmigaZone Offers a Free CD To All New Members - The venerable AmigaZone--the premier online service for Amiga fans--is offering a signing bonus and waiving the usual $20 charge.

29 Oct 97 - Midwest Amiga Exposition Just Days Away - Don't miss the big Amiga show coming up on Saturday and Sunday Nov 1 and 2. Many Amiga celebrities, new products and demos will make this one show you'll not want to miss!

29 Oct 97 - Amiga E-Zine The Lair Announces Latest Issue, Leadership Change - Slightly bent but always entertaining Amiga 'zine has had a little house cleaning and presents some new content.

29 Oct 97 - DCE GmbH to Manufacture Amiga-based Computers - An agreement has been reached which licenses DCE Computer Service GmbH to manufacture and distribute its own range of Amiga motherboards and computers.

30 Oct 97 - CUCUG Announces New Mirror Site in the United Kingdom - Britain's leading family-oriented Internet Service Provider, UK Online, will be hosting a complete mirror of the CUCUG web site, including the Amiga Web Directory.

31 Oct 97 - UK Online Announces Support For Alternative Computing Platforms - British Internet service provider UK Online announces a solid commitment to supporting the Amiga with support, software and WWW content.

01 Nov 97 - Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Availability of Complete Aminet Pack - If you've ever thought what it would be like to have the entire Aminet collection immediately available on CD, here's your big chance!

02 Nov 97 - First Report from the Midwest Amiga Exposition - This brief overview comes to us from Greg Pearce.

02 Nov 97 - Report from the Midwest Amiga Exposition by Casey Williams - Another brief report from a show attendee.

03 Nov 97 - REBOL/Core Alpha to be Released - REBOL is the Relative Expression-Based Object Language designed over several years by Carl Sassenrath, the software architect known for the Amiga multitasking operating system.

04 Nov 97 - CUCUG to Offer New Classified Ad Posting Service for Members - CUCUG members will now have exclusive posting access to a new CUCUG classified ad page on the CUCUG web site.

05 Nov 97 - Amiga University Online Sweepstakes at The Amiga Informer - Would you like to win a brand new, accelerated Amiga 1200? Just answer a few trivia questions at the Amiga Informer site and it could be yours.

06 Nov 97 - GPSoftware Releases New Free Upgrade Patch For Opus Magellan 5.65 - Registered users can upgrade their copies of Opus Magellan to version 5.66 with a free patch available from the GPSoftware web site.

06 Nov 97 - Nova Sector Announces Price Cuts on its Amiga A4000T PowerPC Clones - Major reductions on some very sophisticated Amiga systems from Nova Sector.

06 Nov 97 - Vulcan Software Ltd November News Items - The Uropa2 CD-ROM is now officially released and The Final Odyssey (a masterpiece of a game) will be released at the end of November.

07 Nov 97 - Amiga, Inc. Invites Developers to Conference in Cologne - A limited number of seats are available for the upcoming Developers Conference to be held at the Cologne Computer '97 show. Developers are encouraged to register at the show with Amiga, Inc.

08 Nov 97 - Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Announces Specials and CUCUG Member Discount - Monthly product specials on a variety of Amiga software titles are now posted on the TLAS web site and TLAS is offering members of CUCUG even more savings in the form of a 10% discount on purchases (not including items already reduced as a percent).

09 Nov 97 - Roll the Credits: Midwest Amiga Exposition - Learn about all the folks behind the scene at the recently held Amiga show sponsored by AmiCON in Columbus, OH.

10 Nov 97 - Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Availability of Turbocalc 5 - New version of popular, high-powered spreadsheet adds many new advanced features, compatibility with other packages.

10 Nov 97 - Power Solutions Acquires North American Distribution Rights For Simmfonie - This add-on for your Amiga 3000 allows you to use industry-standard SIMM (Single Inline Memory Module) memory chips.

11 Nov 97 - Honorable Mention Web Site Hits 500 Indexed Articles - Matt Ignash's site, which indexes mentions of the Amiga computer in non-Amiga magazines, hits another important milestone.

11 Nov 97 - Petro Tyschtschenko's Speech at the Midwest Amiga Exposition - Despite earlier reports, we found some very interesting tidbits in Petro's Columbus speech given on November 1. Thanks to Amazing Computing/Amiga for the original transcript.

12 Nov 97 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Telephone Number Update - Please make note of Asimware's new telephone contact numbers.

12 Nov 97 - Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Availability of Cygnus Ed Professional Release 4 - The long-awaited update of one of the most popular text editors for the Amiga is now available.

13 Nov 97 - Spanish Electronic Magazine 'AmigaChannel' Releases 10th Issue - Includes an exclusive interview with Petro Tyschtschenko which covers some sensitive areas like Phase 5, Amiga UK and the future of the Amiga.

13 Nov 97 - Cloanto to Host Amiga Forever Workshop - Visitors of the Computer '97 show are invited to attend the Amiga Forever workshop held by Cloanto on November 15.

15 Nov 97 - First Report from the Cologne Computer '97 Show By Joachim Sondermann-Bieker - Joachim speaks with Petro Tyschtschenko who shares some new tidbits, but there is no 'long expected announcement about the Future of Amiga' as was promised earlier.

15 Nov 97 - Amiga Informer Announces Round 2 of its Trivia Contest - The trivia is tougher, but you'll increase your chances of winning that accelerated Amiga 1200 computer with every correct answer you submit.

18 Nov 97 - Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Availability of Amiga Forever 1.0 Preview Edition - This first introductory edition of the Amiga emulation and support package is designed for advanced users.

20 Nov 97 - Intangible Assets Slashes Prices on Key Products - IAM is immediately slashing 50% off the list price of its two most popular and widely praised Amiga products, DiskSalv4 and the book, Connect Your Amiga.

22 Nov 97 - Cologne Computer '97 Show Report By Jeroen T. Vermeulen - Very well written report of developments which unfolded at the show held recently in Germany. One of the more complete articles to date.

22 Nov 97 - National Amiga Offers Flyer SCSI Cases - This new case will house hard drives, tape drives and CD-ROM drives that are commonly used in Toaster/Flyer systems.

26 Nov 97 - Petro Tyschtschenko's Speech at Computer '97 - Transcript of Petro's speech at the recent German computer show comes to us directly from Petro. Besides reviewing the current situation, he hints at some type of Amiga-based set-top/game/Internet device by Christmas!

26 Nov 97 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases MasterISO v2.0 Demonstration Version - A new demo of the forthcoming MasterISO v2.0; Asimware's next-generation CD-R/RW writing software.

26 Nov 97 - Index Information Ltd Announces The Immediate Availability Of The Access Computer Powered By Amiga - After extensive research and development, prototyping, pre-production and user trials Index is now shipping the Access, the first all-new Licensed Amiga in volume production in the Western World.

26 Nov 97 - Legacy Maker Announces Catalyzer Video Tutorial for ImageFX - New video tape features expert advice to get the most out of ImageFX.

29 Nov 97 - Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Availability of Myst, Shadow of the 3rd Moon and Uropa 2 - Three, new exciting games released just in time for the holiday season.

02 Dec 97 - Amiga Informer Announces Latest Issue - The newest issue of this up and coming Amiga magazine is now available and includes news, reviews and up-to-date Amiga product information.

02 Dec 97 - Aladdin 4D on Sale for the Holidays! - complete 3D rendering and animation system, on sale for less than $130 with any other purchase from Software Hut or Safe Harbor.

02 Dec 97 - Amiga Informer Announces Round 3 of its Trivia Contest - Win an accelerated Amiga 1200 computer.

08 Dec 97 - SASG Offers Holiday Discounts - The shareware organisation SASG (distributing such products like MUI and MagicWB) offers a 20% Christmas discount on all of its products as a token of their gratitude for all the support from the Amiga community.

09 Dec 97 - Dimensions Computers Announces Web Interface, Current Specials - New Amiga-oriented mail-order reseller located in New Haven, CT (USA) offers a wide variety of Amiga products at low prices on their web site.

09 Dec 97 - NRS Developer Book for Blitz Basic - Neather Realm Software's new book contains information for the beginner to the advanced Blitz Basic programmer.

09 Dec 97 - Nova Design Announces ImageFX Specials - ImageFX available from many popular merchants during the holiday shopping season at low prices.

09 Dec 97 - Sadeness Software signs Forgotten Forever and Dafel:Bloodline - Sadeness Software announces two new games have been signed to their publishing label.

12 Dec 97 - Vulcan Software Ltd December News Items - The Final Odyssey CD-ROM is now officially released.

13 Dec 97 - Glacis Computers Offer SCSI Solution for CyberStorm PPC or MK III - Solve termination woes on the your SCSI bus if you own the CyberStorm PPC.

14 Dec 97 - Amiga Apache 1.3B3 Web Server Released - Yes, you can host your own web site using an Amiga. Check out the latest features and capabilities of this premier software package for the Amiga.

18 Dec 97 - Crossgrade to ImageFX from ADPro - Nova Design is offering a special upgrade price for ImageFX to AdPro owners.

21 Dec 97 - AMIGA International, Inc. Increases International Sales - Amiga International announces a recently completed, large order for A1200s to India.

22 Dec 97 - Holiday Greeting Card From Amiga, Inc. - Thanks to Darreck Lisle and the gang at Amiga, Inc. for sending this specially commisioned electronic holiday greeting card designed by Eric Schwartz.

25 Dec 97 - Mystique Receives Support for Children's Programming from Amiga International - Amiga International has offered sponsorship support to this company which specializes in programming aimed at children.

25 Dec 97 - Online Amiga Zine The Lair Announces Latest Issue - A look at spam on the Net, PCI as an option in the Amiga and a review of 1997.

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