Retirement Announcement

Unlike many other platforms the Macintosh is once again growing and thriving in a PC dominant world. Since this directory began in '96 we've seen some dark times and I hope and feel that this site has been a benefit to those who were looking for help when many were writing the Mac off. Although CUCUG still supports the Macintosh as a platform with a strong group of members; as the Macintosh Web Directory webmaster, I felt that it's in CUCUG's best interest to retire this site. I've singlehandedly attempted to maintain this site since the beginning and have reached a point where the time is just not there to keep a quality site up that best reflects what CUCUG is all about and that is top notch help and support.

I've appreciated all of the mail and comments over the years and wish that I could continue the site and improve upon it. There were some nice additions in the pipeline that reflected many of the comments people have requested. If time became available in the future the MWD could possibly come out of retirement but with so many other strong sites available, there really isn't a perceived need in the community. A simple visit to any of the popular search engines such as Yahoo!, Hotbot, and many others will reveal this. The Macintosh is a great platform and I will remain a user as well as resource for others in the years to come.

See ya around the web!

-Jim Huls
-former Macintosh Web Directory webmaster

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