CUCUG is a not-for-profit corporation supporting alternate computer platforms. Originally formed by and for the users of Commodore computers, in June of 1995, CUCUG began support for the Apple Macintosh. Since 1983, we have worked to support each other and advance the knowledge each of us has to better use our computers for business or for pleasure.

Experts Available

Among our members are Motorola and PowerPC hardware experts as well as networking, graphics, and publishing professionals. These and many other members are available to help you with any questions you may have about your Macintosh.

Famous PD Disk Library

Our Macintosh Public Domain software library provides access to programs that have passed a rigerous screening process. This provides the benefits of getting the best available while avoiding the long, tedious process of downloading various applications, trying them out, and then learning what's trash and what's extremely useable. All of our CucugMac disks are compressed and packed to the gills with the best Macintosh freeware and shareware software.

Answers To Your Questions

With the introduction of the System 7.6 release of the MacOS and the availablity of high performance PCI machines and the PPC 604e processor, Mac users are faced with an even larger number of hardware options than before. Questions like:

Should I buy an integrated unit? How much cache should I add? What's the best PCI display card for my application? Which unit is best for me? How do I upgrade my existing machine? Are the older PowerMacs still a good buy? What's a 601? 603? 604? If I'm happy with my older Mac, should I upgrade?

Apple has also promised a major OS revision in the near future codenamed Rhapsody which promises to dramatically improve performance and provide features that users previously only dreamed about. Are you ready for it? What can you do to prepare?

The CUCUG Mac SIG is dedicated to helping you navigate through the bold world of the PowerMac and the mature world of the Macintosh.

Club Meetings Held Monthly

We hold our meetings generally the third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Bresnan Meeting Center in the Champaign Park District Headquarters (398-2591). The Center is located at 706 Kenwood, 1/2 block south of the corner of Kenwood and John Street, in west Champaign. Kenwood is the fourth, south-bound street off of John as you are going west, after crossing Mattis. The Center is in the northwest corner of Centennial Park, northwest of Centennial High School.

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CUCUG Meeting Schedule

Thursday, January 16

Thursday, February 20

Thursday, March 20

Thursday, April 17

Thursday, May 15

Thursday, June 19

Thursday, July 17

Thursday, August 21

Thursday, September 18

Thursday, October 16

Thursday, November 20

Thursday, December 18

Come Visit Us!

If you use a Macintosh, we would like to have you join us. We can learn from each other and have fun in the process. Please attend the next meeting as our guest, or feel free to contact the following:

Information is also available on our World Wide Web page at You may also write us at:

912 Stratford Dr.
Champaign, Illinois 61821.


So, please come and see us at our next meeting! You may visit one meeting without joining as our guest if you wish. If you would like to join by mail, simply make your $20 check payable to CUCUG and send it to 912 Stratford Dr., Champaign, IL 61824. But we'd really rather see you at the meeting!

For your convenience just click "Join CUCUG!" for a membership application.


Subscription to The Status Register

  • Latest industry news and gossip
  • Regular hardware/software reviews
  • Tutorial articles
  • 10 pages, laser-printed and mailed first class

You'll support the Macintosh Web Directory

  • By being a member, you support one of the most useful Mac WWW indexes on the 'Net!

Access to one of the best PD libraries

  • Fast-growing library of very high quality Macintosh PD disks packed to the gills with the best shareware/freeware available for the Mac!

Informative & enjoyable monthly meetings

  • Visits and presentations by Macintosh experts
  • Three social swap meets per year with free prizes, refreshments and bargains galore
  • Immediate answers to YOUR computing questions
  • Regular tutorial presentations
  • Discounted access to the Internet with free Mac setup by CUCUG experts!
  • Meet new friends who share your computer interests

....And much, much more!

Join us at our next meeting and see for yourself!

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