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News From 1998

08 Jan 98 - HiQ "Alpha Project" White Paper - HiQ's very ambitious project to create a master system based on the Digital Alpha capable of running many OSes, including AmigaDos.

09 Jan 98 - Amiga, Inc. Announces Information Channels for Amiga Users - Amiga, Inc. will be supplying the Amiga user community with information through CUCUG's Amiga Web Directory and NASAU's User Group Network.

09 Jan 98 - Michigan Computer User Group to Host Gamasoft at Meeting - On Thursday, January 15th MCUG will be hosting a software demonstration by the notable Amiga software company Gamasoft.

11 Jan 98 - AmigaZone Offers Free Press Release Posting for Amiga Companies - Harv Laser provides companies with yet another way to reach Amiga users with news of new products.

11 Jan 98 - Amiga 98 Show Growing, Gaining Worldwide Attention - Popular St. Louis Amiga show expands this year--adds more classes, growing list of exhibitors, door prizes and more. This will be one show not to miss!

12 Jan 98 - GamaSoft Introduces Revolutionary Web Site Management Application - Amiga webmasters now enjoy a new level of control and command over their sites with WebFTP.

13 Jan 98 - Official Quake Announcement from clickBOOM - This long-awaited press release from clickBOOM announces that the much talked-about Amiga conversion will be rich in features and Amiga flavor.

13 Jan 98 - Paxtron Named Authorized Amiga Service Center - Paxtron has been named as the first US authorized Amiga service center by Amiga International and promises affordable, fast turnaround.

13 Jan 98 - Sadeness Software Update About its Award-Winning onEscapee - The "Game of the Year" continues to rack up the accolades and a new video card patch is now available.

14 Jan 98 - Vaporware Announces AmIRC, Version 2.0 Now Available - Many new features adorn this popular Internet Relay Chat client plus it's a FREE upgrade for v1.x users.

15 Jan 98 - Vulcan America Changes Operators - Vulcan has switched its North American distributorship to Turtle Lightning Software.

16 Jan 98 - Aminet Not Deleted - Despite the posting of a really scary note on wustl, there is little truth to the rumor of Aminet's demise. It's just another hard disk crash.

19 Jan 98 - New AAA Awards Information Resources - The Amiga Computer Group (located in Sweden) announce a new web home for the AAA Awards and new e-mail contact addresses.

19 Jan 98 - Aminet Being Restored - News of the latest Aminet outage. A complete tape backup being performed but may take a few more days.

21 Jan 98 - Industry Council for Open Amiga (ICOA) Announces Official Formation - The ICOA is now officially registered as a non-profit organization in the state of South Dakota.

21 Jan 98 - Paxtron Announces 'Access' - The Ultimate Kiosk System - Access is a newly licensed Amiga 1200 cloned motherboard specifically designed for kisoks and is 100% Amiga compatible.

22 Jan 98 - Netscape Announces Plans To Make Next-Generation Communicator Source Code Available Free On The Net - This could mean that within a few months, Netscape may be available for the Amiga.

23 Jan 98 - PMPro - The Universal Graphics Desktop Now Available - A new version of the highly acclaimed Picture Manager Professional (PMPro) has been released.

23 Jan 98 - Vulcan Software Genetic Species Update - Look for a February release on this long-awaited game. Check out the chance to win one of ten copies being given away on launch day!

25 Jan 98 - Aminet Back Online - All appears to be back to normal at the primary Aminet site in St. Louis.

25 Jan 98 - Intrinsic Computer Systems Announcements - British hardware manufacturer announces new, lower prices on popular (and do-it-yourself) hardware and its presence at an upcoming computer show.

26 Jan 98 - CUCUG To Give Away Ten Copies of Myst - As part of its series of monthly raffles, CUCUG will award ten members copies of clickBOOM's fabulous Myst game software!

26 Jan 98 - Haage & Partner News January, 1998 - Storm products are now ready for Power PC programming.

26 Jan 98 - Nova Design Announces ImageFX 3.0 - The upgrade of the very popular image manipulation software will add instant asynchronous redrawing of images, larger previews, multiple image windows, real image layers and more.

26 Jan 98 - Parallax Software Releases Descent Source Code - The latest in a growing list of PC software packages releasing their source code freely. Hopefully we'll see versions of this popular game on the Amiga soon!

26 Jan 98 - Vulcan Software Announcements - Vulcan announces a brief overview of its 1998 plans as well as an affiliation with the Amiga Translators Organization.

27 Jan 98 - New UK Amiga Magazine Amiga Energy Planned - Infinite Frontiers, producers of the popular Star Trek Amiga diskzine, The Final Frontier and the highly rated slideshow series, Holodeck and Illusions announce the addition of another magazine to its line of publications.

28 Jan 98 - Amiga Informer Announces Issue 12 - The latest issue of this up-and-coming Amiga print magazine promises new features, articles and reviews and the latest news about all of the fast-moving developments in the Amiga community.

29 Jan 98 - Cronus Announces Liquidation Sale - This letter from Fred Fish (of the famous Amiga Freely Distributable Library "Fish Disks") indicates that he is liquidating his entire inventory of Amiga products at super-sale prices.

29 Jan 98 - Macrohard Media/PowerPC Special - Macrohard Media announces special pricing on Phase5 CyberstormPPC200 PowerPC boards.

31 Jan 98 - Impulse Announces First Installment of Long-Awaited Amiga Constant Update Program - Imagine users who have enroled in this program will soon be receiving customized, direct-download links via e-mail soon.

31 Jan 98 - Vulcan Software Discounts Available to Amiga Web Directory Users - Vulcan Sotware is offering a 15% discount on its titles to Amiga Web Directory users.

02 Feb 98 - Professional Video Toaster/Flyer Users Group Announces the San Diego Symposium - Increase your knowledge and profitability with the Toaster/Flyer at the San Diego Symposium on March 6th, 7th and 8th.

02 Feb 98 - The Lair Announces Latest Issue - Another online version packed with reviews, articles and opinions concerning recent developments and releases in the Amiga community.

02 Feb 98 - Vulcan Software Looking for Programmers - Vulcan Sotware has open positions.

04 Feb 98 - BSE 1998 - Belgian Scene Event 1998 - Officially recognized demo party to be held in Diepenbeek, Belgium on August 7th, 8th and 9th.

08 Feb 98 - Dimensions Computers to Distribute the Oxyron Patcher - Oxypatcher is a program to enhance the performance of any Amiga using an 040 or 060 processor.

08 Feb 98 - Amiga Energy Magazine News Update - The latest info on progress for this soon-to-be-published UK Amiga enthusiast magazine.

09 Feb 98 - Guest Speaker Line-Up for the Gateway Computer Show Amiga 98 - Amiga luminaries Petro Tyschtschenko and Jeff Schindler are scheduled to speak at the upcoming Amiga 98 show to be held in St. Louis on March 13, 14 and 15.

10 Feb 98 - CUCUG Web Server Back Online - Everything appears to be back to normal! Thanks to everyone who offered help and concerns.

10 Feb 98 - Statement to the Amiga Community from Vulcan Software Limited - Vulcan Director Paul Carrington sends this open letter to all Amigans with an historical view of Vulcan's past and an explanation of its future which includes PC and PlayStation development.

15 Feb 98 - Brief Translations of Two Recent Statements of Petro Tyschtschenko Regarding New Amigas - Christian Kemp, creator of Amiga network News posts these two translations of recent Petro statements. In one, he suggests that it might be prudent for Amiga, Inc. to actually produce Amigas. Hey, why didn't WE think of that?!?

15 Feb 98 - Syzygy Seeks Input From Amiga Users - The makers of the wonderful Digital Universe astronomy program would like active Amiga users to give them feedback on future versions.

17 Feb 98 - Haage & Partner News February, 1998 - Haage & Partner announces the latest versions of X-DVE V3.0 - the all-in-one video effects generator & FontMachine V3.0, the superb ColorFont editor.

18 Feb 98 - Amiga Full Steam Ahead In DES II Challenge - PPC clients and new hardware make the Amiga a formidible challenger in the latest round of RSA Secret Key challenges.

19 Feb 98 - Blachford Technology Offers 2-For-1 Deal on Amiga Audio Software Programs - Now you can get both Aural Illusion and Aural Synthetica for one low price.

19 Feb 98 - Index Information Ltd, Blittersoft and Phase 5 Digital Products Announce Cooperation On PowerPC Technology for the Amiga - The new BoXeR system will be shipping with a PowerPC expansion slot, into which a PowerPC-based accelerator can be installed.

25 Feb 98 - Amiga Report Update From Jason Compton - AR editor assures us that Amiga Report's spotty publication frequency has simply been due to hardware problems and other distractions. The next issue is due out soon.

25 Feb 98 - ICOA Accepting Membership Applications - Amiga developer group announces membership system now functioning.

25 Feb 98 - Amibench Web Site Adds Amiga Dealer Listing - Now search for the nearest Amiga dealer by location or name.

25 Feb 98 - PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX Offers PPC Software Bundles - Special savings are available when you register these PowerPC-ready shareware bundles.

25 Feb 98 - Amiwest '98 to be Held in Sacramento on July 11th and 12th - Jointly sponsored by the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club and the Redwood Empire Amiga Users Group this west-coast US Amiga show promises to be a good one.

26 Feb 98 - Amiga A4000T and Video Toaster Among the Door Prizes to be Awarded at Amiga98 Show - More reasons to attend the upcoming Amiga98 show in St. Louis! We'll see you there!

26 Feb 98 - Version 3.0 of the Popular Amiga TCP/IP Stack Now Available - Venerable Amiga Internet protocol program by Holger Kruse adds new features and flexibility.

28 Feb 98 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases MasterISO v2.0 - Make your own CD-R and CD-RW disks using this wonderful software for the Amiga which provides endless storage and file distribution possibilities.

03 Mar 98 - AAA Awards Open Voting - Here's your chance to vote for an Amiga luminary to win this award.

03 Mar 98 - Photogenics Ng to Debut at Gateway Amiga show Amiga98 - Promising graphics manipulation software will be demonstrated at the upcoming Amiga98 show in St. Louis.

03 Mar 98 - Chroma Announces Specials on A1200 Towering Accessories - If you have an interest in building your own A1200 tower, check out Chroma's specials.

03 Mar 98 - Haage & Partner News March, 1998 - Covering the announcement of - Stfax Professional 3.0, the advanced fax, answering machine and mini BBS.

03 Mar 98 - The Lair Announces Latest Issue - Another online version packed with reviews, articles and opinions concerning recent developments and releases in the Amiga community.

03 Mar 98 - Interview with Vulcan Software's Austex Team, Famous for Uropa2 - This interview with two of Vulcan's programmers sheds some light on what it's like to write a big game like Uropa2.

04 Mar 98 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases AsimCDFS v3.9 - The latest version of the premier CD-ROM file system for the Amiga adds support for more drives and adds features.

04 Mar 98 - Amiga Format Asks for User Feedback - Amiga Format wants your opinions about its upcoming CD releases.

04 Mar 98 - Siamese Systems Accepting Pre-orders for its PC-based Amiga Board - This board will be a complete, AGA-based Amiga on a PCI board allowing 100% Amiga compatibility and speed with Wintel-based PCs.

06 Mar 98 - Five Copies of Myst Yet to be Awarded - CUCUG will award five lucky members copies of Myst, the most popular Amiga game around! To join CUCUG, please see our membership sign up form.

07 Mar 98 - ImageFX 3.0 to be Unveiled at Amiga '98 - The newest version of the ImageFX graphics program will be demoed at the Amiga98 show in St. Louis on March 14th and 15th.

08 Mar 98 - Amiga Atlanta to Host User Group Luncheon at Amiga98 - If you are involved in running a user group, Amiga Atlanta invites you toi attend a Sunday luncheon to discuss how to grow and make your user group more successful.

10 Mar 98 - Phase 5 Digital Products Announces Development of the pre\box, a PowerPC-Based Computer System with Amiga OS 3.1 - Phase 5 announces it will produce a very capable Amiga model for delivery in the fourth quarter of 1998.

11 Mar 98 - CUCUG Announces New Mirror Site in the Russian Federation - Russian WWW service, Amigaworld Russia will be hosting a complete mirror of the CUCUG web site, including the Amiga Web Directory. Da!

12 Mar 98 - User Group Network (UGN) to Host IRC Conferences From Amiga98 - Tune in to the activities from the show floor at the upcoming Amiga98 show this weekend.

12 Mar 98 - Vulcan Software Announces Details of Their Upcoming Genetic Species CD-ROM - This huge press release unveils all the details of what appears to be a very significant new Amiga CD-ROM based game.

13 Mar 98 - Gateway Amiga Club to host Consignment Table at Amiga98 - Bring your unwanted hardware and software to the show in St. Louis on the 14th and 15th and turn it into cash!

15 Mar 98 - CUCUG's Amiga98 Show Report - Comprehensive show report with pictures and coverage of most of the vendors who attended the Amiga98 show in St. Louis on March 13, 14 and 15.

17 Mar 98 - Nova Design Now Shipping ImageFX 3.0 - The latest version of Nova's flagship image manipulation software is now available.

17 Mar 98 - VaporWare Announces VoyagerNG 2.95 Web Browser Available - This newest version of the popular web browser offers better performance and an expanded feature list.

18 Mar 98 - Amiga Informer Announces Amiga University 2 Contest - Nearly $2,000 in great Amiga prizes will be awarded in the second running of the Informer's popular Amiga University Amiga trivia game.

20 Mar 98 - Sassenrath's Rebellious New Company: REBOL Technologies - Amiga pioneer Carl Sassenrath announces the formation of his new company and some details about REBOL, a multi-platform application/processs communications tool.

21 Mar 98 - Nova Sector Engineering Announces User Group Distribution of Amiga Machines - If you're a member of a user group (you can join CUCUG for only $20) you can now buy suped-up Amiga 4000T machines for %15 - %20 off from Nova Sector.

21 Mar 98 - Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Availability of Aminet Set 6 - CD includes all the newest files uploaded to Aminet as well as a few bonus programs.

21 Mar 98 - Finnish Amiga Users Group Announces Exhibitors and Schedule for Saku 98 - This will be the largest Amiga gathering in Finland and will take place Saturday March 28th.

22 Mar 98 - VCE and Bill Panagouleas Announce Amiga Version of Pyromania Classics - Contains over 30 explosive visual effects sequences including explosions, fire, smoke, zero-G explosions and depth shocke waves for the Video Toaster 4000.

23 Mar 98 - Special A1200 Offer for Usergroups in North America - Special deals on the A1200 can be had for usergroups exclusively through CompuQuick and National Amiga.

24 Mar 98 - Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Announces New Features Added to its World Wide Web Site - A new web site and features make shopping for Amiga software easy.

25 Mar 98 - Aminet Administrator Announces Reduced Aminet Service - The main archive at wustl is down again. Urban lets us know that an alternate service is now available.

25 Mar 98 - Siamese Systems Ltd Launch Budget Siamese RTG Package on CD-ROM - Software allows you to connect your Amiga to a PC over the serial port with full remote control. Program may be upgraded to the full Siamese system later.

28 Mar 98 - Epic Releases English and German Version of Sixth Sense Investigations - The long awaited adventure game Sixth Sense Investigations is now available for sale on floppy in English and German.

29 Mar 98 - Finnish Amiga Users Group's Saku 98 Event Was A Huge Success - A good Amiga show in Finland was attended by Petro Tyschtschenko who apparently has a musical side!

29 Mar 98 - Vulcan America Extends Discount to CUCUG Members and Reduces Prices Further - Lower prices in the US for Vulcan Software products which are now even lower for CUCUG members.

31 Mar 98 - Paxtron Authorized Dealer Price List Now Available - Popular Amiga-oriented distributor enhances its web site and offers additional discounts to dealers.

31 Mar 98 - U.S. West Coast Amiga Show Amiwest98 Announced - This amiga show will be held in Sacramento, California on July 11th and 12th.

01 Apr 98 - NewTek Announces Video Toaster and Video Toaster Flyer Promotional Pricing - Save up to five thousand dollars on production systems which include the venerable Video Toaster and Toaster Flyer from NewTek.

02 Apr 98 - Petro Tyschtschenko's Saku 98 Speech Transcript Is Now Available - Petro announced the availability of inexpensive Amiga A1200 computers for user group members and launched the new Amiga song.

03 Apr 98 - Amiga Atlanta to Host Special Showcase of Finale Development Products - Finale's president Chris Aldi will be making a special presentation of his products at the next Amiga Atlanta user group meeting.

03 Apr 98 - A Very Special Offer by Paxtron for Amiga User Groups - Special pricing is available exclusively to user groups through Paxtron on a variety of Amiga hardware products.

03 Apr 98 - International Amiga 98 Show Announces Dinner/Tournament - Join the fun when the International Amiga 98 gang takes in a 'Medieval Times' night out.

03 Apr 98 - International Amiga 98 Adds More Vendors and Events - Additional companies are signing up for this promising Amiga show which will be held late May in Toronto.

04 Apr 98 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases AsimCDFS v3.9a - The latest version of the premier CD-ROM file system for the Amiga adds support for more drives.

04 Apr 98 - CUCUG Members Attend the International Amiga 98 Show for Half Price - By special arrangement, CUCUG members can attend the IA98 show for both days for only $5.00CDN!

07 Apr 98 - Mystique Announces Creation of New Folder on Aminet Just for Children - Kid's Amiga software gets a boost.

11 Apr 98 - Amiga Central Ohio Network Announces the 3rd Annual Midwest Amiga Exposition - This show will be held in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th and will be a good one!

11 Apr 98 - Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Availability Cloanto's Amiga Forever 2.0 - This huge package for Amiga cross-platform operability has turned out to be much more than just an Amiga emulator for the PC.

11 Apr 98 - Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Offers Exclusive CUCUG Member Specials - CUCUG members can receive special buys on select software titles from Turtle Lightning through May 1.

15 Apr 98 - Haage & Partner News April, 1998 - New Support Employees - New personnel have been added to the Haage & Partner support staff.

17 Apr 98 - Amiga International Announces Updated Web Site - sports a new, more professional look, additional content and new sections.

17 Apr 98 - Haage & Partner News April, 1998 - Tornado3D v1.5 - The Storm Rages On - Version 1.5 of Eyelight's 3D-rendering-program Tornado3D is now shipping. A number of improvements and extensions have been made from version 1.0 and special attention was paid to the wishes and suggestions of the program users.

17 Apr 98 - Randomize Amiga Wares Available to User Groups at Dealer Cost - Randomize's officially licensed Amiga clothing just got more affordable for user groups.

20 Apr 98 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Announces New MasterISO v2 Development Pages and Mailing Lists - New and better online support has been added for the premier CD mastering software for the Amiga.

21 Apr 98 - Amiga Energy Magazine News Update - Latest info from the soon-to-be-published, upstart, fan-produced Amiga magazine.

21 Apr 98 - Syzygy's Digital Universe v1.03 Available on CD-ROM for Half Price - New price and new format for this highly acclaimed astronomy simulation program.

23 Apr 98 - ICOA, AmigaSoc and Amiga, Inc. to Hold Seminars at WOA Hammersmith - Technical seminars will be given at the World of Amiga show in the UK.

23 Apr 98 - JDW Developments Announces Shareware Marketing Services for Amiga Authors - Amiga shareware programmers may now sell their programs more easily and accept credit card payments.

24 Apr 98 - Five Copies of CrossDos 7 Gold to be Awarded - CUCUG will award five lucky members copies of CrossDos 7 Gold, one of the finest utilities for the Amiga! To join CUCUG, please see our membership sign up form.

26 Apr 98 - Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Offers Exclusive CUCUG Member Specials - CUCUG members can receive special buys on select software titles from Turtle Lightning through June 1.

28 Apr 98 - Toaster/Flyer Events and Exhibitors at International Amiga '98 - The upcoming IA98 Toronto show will offer much in the way of help for graphically oriented Amiga users.

28 Apr 98 - Vulcan Software Announces New Developer Sign Up - Vulcan has signed the development team Black Flag from Portugal along with their 30 million year old masterpiece Caveman Species.

29 Apr 98 - Cronus Announces Hardware and Software Specials - Fred Fish has placed some good deals on Amiga hardware and software on his web site.

30 Apr 98 - International Amiga '98 Announcements - Some notes about the Toronto show. Preregistration will soon be over (CUCUG members: don't forget to take advantage of the huge, exclusive CUCUG member deal) and a note that the hotels are filling up fast.

01 May 98 - International Amiga '98 Registration for Training Sessions Opens - Go to the IA98 web site to register for classes and training. Some are actually free, but available only on a first-come basis.

01 May 98 - The Lair Announces Latest Issue - Another online version packed with reviews, articles and opinions concerning recent developments and releases in the Amiga community.

02 May 98 - AmigaSoc Announces Tentative Schedule For WOA Seminars In Hammersmith - Special Amiga seminars will be held at the upcoming London show.

02 May 98 - Amiga Solutions Announces Product Arrival and Competition - Amiga software publisher annouces impending arrival of a security package for the Amiga and a competition to come up with a name for it.

02 May 98 - Epic Marketing's New Web Site Offers Nearly Forty Games at £4.99 Each - The new Epic web site is featuring a new interface and some nice specials.

02 May 98 - ICOA to Host Closed Door Developer Meeting at WOA Show - A closed-door developer meeting will be held in London.

03 May 98 - Possible New Developments Noted in Recent IRC Conference - Joe Torre of Amiga Inc. made some statements in this IRC conference which strongly hint that something important will be announced soon.

03 May 98 - Amy Resource CD-ROM Volume 8 to Feature a New HTML Magazine Written by Italian Amiga Magazine Authors - A new section in the Amy Resource CD-ROM collection makes its debut in Italy.

03 May 98 - Amy Resource CD-ROM to Feature a New HTML Magazine Written by Italian Amiga Magazine Authors - A new Amiga CD-ROM makes its debut in Italy.

03 May 98 - Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Offers EVEN MORE Exclusive CUCUG Member Specials - CUCUG members can receive special buys on select software titles from Turtle Lightning through June 1. Even more specials added to this latest listing.

05 May 98 - Amiga Inc. to Make Major Announcement - Amiga Inc. released this short statement indicating their intentions to make an announcement about the "future direction of Amiga technology" with a tantalizing promise of a "live demonstration on hand" at the upcoming London show on May 15th.

05 May 98 - Dimensions Computers Spring Ethernet Special - Fast ethernet connections for your Amiga just got more affordable thanks to Dimensions Computers.

05 May 98 - Nova Design Announces Wildfire PPC: Animation Sequencing and 3D Effects - The makers of ImageFX and Aladdin 4D announce that they have arranged to be the exclusive distributors of the Wildfire and Wildfire PPC 3D effects package for North America.

07 May 98 - AAA Awards Winner to be Announced - The Amiga Computer Group will announce the winner of its 1997 award in London at World of Amiga.

09 May 98 - Legacy Maker Announces Pan Canvas: Motion Control for ImageFX - PanCanvas by Ola Olsson is a powerful tool to turn ImageFX into a professional-quality motion control station.

09 May 98 - Active Technologies Announces New Software To Be Unveiled At WOA - Internet and telecom company will unveil a number of new applications at the London show.

09 May 98 - Legacy Maker Announces Volume 2 of Catalyzer for ImageFX - This latest video from Legacy Maker will make you an ImageFX professional!

09 May 98 - News Items from Paxtron Corporation - Paxtron has two repair positions open and good deals on Motorola 68060/50 CPUs.

10 May 98 - National Amiga Offers Amiga Technical Information - The technical information section of the National Amiga web site offers lots of great Amiga tech material.

10 May 98 - Miami 3.0 Now Available from Schatztruhe - This completely updated TCP/IP stack for your Amiga comes with a huge new feature list. Check it out!

10 May 98 - Vulcan Announces Genetic Species Amiga CD-ROM is Completed - Highly anticipated game will debut at the WOA show in London on May 16th.

11 May 98 - Amiga Community Liaison Group Sponsors Mailing List - An announcement-only mailing list for Amiga news is being offered.

11 May 98 - Turtle Lightning/Vulcan America Announces Genetic Species Preorders Available - Place orders for the upcoming Genetic Species now to ensure quick delivery.

11 May 98 - Vulcan Software Updating Publicity List - Vulcan asks all web page maintainers, news services and software reviewers to register with their publicity service.

11 May 98 - IRC Channels to be Featured From WOA - Tune into the goings on at the World of Amiga London show via IRC on May 15-17.

12 May 98 - Amigathering 3 - Amiga User Meeting to be Held in Greece - Late news comes to us from Greece of the Amigagathering which will take place on May 16 and 17.

13 May 98 - British Trade Journal Hints at New Amiga - The Computer Trade Weekly ran a small article hinting that a new high-end Amiga with PC compatibility from Gateway would be announced at the WOA show this weekend.

13 May 98 - Opera Software Announces Development of Amiga Version - The popular Opera web browser will be developed for the Amiga. This browser has gained many fans lately because it is efficiently coded and offers unique features.

14 May 98 - International Amiga '98 Announces Training Session Expansion - New sessions have been planned and have expanded into Thursday the 28th for this Toronto show.

15 May 98 - Amiga Inc. Announces "KICKOFF THE FUTURE WITH AMIGA" - The official press release from London. Amiga Inc. declares future direction of the Amiga.

15 May 98 - AmigaSoc Announces Amiga Client Available for Football 365 - Now you can use your Amiga to process daily updates from this free, web-based daily Football news service. (In the US, we call it "Soccer".)

15 May 98 - Report From WOA Press Conference - This short overview was posted in comp.sys.amiga by Fabrice Colin.

15 May 98 - Epic Marketing Announces London Show Specials - Pick up on some baragins at Epic's booth at the WOA.

17 May 98 - Holger Kruse Receives the AAA Award International 1997 - The programmer/creator of Miami wins an award.

19 May 98 - Epic Marketing Announces The 1998 Epic Interactive Encyclopedia - New CD-based encyclopedia for the Amiga boasts a huge new list of features and content.

19 May 98 - Epic Marketing Announces Availability of "The Theme of Amiga" CD - You can buy copies of the new Amiga theme disk (performed by German group Annex) from Epic in the UK.

20 May 98 - Amiga Atlanta Inc. Participates in Olympic Village at Emory University Memorial Day Weekend May 23rd - Venerable Amiga user group will be getting out and showing off Amiga this weekend!

20 May 98 - phase 5 and Haage & Partner Announce Cooperative Effort - Two former rivals pair up to ensure a future for the PowerPC-equipped Amiga. This is a joint press release from both companies.

25 May 98 - Five Copies of Cloanto's Amiga Forever 2.0 to be Awarded - CUCUG will award five lucky members copies of Amiga Forever 2.0, one of the finest utilities you'll ever run on your Wintel PC! To join CUCUG, please see our membership sign up form.

25 May 98 - Amiga Informer Announces Final Round of Amiga University Contest - Here's your last chance to win nice prizes from Amiga Informer Magazine.

30 May 98 - Frequently Asked Questions About Announcement at World of Amiga - Jeff Schindler, General Manager of Amiga, Inc., addresses the most common questions that arose from the recent announcement at the World of Amiga show in London.

30 May 98 - Amiwest 98 Details - Particulars about the Amiga show to be held in Sacramento, CA July 10th through the 12th.

31 May 98 - Great Effects Development Announces Professional Filesystem 2 - The author of Ami-FileSafe, an alternative filesystem for Amigas has introduced a new, advanced version of the software.

31 May 98 - SASG Celebrates 4th Anniversary and Grants 20% Discounts - The shareware organisation SASG (distributing such famous products like MUI and MagicWB) offers a 20% birthday discount on all of its products to commemorate its 4th anniversary. This offer expires on 19-Jun-98.

31 May 98 - The Lair Announces Latest Issue - Another online version packed with reviews, articles and opinions concerning recent developments and releases in the Amiga community.

02 Jun 98 - Randomize Announces North American Availability of Theme CD for the Amiga - The Amiga theme (Petro calls it a "hymn") Audio CD is now available for US and Canadian Amiga music fans.

03 Jun 98 - FREE Upgrade to Tornado3D V1.75 is Available - Registered users of v1.75 of Eyelight's fabulous rendering and animation software for Amiga may upgrade to v2.0 free through June 30th.

05 Jun 98 - Project Update/New Clients Announced by Amiga RC5 Team - Project to break RSA secret codes is still going full-steam ahead with new and improved software. Join the team and win the Amiga some well-earned notoriety (and maybe some big bucks, too!).

06 Jun 98 - Dimensions Computers Announces A2000 Accelerator Stock - Bring your Amiga A2000 up-to-date with accellerator packages from Dimensions Computers.

06 Jun 98 - Randomize Seeking Photos from International Amiga 98 - If you have pictures of videos from the recent show in Toronto, Randomize wants to talk to you.

10 Jun 98 - Blittersoft Announces Big Price Reductions For Mac And PC Emulation Software - Special prices are now available from Blittersoft on FUSION and PCx.

10 Jun 98 - Crystal Software International Announces New Amiga Magazine - Amiga Survivor will be 100% dedicated to the future of the Amiga and will include nothing but coverage of Amiga games.

10 Jun 98 - Epic Marketing Announces Super Specials on Football (Soccer) Titles - In light of the World Cup, Epic makes some very good offers on football/soccer software.

11 Jun 98 - Eyelight Announces a New Age In 3D Computer Graphics - Eyelight's new "'Mage." is a high-end, RISC-only 3D graphics package.

11 Jun 98 - Yamaha Maintains Lead Position in CD Rewritable Markets with First 4X/2X/16X CD-RW Drive - We'd like to thank Yamaha for continuing the practice of mentioning support specifically for the Amiga in their new CD-RW product announcements.

13 Jun 98 - Amiwest 98 to Feature Carl Sassenrath - Carl is the architect of the Amiga multitasking OS kernel and now heads REBOL Technologies.

14 Jun 98 - Alive Mediasoft to Offer Samba World Cup - Sayonara Software's highly anticipated new release will be offered by Alive Mediasoft in the UK.

14 Jun 98 - Alive Mediasoft Announces Exclusive Release of Quake Mission Packs - This announcement covers some exciting, new add-ons for Amiga Quake including Quake Resurrection, X-Men, Shrack, Quake Mission Pack 1 and Quake Mission Pack 2.

16 Jun 98 - Amazing Computing/Amiga Announces Availability of Video Tapes from the WOA 98 Show - Three different videos are now available covering the important events which took place in London.

16 Jun 98 - Amiwest 98 Update - Details about the upcoming show in Sacramento, California to be held July 11th and 12th.

17 Jun 98 - Sunrize Audio Card Upgrades Possible Despite No Company Support - Third party developer is considering possible software upgrades for Sunrize cards including possible AHI support.

20 Jun 98 - Amiga Central Ohio Network Releases Midwest Amiga Exposition Update - More information for the MAE show which will take place in Columbus, Ohio on October 2-4.

20 Jun 98 - Amiga Monitor List Distribution Update - The Amiga Monitor has experienced some technical difficulties with its mailing list distribution.

20 Jun 98 - Randomize Offers Videos from International Amiga 98 - Availability has been announced for two new videos taken from the International Amiga 98 Show held recently in Toronto.

21 Jun 98 - Three Copies of Asimware's AsimCDFS to be Awarded - CUCUG will award three lucky members copies of Asimware's AsimCDFS, one of the most useful utilities you'll ever run on your CD-ROM-equipped Amiga! To join CUCUG, please see our membership sign up form.

21 Jun 98 - Cloanto Releases Personal Paint 6.4 as a Free Gift to the Amiga Community, Announces Development of Version 8 - We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this! The full, commercial release of Personal Paint 6.4 (minus the royalty-required GIF capabilities) has been made available for free, unrestricted use on Aminet by Cloanto. They apparently feel that when version 8 arrives, you'll definitely want to upgrade. Thanks, Cloanto!

29 Jun 98 - Amiga Informer Announces Latest Issue #14 Now Available - After the dust has settled, the Informer promises to give your the true scoop on all of the details regarding the new direction of the Amiga.

30 Jun 98 - Randomize Offers Amiga Clothing and Boing Beach Balls for Summer Fun - Just in time for the season, this collection of clothing and other toys is perfect for the outdoor-loving Amiga fan.

01 Jul 98 - Cloanto Answers Some Common Questions - This notice from Cloanto touches primarily on their postions regarding Power PC (PPC) support for current and future applications, Amiga emulation issues and the company's plans for the immediate future.

01 Jul 98 - Vorlon Software Announces Availability of Ultra Violent Worlds - This new AGA shoot-em-up from this new Australian company features many capabilities game players crave.

02 Jul 98 - IRC Coverage of Amiwest Show from Team Amiga - Live news from the show floor at Amiwest will be available on IRC.

02 Jul 98 - Randomize, Inc. is North American Distributor for Ateo Concepts - Ateo is famous for their Ateo Bus / Pixel64 Graphics card combination and other innovative, Amiga-oriented hardware products.

04 Jul 98 - Amiwest 98 Update - Details about the upcoming show in Sacramento, California to be held July 11th and 12th.

04 Jul 98 - User Group Network (UGN) to Host IRC conferences from AmiWest '98 in Sacramento, California - Tune in to the activities from the show floor at the upcoming Amiwest show.

07 Jul 98 - Randomize, Inc. Announces Amiga-to-PC Networking Made Easy - Need to run an Amiga and a (groan!) PC? Check Randomize's specially selected bundle of Amiga-to-PC networking hardware and software to get the job done.

08 Jul 98 - UPDATE: IRC Coverage of Amiwest Show from Team Amiga - Here's additional information regarding the IRC conferences and other news feeds provided by Team Amiga from the Amiwest show.

09 Jul 98 - Randomize, Inc. Announces Summer Super Pak - Unusual clothing, beach ball and Amiga Forever combo package is being offered by Randomize.

13 Jul 98 - STFax Professional v3.3 Supports Independent Operation Mode - Software/hardware combination allows you to use the modem as a digital answering and fax machine without the need for your Amiga to be switched on. From Active Technologies in the UK.

13 Jul 98 - AmigaZone Price Slashed to $12.95 per Month - The AmigaZone is a content-rich, deluxe Amiga Internet service which offers a cool e-mail address (, message areas (better than the free-for-all on Usenet), huge file library of over 40,000 files and more. Now, it's a very affordable addition to your Amiga Internet experience.

14 Jul 98 - AmiWest '98 Show Report From Jeffrey D. Webster - The first report to come out of the California show held this weekend.

14 Jul 98 - Amiga Survivor Magazine Begins Distributing First Issue - The very first issue of this UK-based, Amiga games magazine began rolling off the presses today!

15 Jul 98 - AmiWest '98 Show Report From Asha DeVelder - Asha shares her observations of the Sacramento show and drops some tasty morsels of news and rumors on us all at the same time.

16 Jul 98 - AmiWest '98 Show Report Follow Up: The Bill McEwen Presentation - Jeffrey D. Webster offers this follow-up report focusing on the speech given by Bill McEwen, Amiga Inc.'s Head of Marketing. Some interesting possible AmigaNG specifications and goals are outlined in this forward-looking report.

16 Jul 98 - Amiga Inc. Head Jeff Schindler Interviewed By Investor's Business Daily - In an interview which appeared in the June 30, 1998 issue, Jeff Schindler offered up some additional details and made some interesting comments about the target market for the new generation Amiga machine.

18 Jul 98 - National Amiga Announces NIMIQ PCMCIA Ethernet Card - If you have an A1200 and always wanted to add real ethernet capability without spending a fortune, National Amiga has come to the rescue with their NIMIQ card.

19 Jul 98 - Swedish Amiga Computer Group Offers Amiga Accessories For Sale - Amiga users in Sweden can purchace Amiga goodies direct from the Amiga Computer Group.

22 Jul 98 - Amiga Energy Magazine Announces Promotions - New UK-based magazine is making a number of special offers available.

22 Jul 98 - Weird Science Announces Availability of Light ROM 6 and Rexecute - UK-based developer/retailer offers a new collection of scenes and objects for Lightwave and an intriguing new ARexx compiler.

26 Jul 98 - Randomize, Inc. Announces New 060/50 Amiga System - New machine is loaded with features and is attractively priced. From Randomize's new Genesis division.

26 Jul 98 - Turtle Lightning/Vulcan America Announces User Group Discounts - User Group members can now save 10% on all Amiga Software listed on the TLAS website.

30 Jul 98 - Epic Marketing Announces Sequencer One Plus v1.5 - Epic touts its advanced music recording, editing and replay program for Amiga musicians.

30 Jul 98 - Village Tronic Announces New Model of Ariadne Ethernet Card - Affordable Ethernet solution will boost the productivity of your Zorro-based Amiga.

31 Jul 98 - Paxtron Corporation Announces Amiga Survival Kit, First Aid For Your Amiga - Interesting hardware/software combos which will bring your computer to fully updated status.

01 Aug 98 - Alive Mediasoft Announces Putty Squad - New game for the Amiga to be released soon by Alive Mediasoft.

03 Aug 98 - Amisoc UK User Group Plans Trip To Cologne Show - UK Amiga user groups are encouraged to contact AmigaSoc to arrange for a money-saving trip to the Cologne show.

04 Aug 98 - Amiga Atlanta to Host .MOD Happening Party - Attend the Amiga Atlanta party to be held Saturday, August 8th in Atlanta.

05 Aug 98 - Eyelight Announces Tornado 3D V2.0 Upgrade and It's Free For 1.X Owners - The newest version of Tornado3D, the workstation-class 3D package for your Amiga adds more features and functionality but the best part is that it's free if you already own v1.x of the program!

06 Aug 98 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Announces New Features on Company Web Site - New web site from Asimware offers new content and a nice, new look.

08 Aug 98 - Compuquick Announces Special for Members of Amiga User Groups in the U.S. - If you were not able to take advantage of the special pricing on the A1200HD back in May, now you can!

09 Aug 98 - Eternity Announces New Email-Based Fantasy Game - Tales of Tamar is an Internet fantasy game using email to place your moves for the playing rounds.

09 Aug 98 - Waaslandia Amiga Only User Group Announce InfoMedia '98 - Join this Belgian user group at this large computer show in Antwerp on October 3 and 4.

10 Aug 98 - Active Technologies Announces Availability of NetConnect v2 - Now you can purchase all your commercial Internet apps in one integrated bundle. Includes the new Genesis Wizard which allows even novice users to connect to the Internet in a matter of minutes.

11 Aug 98 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases MasterISO v2.1 - Maintenance release of this popular CD-R/RW mastering software adds more hardware support.

11 Aug 98 - SoftSynth Announces JForth Released as Freeware - The formerly commercial programming language suite is now available as a freeware download via the web.

15 Aug 98 - Update For the Midwest Amiga Exposition - Here's the latest on the upcoming Amiga show to be held in Columbus, Ohio early in October. CUCUG Members please note the exclusive admission discounts you are eligible for!

17 Aug 98 - Weird Science Announces Availability Aminet CD 26 - New Aminet collection update CD is now available.

20 Aug 98 - Nova Design Releases ImageFX 3.2 Upgrade - Newest version of this popular image manipulation software is now available.

22 Aug 98 - IRC Log with Amiga Inc.'s Fleecy Moss - Here's a transcript of a recent IRC session attended by Fleecy Moss from Amiga Inc. who gives us additional details about the upcoming Amiga OS5. Thanks to Gary Peake for sending this. Please note that Amiga Inc. prefers that information such as this not be circulated outside of the Amiga community.

24 Aug 98 - Dimensions Computers Announces One-Week Amiga Summer Accelerator Sale - Save on popular accelerators for your Amiga from Dimensions Computers, but you better act fast.

24 Aug 98 - Epic Marketing Announces Sixth Sense Investigations Now Available on CD - Now CD owners can take better advantage of this popular title.

26 Aug 98 - Blittersoft Announces Deal On Their Fusion/PCX Bundle Throughout September - For a limited period Amiga users may buy both full versions of the Fusion Macintosh emulator and PCx PC emulator software for one low price.

26 Aug 98 - Randomize, Inc. Announces Distribution of Individual Computer's Products - Individual Computers is the manufacturer of such innovative products as the the Catweasel PC Floppy Drive controller, the Buddha Multi IDE Controller and the 4-way IDE adapter IDE-Fix'97.

26 Aug 98 - W.F.M.H. Announces Electronic Teacher Version 5 - Electronic Teacher is a foreign language tutor, covering all aspects of learning the English language-vocabulary, idioms, grammar structures, spelling, and even pronunciation.

29 Aug 98 - Alive Kids - Adiboo is Latest Release From Alive Mediasoft - Engaging children's software for 4-7 year olds features 10 discovery activities to learn through play.

29 Aug 98 - The MCCC Flea Market Extravaganza '98 - Annual event held by MCCC of Dallas/Fort Worth will take place on October 10.

29 Aug 98 - The Amiga RC5 Team Effort Celebrates Its First Anniversary - Collective effort to compete to break encription codes using Amiga computers enters its second year.

02 Sep 98 - Randomize, Inc. Announces the Genesis Towerhawk Zorro Based Amiga with Speed and Flexibilty - A4000 Amigas may be in short supply, but here's a good alternative from Randomize.

04 Sep 98 - Amicon Announces On-Line Seminar Registration, Additional Hotels, Expanded Vendor Lineup, And a Surprise Giveaway - The upcoming Amiga show in Ohio promises to be an exciting one. CUCUG members: Remember that you will receive a discount price of $5.00 for single day admission and $8.00 for a two day pass. Members must present their CUCUG membership card at the door in order to receive the discount prices.

05 Sep 98 - Dimensions Computers Amiga One Week Sale - September 5, 1998 - Take advantage of these limited-time savings from Dimensions Computers.

05 Sep 98 - Noname Announces Technodatabase 98 - The First CD-ROM Creation Exclusively Regarding The Techno Movement - This multi-platform (including the Amiga) CD-ROM is aimed at Techno fans.

11 Sep 98 - Haage & Partner Licenses AmigaWriter Name from Amiga International - Haage & Partner plan to release new Amiga word processor with advanced features and capabilities.

12 Sep 98 - Siamese Systems Ltd Announce Upgrade for Siamese System v2.1 - This update fixes a bug with the serial port and heavy use of the DTR line.

12 Sep 98 - Visual Inspirations Releases Control Tower 2.0 - Update to the popular software for the Newtek Toaster Flyer which serves as a front end for Nova Design's ImageFX software and helps automate image processing of Flyer clips.

12 Sep 98 - World Of Amiga Show 1999 Announced - Good news indeed for UK Amiga fans!

13 Sep 98 - Cloanto Releases Last 1000 Units of Amiga Forever 2.0 with Bonus Floppy Disk and Amiga Boing! Sticker - Here's your last chance to get the deluxe packaged version of Amiga Forever 2.0, Cloanto's cross-platform Amiga super utility.

14 Sep 98 - Yamaha Introduces the World's First 4X-Rewrite CD-RW Drive; New CRW4416 Widely Supported by Software Vendors - Make your own Audio CDs, Data CDs and incremental backup CDs with Yamaha's new line of fast CD recorders.

15 Sep 98 - Alive Mediasoft Teams Up with Weird Science Ltd. - New partnership makes it easier to buy Alive's collection of Amiga games.

15 Sep 98 - RJ Mical to Present Keynote at Midwest Amiga Expo - One of the original Amiga design team and a key player in the Amiga throughout its history has agreed to be the keynote speaker for the upcoming Ohio show.

15 Sep 98 - GoldED Studio 5 Available - Sophisticated source code editing environment for AmigaOS 3 computers adds new features and capabilities.

16 Sep 98 - IRC Log of Amiga Java Conference - Conversations regarding the Java programming language and the Amiga.

16 Sep 98 - Vulcan Software Announces Wasted Dreams Demo Now Available - Download a demo of the new, gigantic alien speech adventure from the Vulcan web site.

17 Sep 98 - Unique Amiga Collector's Item to be Given Away - You could win a very desirable momento at the upcoming Midwest Amiga Exposition in Columbus, Ohio.

20 Sep 98 - CUCUG to Attend The Midwest Amiga Exposition - CUCUG will be at the MAE show in full force offering Amiga 4000/Video Toaster raffle tickets, Amiga Web Directory T-shirts, 1999 memberships and more! CUCUG members: don't forget to bring your membership card for special CUCUG admission discounts!

21 Sep 98 - FAQ Author Looking for Maintainer - Calum Tsang, author of the A570 FAQ, A2090 Technical Notes, A2620/2630 Technical Notes and the A3000 Technical Notes is looking for someone to maintain them.

22 Sep 98 - Latest Update For the Midwest Amiga Exposition - Information about the upcoming Amiga show to be held October 2, 3 and 4 in Columbus, Ohio.

23 Sep 98 - Alive Mediasoft Update - Here's the latest news from this very active Amiga games publisher.

23 Sep 98 - New PROM Chip Allows CDTV AmigaDos Upgrades - The A.M.I.G.A. user group has received a license for technology which will allow you to update your CDTV unit.

23 Sep 98 - Blittersoft And Weird Science Announce A Joint Venture - Cerberus - A PC-based multimedia DVD machine which can run Amiga software is being unveiled by two Amiga-oriented companies.

23 Sep 98 - SoftWare Hut Announces the IOBlix - Here's a new high speed Zorro II multi-serial board for Amiga which has an impressive list of features.

24 Sep 98 - Dimensions Computers Ethernet Sale - Dimensions Computers has negotiated to obtain another large quantity of Hydra Systems' Amiganet 2000/3000/4000 Card at affordable prices.

26 Sep 98 - Various ISDN Packs Created For BT's HomeHighway - UK Amiga users can now use ISDN with their computers.

26 Sep 98 - Epic Marketing Announces Amiga Classix - This new CD collection includes over 300 games, many of which are full versions which have been included with permission from the authors.

27 Sep 98 - Amiga Energy Magazine Announces Offer for UK Amiga Users - Infinite Frontiers is running an introductory offer to any UK Amiga users who have not yet tried the magazine.

27 Sep 98 - VaporWare Announces AmIRC 2.1 Update Now Available - While v2.1 will cost more than v1.0, upgrades are free to registered users.

29 Sep 98 - Latest Update For the Midwest Amiga Exposition - Information about the upcoming Amiga show to be held October 2, 3 and 4 in Columbus, Ohio.

29 Sep 98 - Former CU Amiga Columnist Joins NewTekniques Team - Dhomas Trenn, a longtime contributor and columnist for the popular CU Amiga magazine, before it closed down last month, has joined the NewTekniques team as a regular columnist.

01 Oct 98 - New Messaging Language REBOL Transforms Information Exchange Over Networks - REBOL cuts application solution lengths from thousands of lines of code to hundreds; The "Language of the Free" now available for download from REBOL site.

04 Oct 98 - News from MAE: Amiga Inc. Reported to Support OS3.5 Update for Classic Amigas - This preliminary information comes from Gary Peake of Team AMIGA.

05 Oct 98 - ICOA Announces Changes and Goals - The ICOA sets a new direction becoming more of a developer-based, user-group like organization.

05 Oct 98 - Future Shock 2 Amiga Audio CD Available From Sidewinder - Sidewinder's exclusive audio CD produced on the Amiga is now available at a lower price.

05 Oct 98 - Village Tronic at Computer`98 Fair in Cologne, Germany - This famous German hardware manufacturer will be showing off its Ariadne II ethernet card, Picasso IV graphics board and other cool add-ons for your Amiga.

05 Oct 98 - Pictures from MAE98 - This collection of pics comes straight from the show floor in Columbus. Thanks to CUCUG president Jim Lewis!

07 Oct 98 - AmigaZone Doubles Disk Space and RAM to Better Serve its Members - AmigaZone is now running with 128 meg of RAM and nearly 20 gigabytes of mirrored disk space for virtually unlimited storage of its huge, ever-expanding collection of Amiga files.

08 Oct 98 - Vaporware Launches Two New Software Titles - Two new, advanced tools from Vapor include X-Arc and Contact Manager.

09 Oct 98 - Winner Announced in the CUCUG Amiga 4000 / Amiga Video Toaster Raffle - CUCUG attended the recent Midwest Amiga Exposition and drew the lucky winner in its much publicized Amiga 4000 / Amiga Video Toaster Raffle.

19 Oct 98 - Amiga Survivor Magazine Reports Early Success, New Look - Amiga Survivor magazine toots its horn a little in this press release announcement.

19 Oct 98 - Amiga Informer Magazine to be Distributed in the UK - Amiga Survivor magazine has gained the rights to distribute the U.S magazine, Amiga Informer in the UK.

19 Oct 98 - Paxtron Offers Inexpensive Battery Insurance for your Aging Amiga - Replace the battery in your Amiga now and avoid expensive motherboard repairs.

20 Oct 98 - CUCUG Now Accepts Credit Cards as Payment for Membership - Now, it's very easy to join CUCUG and support the Amiga Web Directory. Membership is only $20 and good through all of next year!

22 Oct 98 - AmiCON Announces Availability of the "Stop the Madness" T-shirts from the Midwest Amiga Exposition - Here's your last chance to pick up on these classic Amiga collectors' items.

22 Oct 98 - Epic Marketing Announces Availability of Amiga Informer Magazine - Here's another outlet for the Informer in the UK.

22 Oct 98 - Randomize, Inc. Announces New Amiga Clothing Items - New selections for fall now available from Randomize.

23 Oct 98 - Nova Design, Inc. to Show Newest ImageFX and Aladdin 4D at Cologne - Check out the latest versions of Nova's fine graphic tools at the upcoming German show.

23 Oct 98 - Power Solutions Announces Availability of Amiga Survivor Magazine - Canadian distributor now offers UK magazine for sale and distribution.

24 Oct 98 - Amiga Energy Magazine to be Available Through New Outlets - Now you'll be able to find this magazine in more UK Amiga shops, mail-order and also through Weird Science.

24 Oct 98 - Bill Panagouleas of DiscreetFX & Safe Harbor Announce ScaryFX for the Video Toaster & Amiga - Just in time for Halloween is this selection of over 40 different real-time color Video Toaster 4000 effects and Amiga animations.

25 Oct 98 - New Wildfire7\PPC Graphics/Effects Package Debuts at Cologne - The latest version of this advanced graphics system will be unveiled at Computer '98.

25 Oct 98 - Vaporware Announces AmIRC v 2.2 - The latest version of the Internet relay chat client is available as a free upgrade for registered users.

28 Oct 98 - Gateway Cracks the Whip? - A pirate web site, once the source of illegal Amiga ROMs, games and utilities has apparently been forced to close by Gateway.

29 Oct 98 - Lazarus Responds to CUCUG News Item, Threatens to Sue CUGUG - This email was received from a representative of the Lazarus site offering its side of the story and threatening legal action against CUCUG.

30 Oct 98 - Amiga Inc. Debunks Mac The Knife Article - Amiga Inc.'s Fleecy Moss totally discounts the characterizations of the "New" Amiga which was posted to a Mac rumor site recently.

02 Nov 98 - Fleecy Moss Clarifies Earlier Statements - Fleecy Moss posted this follow-up note after reading the note from him which recently appeared in the Amiga Web Directory.

02 Nov 98 - Fleecy Moss, Amiga Inc. Clarifies Company Strategy - Gary Peake of Team Amiga posted this email from Amiga Inc.'s Fleecy Moss in a recent newsgroup thread. In it, Mr. Moss states that an Amiga desktop is not the primary focus of Amiga Inc. and that they do not "need" the existing Amiga community to be successful, but that it does give them an edge.

03 Nov 98 - Amiga Atlanta to Host Barnstormer's Toaster & Flyer Seminar - Learn all the tricks used by the experts by attending this exciting and informative desktop video seminar sponsored by Atlanta Amiga.

03 Nov 98 - GPSoftware to Demo Two New Releases at Cologne - Australia's GPsoftware will be showing off the DOpus PLUS CD and Opus Magellan II at the upcoming German Amiga show.

04 Nov 98 - SoftWare Hut Update and Specials - Respected, US mail-order company announces new items and special deals.

05 Nov 98 - Haage & Partner News - Latest updates from German Amiga developer. Includes news of a the new G3 PowerPC board from Escena.

05 Nov 98 - Macrohard Announces Directory Opus Magellan II in Stock - US Mail order company now has this popular Amiga utility in stock.

05 Nov 98 - AmigaWares Available at Computer 98 - Randomize will be offering their new line of WinterWares plus their line of HeadWares and T-ShirtWares at the upcoming show in Cologne.

05 Nov 98 - Turtle Lightning/Vulcan America Announces Vulcanology CD - A 'greatest hits' of Vulcan Amiga classic games is being offered on CD for a very good price.

06 Nov 98 - Asimware Innovations Inc. Releases MasterISO v2.2 - Make your own CD-R and CD-RW disks using this wonderful software for the Amiga which provides endless storage and file distribution possibilities.

08 Nov 98 - Schatztruhe to Feature Amiga Personalities and New Products at Cologne - The Schatztruhe booth at Computer 98 will be buzzing with new products and famous Amiga people.

10 Nov 98 - Schatztruhe Announces Availability of CyberGraphX V4 - Hardware-independent graphics library for your Amiga.

10 Nov 98 - Schatztruhe Announces Availability of Envoy V3 - Envoy is an Amiga networking system designed to connect all your Amiga computers.

10 Nov 98 - Schatztruhe Announces Linux 5.1 for the Amiga - Linux is a Unix-like operating system gaining momentum in the market.

13 Nov 98 - Amiga99 Expands into Larger Facility - The Gateway show is on for next year and will be held on March 12 - 14 in St. Louis.

15 Nov 98 - Report From Computer 98 - This written report (in English!) comes to us from Martin Heine who attended the conferences at Computer 98 where the new OS partner QNX (pronounced "Q-nix") was announced.

16 Nov 98 - Latest Issue of Amiga Survivor Magazine Available - The newest issue of the UK-based, games-oriented magazine is now available.

16 Nov 98 - 2-Hour Cologne 98 Presentation Video As Seen on the Amiga International Video Wall - The Amiga Inc., Amiga International, and QNX Friday, November 13, 1998 presentation at Cologne's Computer 98 is now available on NTSC VHS courtesy of Amazing Computing/Amiga.

17 Nov 98 - Alive Mediasoft Announce The Pulse 8 Page Supplement - This free, magazine-like gamers section is now part of the Alive Mediasoft catalog.

18 Nov 98 - Fleecy 'Sacked' By Amiga Inc. - This newsgroup message from Fleecy Moss' wife confirms that he was let go and offers support for him. She apparently blames Jeff Schindler for the decision which (because of immigration problems) could potentially separate them from their new baby.

18 Nov 98 - Vulcanology CD Update - Vulcan America/TLAS files this update on the availability of their hit CD games collection.

18 Nov 98 - ZenMetal Software Announces AmiFTPd v1.0 - Here's a new, Amiga-based FTP daemon. Now you can set up and run your own FTP download site on the net with your Amiga.

19 Nov 98 - Amiga Inc. Announces Next Generation Amiga Architecture - This is the official press release announcing QNX as the OS partner for the new Amiga.

20 Nov 98 - Nova Design, Inc. Holiday Promotion - Starting November 15th and running through January, when you purchase ImageFX you will also receive the top-rated Catalyzer video tutorial, free.

21 Nov 98 - Three Copies of Cloanto's Amiga Forever 2.0 to be Awarded - CUCUG will award three lucky members copies of Amiga Forever 2.0, one of the finest utilities you'll ever run on your Wintel PC! Please see our membership sign up form to join CUCUG today with any major credit card.

24 Nov 98 - Randomize, Inc. Announces Expansion of its Genesis Series of Amiga Computers - Check out this line of Amiga computers from Randomize.

26 Nov 98 - Special Video Offer with ImageFX Upgrades - Available through January 1999, when you purchase an ImageFX 3.2 upgrade, from any version, you can also order the top-rated Catalyzer video tutorial volume for less than half the normal retail price of $49.95.

26 Nov 98 - Genesis by Randomize, Inc. Announces the Genesis Flyer, The Video Toaster Compatible Amiga - The Genesis Flyer is available as both a complete turn-key system including computer, Toaster, Flyer and drives or as just the computer.

29 Nov 98 - TLAS~Vulcan America Update - User group member specials, Vulcanology CD and software specials.

03 Dec 98 - Amiga 99 - Banquet & Admission Tickets - Amiga 99 Banquet tickets, for the March 13 Banquet, are now available.

03 Dec 98 - Amiga99 Official Announcement, Date Set - Clear your schedule for March 12-14. Amiga99 will be held in St. Louis in a new, larger facility.

05 Dec 98 - Security Advisory for Amiga Internet Users - Many Amiga users could be at risk of having their passwords known. Read this notice from Nordic Global (makers of the popular Miami TCP/IP stack) to see how to protect yourself.

06 Dec 98 - Amiga99 to Sponsor Club Table Contest - Amiga clubs showing at Amiga99 will be eligible to win a $100 cash prize based on the overall score they receive for their booth at the show.

06 Dec 98 - Fairbrothers, Inc. Announces Clearance Special - Save 90% off the price of Audio Gallery v1.0, the world's first foreign-language learning tool using digitized speech and graphics.

08 Dec 98 - Dimensions Computers Holiday Clearance and Official Announcement - Dimensions has recently moved their operation and are celebrating with a sale on the web site.

08 Dec 98 - Discreetfx Offers Special Price and Extra Effects For Pyromania Amiga/Video Toaster Version - Toaster fans will be interested in this announcement from Bill Panagouleas.

09 Dec 98 - Amiga Energy Offers Amiga User Groups Discounts - User groups can now receive special discounts on Amiga Energy magazine.

09 Dec 98 - Download Amiga Forever for only $19.99! - Cloanto today announced this blockbuster: for only $19.99USD you can download the online version of Amiga Forever and run (almost) all your Amiga applications and games on a PC! Check this out and save big bucks on this essential package for PCs.

10 Dec 98 - Petro Tyschtschenko to Visit Australia - Petro Tyschtschenko, head of Amiga International, will be visiting Australia in January 1999.

10 Dec 98 - AmigaWares are now available in Europe - RBM Digitaltechnik will now be handling this popular Amiga-oriented clothing line in Europe.

11 Dec 98 - Amiga99 Offers Tickets Via 800 Number - Now it's very convenient to order advance tickets to the Amiga99 show to be held in St. Louis.

13 Dec 98 - Cloanto Releases Amiga Forever Online Edition - The Online Edition of Amiga Forever is Cloanto's answer to all PC users and Amiga enthusiasts who are looking for a quick and easy way to "download Amiga ROMs" and run the emulation without requiring all of the extra features provided by the Amiga Forever CD-ROM, yet appreciating its "one click" ease of use.

16 Dec 98 - CompuServe Closes Off Access to Amiga, AmigaZone Invites Orphaned Users to Join Its Amiga-friendly Service - One of the most popular online areas for Amiga fans was once the CIS forums. But now that you have to be running a Mac or PeeCee to access them, they are hardly usable for Amigans. Harv Laser of the popular AmigaZone wants former CompuServe users to know that the AmigaZone is 100% Amiga-friendly and waiting for them!

16 Dec 98 - CDTV Upgrade Project Has Reached the Release Stage - If you own a CDTV and wished it could operate more like an Amiga with v3.1 of the OS installed, you are in luck. The Amiga of Minnesota Interest Groups Alliance (A.M.I.G.A.) has come up with a remarkable (and 100% legal) was to upgrade your CDTV unit. Check this out.

20 Dec 98 - AAA Awards Open for Nominees - Suggest your nominees for this prestigious Amiga award program. The AAA Awards an award program rewarding efforts to strengthen the Amiga computer and its user community.

20 Dec 98 - NASA Astronaut Steven R. Nagel Will Speak at Amiga 99 Banquet - Space Shuttle Commander Nagel's subject will be "Computers in Space" at the upcoming St. Louis show.

20 Dec 98 - Second Kickstart Amiga Show Announced - The Kickstart User Group, based in Ottershaw, Surrey, UK have announced the date for their second Kickstart Amiga Show.

24 Dec 98 - IDD Announces the Release of Port Monitor Software - With this software and an Amiga computer, you can wire sensors from doors, windows, or anything else to your computer.

24 Dec 98 - IDD Announces the Release of Port Monitor Software - With this software and an Amiga computer, you can wire sensors from doors, windows, or anything else to your computer.

24 Dec 98 - ShadowWorks Software Announces the Version 1.4b Upgrade to NewsRog - NewsRog brings advanced usenet newsgroup capability to the Amiga, with scrollable quote blocks, multiple network connections for reading news even while group headers are still being downloaded, advanced article selection, kill capability and more.

28 Dec 98 - Two Copies of GP Software's Directory Opus 5 to be Awarded - CUCUG will award two lucky members copies of Directory Opus 5, one of the finest utilities you'll ever run on your Amiga! Please see our membership sign up form to join CUCUG today with any major credit card.

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