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News From 1999

02 Jan 99 - CAD-Technologies and Impulse Announce Expanded Imagine Support - CAD-Technologies will now handle much of the international distribution of Imagine and provide a new, support web site.

05 Jan 99 - Amiga Informer Magazine Merges with Amazing Computing/Amiga - Two US-based Amiga print magazines have joined forces and will continue under the Amazing Computing/Amiga title.

06 Jan 99 - Annex, Europe's Singing Group to Perform at Amiga 99 Show - This Amiga-oriented musical group will make an appearance at the upcoming St. Louis show.

06 Jan 99 - The Real Ologram Announces Availability of OloFight - This new AGA fighting game features Ten different fighters with more than 400 animation frames each and 25 frame-per-second animations.

07 Jan 99 - Amiga99 Show Sponsors Graphic and Programming Contest - Are you an Amiga programmer or artist? Then you will be very interested in this graphic and programming contest sponsored by the Amiga99 show.

11 Jan 99 - Alive Mediasoft Announces Two New Games - UK software house is debuting two new titles, Goal! Season 98-99 and Phoenix Fighters.

11 Jan 99 - AmigaSoc UK User Group Offers Registration Services - UK Amiga user group will offer software registration services at upcoming Amiga events, encouraging users to register shareware programs.

13 Jan 99 - New Amiga Print Magazine to be Launched - Amiga Active will be a UK-based Amiga print magazine with in-depth news, reviews and features.

18 Jan 99 - Aircraft Simulator Time Among Amiga99 Door Prizes - This very unusual door prize will be featured along with many others at the Amiga99 show coming up in March.

19 Jan 99 - Amiga Apache Web Server with PHP Web Scripting Language Now Available for Free - Here's your chance to run an advanced web server on your Amiga.

19 Jan 99 - Toysoft Announces New Mail Client - StarGate includes many basic email features such as message attachment and message decoding and comes with a very extensive and detailed address book that supports multiple email accounts, personal and business addresses.

22 Jan 99 - NewTekniques Adds New Amiga/Toaster/Flyer Section - A new 16-page black and white section that will cover the Amiga, Video Toaster, and Video Toaster Flyer will be included with NewTechniques magazine beginning with the February/March 1999 issue.

24 Jan 99 - Alive Mediasoft Announces Phoenix Fighters Features and Specs - Here are the details of a new announced recently by Alive Mediasoft.

25 Jan 99 - 2 Bit Productions Announces Commercial Release of Storm of the Eye - This is a a GUI-driven play-by-email game for the Amiga.

25 Jan 99 - Alive Mediasoft Makes a Number of Announcements - This long list of Amiga projects, mostly new and updated games, comes to us from Alive Mediasoft.

25 Jan 99 - Weird Science Announces Special Offers on Software - In addition to specially low-priced titles, Weird Science is actually giving away free software with your purchase.

28 Jan 99 - Amiga Web Directory Endorsed by Amiga Inc. - The Amiga Web Directory is an official Amiga Recognized User Organization of Amiga Inc. The Amiga Recognized User Organization Seal of Approval indicates that this web site has been endorsed by Amiga.

28 Jan 99 - ZenMetal Software Announces Availability of Base0 Web Service - This BBS-style message board software for the web runs on your Amiga.

29 Jan 99 - Latest Announcements from Amiga Format - New editor Ben Vost takes the reigns and announces a staff writer position is now open.

30 Jan 99 - TLAS~Vulcan America Announces Special Offers - USA customers recieve free shipping on qualified orders for a limited time, user group members enjoy additional discounts.

30 Jan 99 - UGN Announces User Group Startup Documents - If you're interested in starting up your own Amiga user group, here is some help to get you going.

31 Jan 99 - New Amiga Forever Online Edition from Cloanto - This new enhanced version of the world's best Amiga emulation suite includes lots of new features and a low price: only $29.99US and you can download it right now off the 'net.

04 Feb 99 - NewTek Signs as an Exhibitor at Amiga 99, the Gateway Computer Show - Newtek joins the growing number of exhibitors at the upcoming Amiga show in St. Louis to be held March 12-14.

04 Feb 99 - Amiga Show to be Held in Alabama - Come join Amiga enthusiasts from the Birmingham/Tuscaloosa area on Feb. 5.

04 Feb 99 - Kickstart Amiga User Group Show Announced - Here's latest information on the Kickstart User Group Show, taking place on February 27th at Brook Hall, Brox Road, Ottershaw in Surrey, England.

08 Feb 99 - VaporWare Announces X-Arc 1.3 Now Available - X-Arc is a new tool by Federico Pomi, created specifically to provide a simple, easy-to-use interface for managing the normal archives used on the Amiga.

11 Feb 99 - Toysoft Development Announces Availability of StarGate 1.0 - A commercial e-mail client using POP3 and SMTP protocols, StarGate is highly configurable, easy to use, supports 256 color icons, multiple mailboxes and unlimited folders.

12 Feb 99 - Active Technologies Announce Genesis, A New TCP/IP Stack for the Amiga - Combining ease of use with advanced features, Genesis offers built in dialup Internet connectivity and/or local area networking.

12 Feb 99 - Alive Mediasoft Releases The Prophet Feature List - New Amiga game includes many options and features.

18 Feb 99 - New Sidewinder CD '2BADSHEEP - Amiga-produced electronic music CD is now available.

18 Feb 99 - Tsunami Graphics Selling A2000 Render Farm at Amiga99 - Large group of A2000s will be available at the upcoming Amiga show to be held in St. Louis.

20 Feb 99 - Compuquick Media Center Offers User Group Specials - Specials for user group members are available on two A1200 packages. Order now and pick it up at Amiga99!

23 Feb 99 - DiscreetFX Hosts Software Porting Seminar at Amiga99 - Learn how to port popular Windows applications to the Amiga at the upcoming Amiga99 show.

23 Feb 99 - Register Your NIMIQ/APNET PCMCIA Ethernet Card Online Now at National Amiga - A special web page has been set up at National Amiga to register your NIMIQ/APNET PCMCIA ethernet card.

23 Feb 99 - Paxtron Announces Changes in Amiga Service Center Prices and Policy - Paxtron is now charging flat-rate fees for Amiga repairs.

24 Feb 99 - Atéo Concepts Announces Scandoubler/FlickerFixer for the Amiga - Here's an opportunity to preorder this new display device for your Amiga.

24 Feb 99 - Finale Development Announces Its Next Generation Usenet Newsreader, NewYork II - This new newreader features offline reading, mass-decoding of entire newsgroups, 'bookmarking' of important articles and powerful kill-file prefs to block spam. See it at the upcoming Amiga99 show in St. Louis.

24 Feb 99 - Newtek to Attend Charter Meeting - Video Hardware Services will be sponsoring the charter meeting of the Lightwave-Amiga- Aura-Flyer-Toaster User Group and Newtek will be demoing its wares.

25 Feb 99 - Dimensions Computers Announces New Web Site and FREE 2-day Shipping - Take advantage of this special offer from Dimensions.

25 Feb 99 - FWD Computing Now Accepts Credit Cards - Now it's easier to buy products from this specialty retailer of Amiga software.

25 Feb 99 - Dimensions Computers AMIGA Announces Availability of EGS Spectrum - Card includes a built-in scandoubler switcher to provide 100% compatibility with older screenmodes. For added convenience, this is via a cable to your existing monitor port, so no internal slots are occupied for the scandoubler.

26 Feb 99 - Amiga Announces New President and Fast-track Development Plans - Amiga is making some moves! They have named a president, former Gateway senior vice president, Jim Collas and they are moving the operation to San Diego, California. This article is the first ever from Amiga to actually state that they intend to support the building of an Amiga computer, among other products.

27 Feb 99 - Contraption Industries Announces The Audio Enhancement Device (AED) - Sounds, music, and games can now have crisp high frequencies and deep bass that you can feel.

28 Feb 99 - Ultima Thule Software Announces Availability of THOR 2.6 - The latest version of this advanced newsreader adds features and bug fixes.

02 Mar 99 - Open Letter to the Amiga Community - Amiga international's Petro Tyschtschenko writes this hopeful and encouraging letter to Amiga fans everywhere.

02 Mar 99 - NewTek's Tim Jenison and Amiga99's Bob Scharp to be Interviewed on Radio Show - Bob and Jim will discuss the show and NewTek with host Joe Balsarotti on St. Louis' WEW.

02 Mar 99 - Eyelight Expands Its Web Presence And Announces Free Tornado3D V3.0 Special Offer - This significant update to the popular rendering package will sport a redesigned user interface and many high-end features never before available on the Amiga.

02 Mar 99 - W.F.M.H. Announces Availability of PalmBackup - If you own an Amiga and 3Com's Palm Pilot Personal, Palm Pilot Professional, Palm III organizer, IBM's WorkPad or derivatives, this software is for you!

02 Mar 99 - Amiga99 Tickets to be Collectable - Amiga99 tickets will include special images on them, making them an instant Amiga collectable.

03 Mar 99 - Jim Collas, Petro Tyschtschenko and Astronaut Steve Nagel to Speak at Amiga99 Banquet - Here are three good reasons to attend the Amiga99 banquet in St. Louis on Saturday, March 13th. But, you must register in advance to attend and time is running out.

03 Mar 99 - Toysoft Development Announces Availability of StarGate 1.1 - StarGate includes many basic email features such as message attachment and message decoding and comes with an extensive and detailed address book that supports multiple email accounts, personal and business addresses.

04 Mar 99 - Islona Entertainment to Distribute Super Frog - This Team17 platform game will be distributed by Islona/Epic Marketing.

05 Mar 99 - DVS Direct to Handle Assembly and Distribution of RBM Digitaltechnik Products in the US - Many cool Amiga hardware items will now become easier to aquire in the US. This line will be introduced to the US at the upcoming Amiga99 show in St. Louis on March 12, 13 and 14.

08 Mar 99 - Pantheon Systems Announces Web Hosting Service - This Amiga-friendly service allows you to host your own web site for free.

08 Mar 99 - TLAS~Vulcan America Update - The latest specials and new items from Turtle Lightning Amiga Software/Vulcan America.

08 Mar 99 - User Group Network to Offer Seminars for User Groups at Amiga'99 - User group officers can learn the ins and outs of forming a corporation.

09 Mar 99 - Haage & Partner to Demo Amiga OS3.5 at Amiga99 Show - See for yourself what the latest update to the classic Amiga OS will look like at Amiga99.

09 Mar 99 - Paul Nolan's Photogenics 4.0 to Launch at Amiga99 Show - Be among the first to see this advanced graphics package at the Amiga99 show.

10 Mar 99 - Special Surprises from Nova Design, Inc. at Upcoming Shows - Check out Nova Design at this weekend's Amiga99 show.

12 Mar 99 - Amiga President Jim Collas Addresses Amiga99 Attendees - Here is a recap of the speech made by the Amiga president on Friday night to those assembled at Amiga99.

12 Mar 99 - Atéo Concepts Announces Two New Products - Company announces Pixel64 ZorroIII for the A3000/4000 and AteoNet, an affordable Ethernet solution for the Amiga.

12 Mar 99 - Jim Collas And Jeff Schindler Answer Questions - Edited IRC transcript from the Amiga99 show on Friday night.

13 Mar 99 - Nordic Global Announces Daytona, Free Java for AmigaOS - This surprising announcement was made at Amiga99 by Nordic Global's Holger Kruse.

14 Mar 99 - CUCUG's Amiga99 Show Report - Comprehensive show report with pictures and coverage of most of the vendors who attended the Amiga99 show in St. Louis on March 12, 13 and 14. (The handsome gentleman shown here with the Amiga Web Directory T-shirt is Amiga Inc. General Manager Jeff Schindler.)

16 Mar 99 - Amiga 15th Anniversary Celebration in Atlanta (Amiga:2000) - Join Amiga pioneers at this banquet meeting.

17 Mar 99 - Winner of Amiga99 Graphic and Programming Contest Announced - Congratulations to Steffen König of Germany, the winner of the "Still Graphic" portion of the "Graphic and programming Contest" of the Amiga 99 show.

17 Mar 99 - Aminet Moving Main Site to Germany - This note from Urban D. Mueller, head of Aminet explains some of the recent problems and outlines a possible solution.

17 Mar 99 - Wildfire 7 - Animation Sequencing and 3D Effects - Wildfire is a professional animation sequencer that allows you to create and process animations in several formats, to generate time-dependant 3D special-effects and design large projects containing several animations and frame-synchronized sound-effects.

17 Mar 99 - Winner of Amiga99 Best Club Table Display Contest Announced - The National Capitol Amiga Users Group took home the prize with their blimp cam.

17 Mar 99 - Nova Design Announces PowerStation for ImageFX - PowerStation is a a package of ImageFX modules designed to work with the PowerPC as a coprocessor.

19 Mar 99 - Amiga99 Tapes Available - Amazing Computing/Amiga Magazine has announced (only days after the actual event) the availability of two video tapes focusing on the comments made by new Amiga president Jim Collas. Check it out!

19 Mar 99 - AmiComSys Looking for a Home - If you have a net-connected Amiga you could host the AmiComSys server and be an Amiga hero.

20 Mar 99 - clickBOOM Announces Online Auction System - Amiga users may now buy and sell goods at the clickBOOM web site via an online auction.

22 Mar 99 - MicroDot II 1.3 Available - VaporWare releases the latest version of its integrated email and news program.

25 Mar 99 - Midwest Amiga Exposition Not to be Held This Year - The Amiga Central Ohio Network has decided not to put on the Amicon MAE show this year.

26 Mar 99 - Met@box Announces AmiJOE G3 PPC Accelerator for the Amiga - Right on the heels of the Phase 5 announcement comes this similar development from Metabox (formerly PIOS).

27 Mar 99 - Amiga Survivor Magazine Announces New Issue - After a few months of absence, Amiga Survivor has released its latest issue.

30 Mar 99 - Randomize Announces ScanQuix/Umax Scanner Bundle - Here's a high-quality, cost-effective flatbed scanning solution for the Amiga from Randomize.

30 Mar 99 - Siamese Systems Announces Multi-Board Computer System Case - Do-it-yourself hardware fans who want to run multiple OSes from the same box will appreciate this new offering from Siamese.

01 Apr 99 - Interview with Mr. Petro Tyschtschenko from the Waaslandia Amiga-Only Club - Another interview with Petro reveals some new facts about the surprising growth of Amiga Inc. (in personnel, anyway).

02 Apr 99 - Toysoft Development Announces Availability of StarGate v2.0 MUI - StarGate is an integrated e-mail and news client with multiple user interfaces, multiple email accounts, intuitive design, easy to use, highly configurable, designed for novice to expert users and no learning curve.

04 Apr 99 - Finnish Amiga Users Group Announces Saku 99 - Following the success of Saku 98, which was visited by some 500 Amiga enthusiasts, Saku 99 is aimed to be bigger and better than the previous events.

04 Apr 99 - Amiga Downunder 99 Show Announced - An Amiga show will be held in Canberra, Australia on August 21st and 22nd, 1999. Check it out!

10 Apr 99 - Amiwest '99 Amiga Show to be Held in Sacramento, California - AmiWest '99 will run from Friday, July 23th, through Sunday, July 25th. The show will feature classes, seminars, guest speakers, a banquet and many Amiga vendors and groups.

11 Apr 99 - Blittersoft to Begin Taking Pre-Orders for AmigaOS 3.5 - Assure quick delivery of AmigaOS 3.5 when it comes out. No prepayment is required.

13 Apr 99 - Randomize Sets the Amiga System Standard with the Genesis Odyssey PPC II - Here's a new, PPC-equipped Amiga suitable for all applications and completly configurable through Randomize's new "Build-Your-Own" system.

18 Apr 99 - ShadowWorks Software Announces Version 1.6 Update to NewsRog - Newsrog is a news reader program for the Amiga that provides advanced features for the power user. Version 1.6 includes 19 new features and improvements.

19 Apr 99 - Hurricane Studios Announce Availability of the First Amiga Commercial PowerPC Game - Eat The Whistle PPC is available now on the web and, soon, on Aminet. This is a free update if you already own the 68K version.

21 Apr 99 - World of Amiga '99 Going Ahead - More details regarding this UK-based show which will be held on the weekend of July 24th and 25th.

25 Apr 99 - Eucalyptus Source Code Released By Developer - Eucalyptus is an advanced multimedia MIME-compliant e-mail client from Isengard Developments.

29 Apr 99 - Genesis Odyssey PPC II - System Update - April 28, 1999 - Latest news and views from Randomize concerning their high-quality line of Amiga tower computers.

02 May 99 - Nova Design Announces PowerStation for ImageFX now Shipping - PowerStation is a a package of ImageFX modules designed to work with the PowerPC as a coprocessor.

04 May 99 - Islona Entertainment Announces Best of Gremlin - Islona has picked up the contract for a prolific games publisher and will be releasing a CD with quite a selection of games.

08 May 99 - Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Still Very Much in Business - The TLAS/Vulcan America web site may be temporarily down, but they are still in good shape and ready to serve your Amiga software needs.

09 May 99 - IRC Transcript with Dr. Allan Havemose - This is a transcript of a recent #amigadk (Danish Amiga IRC channel) session with Dr. Allan Havemose, Amiga's Vice President of Engineering. Dr. Havemose answers questions and reveals some interesting new facts about the new Amiga.

18 May 99 - A1200 Parts Available From Randomize, Inc. - Now you can obtain support parts for your 1200 and 1200 tower systems.

18 May 99 - Audio HD-Recording Program PlayHD Gets New Name 'Audio Evolution' and New Features - Audio Evolution is an audio hard disk recording system primarily aimed at musicians who want an easy-to-use multitrack recorder for home-studio applications.

19 May 99 - South Essex Amiga Link Announces Updates to its Magazine - Higher production quality and additional content pages are among the improvements being made to Clubbed, a British Amiga magazine.

20 May 99 - AAA Awards Voting - Now With A Grand Prize Raffle - Vote for AAA Awards candidates and you could win a specially designed and hand-airbrushed Amiga 1200HDD or a copy of Cloanto's Amiga Forever Online Edition.

21 May 99 - AmiComSys Announces New Server and New Client Version - AmiComSys or Amiga Communicator System is an Internet application for the Amiga OS that allows Amiga users to find each other and chat online.

21 May 99 - AmiTech Dayton Amiga User Group Announces Amiga Presence at Dayton Computerfest - The show will be August 27-29 at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio.

21 May 99 - Totally Amiga Magazine Available from BMS in North America - North American Amiga fans now have access to Totally Amiga, a British Amiga magazine.

22 May 99 - Nova Design Announces ImageFX 4 - This latest major version update of Nova's highly acclaimed graphics package adds animation and many other significant new features.

26 May 99 - AmiWest99 Update - Here's the latest on the upcoming Amiwest show which will be held in Sacramento, California, July 23-25.

27 May 99 - New Version Of Amiga Forever Online Edition Released - A new version of Amiga Forever Online Edition is available for download. For this release, both the preinstalled Amiga software and the WinUAE emulation have been updated and improved.

27 May 99 - Individual Computer Products Arrive at Randomize, Inc. - As part of its expasion of A1200 related products, Randomize, Inc. has taken recent delivery of many A1200-related products from Individual Computers.

29 May 99 - New UK Amiga Magazine to be Launched - Pinprint Publishing announces the launch of Amigactive, the forthcoming UK-based, glossy newsstand Amiga magazine.

03 Jun 99 - Amiga Extravaganza Show to Take Place in Indianapolis - New Amiga show will take place October 8-10. Sponsored by FWD Computing and ARCUG.

03 Jun 99 - Announcements from Randomize, Inc. - Genesis DVD Survey, AVI/QT ready systems and ViewSonic monitor solutions.

05 Jun 99 - 3Dfx Add On for PicassoIV - Name The Baby - Village Tronic is working on a new add-on board for the PicassoIV modular graphics-board and needs your help to create a good name for it.

09 Jun 99 - Compuquick Media Center Announces New Items In Stock - Here's a list of popular Amiga accelerators and graphic cards now available from Compuquick Media Center.

12 Jun 99 - Free Update Patch for Opus Magellan 5.8 - While some new features have been added such as support for the NewMouse standard, improved OpusFTP operations, and improved ease of use, this release is mainly a service update providing solutions to a number of issues identified by end users.

15 Jun 99 - AmiWest99 Update #2 - Here's the latest on the upcoming Amiwest show which will be held in Sacramento, California, July 23-25.

16 Jun 99 - AAC Nominations Now Available Via Email - Now you can nominate members for the upcoming Amiga Advisory Council (AAC) via email. But, you better hurry, nominations close on July 19th.

16 Jun 99 - AmigaWares Goes Back to the Beach - New products and new website features for this line of Amiga clothing and accessories from Randomize.

21 Jun 99 - Cloanto Releases Personal Paint Update - Personal Paint v. 7.1b, is a maintenance version aimed at keeping Personal Paint compatible with the latest RTG developments, such as animation on systems with double-buffering chunky-pixel screen modes.

26 Jun 99 - AmigaFest 99 The Show Within a Show at Dayton Computerfest - AmigaFest 99 (formerly referred to as Amiga Expo 99) at the Dayton Computerfest, one of the country's largest computer shows, will be held at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio on 28 & 29 August. It is a show not to be missed for Amiga users.

26 Jun 99 - Personal Paint 7.1b Promotion From Randomize - Get the latest version of Personal Paint and deals on Amiga Wares from Randomize.

28 Jun 99 - Saku 99 Update - Here's the latest about the Finnish Amiga Users Group Saku 99 event.

30 Jun 99 - AmiWest99 Update #3 - Here's the latest on the upcoming Amiwest show which will be held in Sacramento, California, July 23-25.

30 Jun 99 - Photogenics 4 CD-ROM Released - This release from Schatztruhe outlines some of the interesting new features of this long-awaited graphics application.

30 Jun 99 - ShadowWorks Software Announces Version 1.7 Update to NewsRog - NewsRog has a wealth of features for the power user, many of them unavailable in any other newsreader on any platform.

01 Jul 99 - Intrepid Communications Announces Supply of A2000HD Amigas - A cache of new, in-the-box and excellent condition used classic A2000HD computers has been found and is being offered for sale.

06 Jul 99 - Randomize Announces International Amiga 2000 - The Toronto show is being rescheduled to early 2000 and shift its focus to the new AmigaSoft machines.

09 Jul 99 - Jim Collas' Note to the Newsgroup Regarding QNX - Collas chides QNX for posting details about the work they have done on the next Amiga OS without approval from Amiga. He describes their information as "misleading".

10 Jul 99 - AmigaFest 99 Update - Here's the latest scoop about the upcoming Amiga presence at the Dayton Computerfest to be held in Dayton, OH on August 28 and 29.

10 Jul 99 - AmiWest99 Update #4 - Here's the latest on the upcoming Amiwest show which will be held in Sacramento, California, July 23-25.

10 Jul 99 - Compuquick Media Center to Attend Amiwest 99 Show - This pouplar Amiga US mail-order company will be offering lots of Amiga goodies at the upcoming Amiga show in Sacramento, CA.

10 Jul 99 - Innovative Announces fxPAINT - New image processiong software for the Amiga, that will make use of the latest hard- and software.

11 Jul 99 - Jim Collas Offers Clarifications - The president of Amiga posted this message in the comp.sys.amiga.misc newsgroup clarifying some apparent misconceptions people seem to be having about the Linux decision.

11 Jul 99 - QNX Responds to Collas' Newsgroup Message - This message from QNX's Dan Dodge refutes some of Jim Collas' earlier statements and reasserts that they plan to continue with development of an Amiga-like consumer OS.

12 Jul 99 - FWD Computing to Attend AmiWest Show - This popular software supplier will be attending the upcoming show in Sacramento, California, July 23-25.

12 Jul 99 - Intrepid Communications Announces CUCUG Member A2000HD Special - CUCUG members can save $50 off a purchase of an A2000HD system and recieve free ground shipping in the US and Canada. Since our half-year membership is only $10 right now, you could easily join the group and still save $40 and get the free shipping!

13 Jul 99 - ImageFX 4 Now Shipping - With Animation - This latest major version update of Nova's highly acclaimed graphics package adds animation and many other significant new features.

14 Jul 99 - Aminet Triple Trojan Alert - Three recently uploaded files on Aminet contain a non-damaging but pesky trojan program. If your have downloaded any of these, delete them immediately.

14 Jul 99 - Amithyst is Hiring - Online Amiga-oriented e-zine is looking for someone to help with site content.

14 Jul 99 - Amiga Jobs Ad - Thanks to Patrick Anderson for sharing this with the AWD. This is a scan of a job flyer that was being passed out at a recent high tech job fair in San Jose, California. One interesting position they are looking for is a MIPS Port Engineer. Patrick tells us that their rep told him Amiga has signed the lease on the San Jose office this week. It is located very close to the airport, which will make it easy to travel to and from San Diego. He also said there are about 15 people currently employed at Amiga.

15 Jul 99 - Jim Collas States Amiga Technology Brief to be Released on July 16 (Friday) - The president of Amiga stated in a newsgroup message that the eagerly anticipated technology brief will be posted to the Amiga web site on Friday, July 16.

15 Jul 99 - Intrepid Communications Announces Update to CUCUG Member A2000HD Special - It turns out the A2000HD computers we announced earlier are actually a bit nicer than originally published.

17 Jul 99 - Paul Nolan's Photogenics 4.1 Released - The long awaited update to Paul Nolan's sophisticated graphics manipulation program is now shipping.

17 Jul 99 - Finnish Amiga Users Group Announces Saku 99 Invitation Intro - The downloadable intro combines Saku 99 information, pictures from previous events, and music, into a small multimedia presentation.

19 Jul 99 - Note from the Amiga R&D Team - Rick LeFaivre and Allan Havemose post this note to the newsgroups asking people to not solely focus on the operating systems and hardware components of the new Amiga and claim that it's the software and concept of the new Amiga which will be the true revolution. They do say that they are looking at MIDI and that the Amiga will indeed come with a floppy drive.

19 Jul 99 - AmigaZone to Show at AmiWest, Offers Free Gift - Visit industry luminary Harv Laser at the AmigaZone booth at AmiWest, sign up for this exciting BBS-ish service (remember how fun BBSes were?) and get a FREE gift.

19 Jul 99 - MCCC Announces Flea Market Extravaganza '99 - MCCC, located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area is hosting an Amiga-oriented flea market Saturday, September 25.

19 Jul 99 - Nova Design Selects Eyetech Group to Distribute ImageFX/Aladdin 4D in UK - Now it will be easier for European Amiga fans to purchase ImageFX/Aladdin 4D.

20 Jul 99 - Jim Collas Rebuts Charges that Amiga Does Not Listen - Collas is clearly a little upset at the implication that Amiga has not fostered effective communcation with the Amiga community at large. He outlines all of his personal efforts in this area.

21 Jul 99 - Cloanto Presents its Stylish Collection of T-Shirts at World of Amiga in London - Just about everything these people do is very cool and their shirts are no exception.

31 Jul 99 - Power Solutions Announces Inventory Clearance Sale - Check out the low prices on specialty software items for the Amiga like a killer deal on Distant Suns, one of the best planetarium programs on any computer platform!

31 Jul 99 - Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Offers Super Software Specials - Here's a giant listing of great software specials from TLAS.

02 Aug 99 - Marcel Beck Receives the AAA Award International 1998 - The author of the popular Amiga POP3 mail client YAM is the latest winner of the AAA Award International.

02 Aug 99 - Amiga Forever 3.0 Released - Includes 3.1 ROM and OS - Upgrades Available - Amiga Forever contains a complete and ready-to-use emulation solution to run Amiga software under Windows, Linux and other systems, and a suite of Amiga utility and cross-platform data sharing applications.

04 Aug 99 - Amiga OS 3.5 Not Yet Shipping - Olaf Barthel, one of the primary programmers of the v3.5 update to the classic Amiga OS disputes the claims of some Amiga retailers that the package is now shipping.

04 Aug 99 - Amiga Extravaganza Updates - Yes, it's another Amiga show to check out. The Amiga Extravaganza 99 will be held in Indianapolis, IN on October 8, 9 and 10th of 1999. Organized by FWD Computing.

05 Aug 99 - Amiga Advisory Council Officially Launched - A group of people from the Amiga press, developers, dealers/distributors, and user group organizations have been appointed as a conduit to the community and the areas that they represent by Amiga. All these people have signed non-disclosure agreements, though.

07 Aug 99 - Oshawa Amiga Offers Free Shipping on Clearance Items - Save on some great classic Amiga merchandise and receive free shipping.

10 Aug 99 - AmigaFest 99 Update - Here's the latest scoop about the upcoming Amiga presence at the Dayton ComputerFest to be held in Dayton, OH on August 28 and 29.

16 Aug 99 - Dimensions Computers AMIGA Announces Limited Stock of GVP EGS Spectrum Graphics Cards - Here's a quick and inexpensive way to add a graphic card to your Amiga.

16 Aug 99 - Official Statement from Iwin Corporation - Iwin posted this notice in the comp.sys.amiga.misc Amiga newsgroup addressing some of the many sceptical comments and concerns which have accompanied their announcements to produce modern, classic Amiga-compatible systems at very affordable prices.

16 Aug 99 - Turtle Lightning Amiga Software Offers Super Software Specials - Here's a giant listing of great software specials from TLAS.

19 Aug 99 - Jim Collas: Iwin Response - Jim Collas posted this message in the comp.sys.amiga.misc newsgroup responding to the recent flurry of interest in the Iwin Amiga clones. He has never heard of the company but wants to talk to them if their claims are true.

20 Aug 99 - International Amiga 2000 is Taking Shape - Randomize wants your input to make their Amiga 2000 show in Toronto the best one ever!

21 Aug 99 - Finnish Saku 99 Event Only Two Weeks Away - The biggest Amiga event in Finland is fast approaching.

23 Aug 99 - Audio Evolution Now Published by Computer City - Benelux Amiga distributor Computer City and Audio Evolution programmer Davy Wentzler have signed a distribution deal which allows Computer City to publish the full version of Audio Evolution on a worldwide basis.

24 Aug 99 - Amiga Job Posting - This help-wanted ad was posted in the, and newsgroups on August 23rd by Blake Ward of Amiga.

24 Aug 99 - Amigan-St. Louis is Proud to Announce Amiga 2K - The 2000 St. Louis show is on and will be held April 7-9 at the same site that was so popular with show attendees last year.

25 Aug 99 - Amiga Downunder '99 Show Report - Craig Delahoy offers this somewhat comprehensive view of the Amiga show which recently took place in Canberra, Australia.

27 Aug 99 - Randomize Update - A number of new announcements from Canadian mail-order company, Randomize.

29 Aug 99 - New Update Release of Imagine Available - New version update of Impulse's 3D rendering package adds features and benefits.

01 Sep 99 - Bill McEwen Confirms: He Was Let Go By Amiga - The rumors have been confirmed, Bill McEwen was indeed let go by Amiga. His last day was yesterday.

02 Sep 99 - Happy Birthday, Internet - AmigaZone head Harv Laser shares this little snippet with us: the Internet turns 30 today.

02 Sep 99 - Petro Tyschtschenko Cancels His Saku 99 Visit - Because of Jim Collas' resignation Petro has been called to the US for meetings this weekend, canceling his appearance at this Finnish Amiga show.

04 Sep 99 - Petro Tyschtschenko Spoke To Saku 99 Audience Via Telephone - Petro told the crowd that he was not to be fired, but then said that he had not yet talked to the new boss of Amiga, Tom Schmidt.

10 Sep 99 - AudioLabs Announces ProStationAudio Non-linear Audio Editing Application - Here is a professional quality audio editor for the Amiga.

10 Sep 99 - Update: MCCC Flea Market Extravaganza '99 - MCCC, located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area is hosting an Amiga-oriented flea market Saturday, September 25.

11 Sep 99 - Amiga to Make a Statement Next Week - According to Petro Tyschtschenko, Amiga will be making a statement next Tuesday. It is widely feared that they will, at that time, officially announce the discontinuation of the Amiga computer. Thanks to Steve Crietzman for sharing this with us.

11 Sep 99 - NewsCoaster, Offline Newsreader Available - Full-featured offline news reader is now available for downloading.

11 Sep 99 - Power Solutions Announces Availability of Wasted Dreams CD - Wasted Dreams features hand drawn locations, digital speech, 3D rendered animations, strategy action and logic puzzles.

12 Sep 99 - Apex Designs Announces Payback - Payback is described by its authors as a gangster warfare simulator with some serious attitude. Due out by Christmas.

12 Sep 99 - Blittersoft Announces WipeOut 2097 - Pre-orders (no need to pre-pay) are being taken for the Amiga version of the famous anti-gravity racer from the PlayStation and PC platforms.

14 Sep 99 - Amiga Executive Update - Amiga president Thomas J. Schmidt confirms that Amiga will no longer be developing an Amiga computer. Their focus is now on software--hardware will be left up to third parties who will include Amiga software on their systems. Some other new tidbits are also included like the fact that Amiga software will now run "on top" of many OSes. Just what this software will do is not answered in this update.

15 Sep 99 - OS3.5 Demonstration in Benelux - If you'll be in the Benelux area on Saturday the 18th, be sure to catch the OS 3.5 demo put on by Haage & Partner in The Netherlands.

17 Sep 99 - Open Letter to the Amiga Community - Thomas J. Schmidt, president of Amiga offers this note acknolwledging the frustration of many in the Amiga community after it was revealed that Amiga does not plan to build Amigas in the future. "To be honest, the ability for us to deliver the MCC was unrealistic." He also confirms what many in the community have already pointed out: that their new direction has nothing to do with the original Amiga computer. He does claim to be committed to seeking out third-parties who might be interested in developing a next-generation Amiga computer and operating system.

24 Sep 99 - Transcript: Doctors Rick LeFaivre and Alan Havemose Q & A - This transcript of the Q&A session from the Amiwest show is a little dated (they still talk of the now-defunct MCC) but does provide a detailed background on some of the other Amiga technologies which are reportedly still being developed. It's quite long. Thanks to Alan Crandall and Rick Rudge.

25 Sep 99 - Active Technologies Announce NetConnect 3 Info, Special Prices and Other Offers - Updates on the latest Amiga products available from Active Technologies.

27 Sep 99 - Amiga Extravaganza Update - Yes, it's another Amiga show to check out. The Amiga Extravaganza 99 will be held in Indianapolis, IN on October 8, 9 and 10th of 1999. Organized by FWD Computing.

28 Sep 99 - Haage & Partner News - The latest developments from one of the most active Amiga-oriented companies.

02 Oct 99 - Amazing Computing/Amiga Announces 2-Tape Set of the WOA99 - This two videotape set covers all the Amiga presentations, video, questions and answers, press conference and more.

03 Oct 99 - Phase5 G4 Update from Randomize - Randomize announces fast G4 Amiga solutions.

03 Oct 99 - Toysoft Development Announces StarGate 2.2 - StarGate is an integrated e-mail and news client with multiple user interfaces, multiple email accounts, intuitive design, easy to use, highly configurable, designed for novice to expert users and no learning curve.

08 Oct 99 - Eyelight Introduces Power Pack Volume I - PowerPack Volume I: Image Maps, is a collection of professionally painted and acquired image maps suitable for any rendering package.

10 Oct 99 - Vaporware Announces Public Prerelease Availability of Voyager 3 - The latest beta of Voyager 3 is now available. Includes bug fixes and a few new features.

11 Oct 99 - Aminet Status Report - Aminet admin advise that they are still working on restoring the main Aminet site but that older files are still available from the mirror sites.

13 Oct 99 - Haage & Partner News - The latest developments from one of the most active Amiga-oriented companies.

14 Oct 99 - Compuquick Announces Imminent Availability of Amiga OS 3.5 - Compuquick of Columbus, Ohio has confirmed that Amiga OS 3.5 will be ready to ship, soon.

19 Oct 99 - Grenville Trading International Offers Amiga Manufacturers Product Placement - Amiga develpers and manufacturers can have their products distributed to resellers worldwide through Grenville.

23 Oct 99 - Amiga Extravaganza99 Report - This report of the recent show held in Indianapolis, IN comes to us from Terri May Willis.

24 Oct 99 - Alive Mediasoft New Products and Updates - New product announcements and updates for other projects from this enthusiastic Amiga developer.

27 Oct 99 - Instant Rebate on ImageFX - Get $40 back on 4.0 - Now is a good time to save when you buy the new ImageFX 4.0 with animation features.

08 Nov 99 - Amiga 2K Show Coming in April - This snippet from Bob Scharp confirms that the St. Louis show will be held again in 2000 but will move its dates.

08 Nov 99 - Opus Magellan 5.82 with OS 3.5 Support to be Shown at Cologne - Check out the new version of the world's coolest directory utility (for any platform) which provides special support for the palettes used in OS 3.5.

08 Nov 99 - Nova Design Announces Australian Distributor - Now Australian and New Zealand Amiga enthusiasts will have an outlet for the high quality software products of Nova Design.

10 Nov 99 - Blittersoft Announces Availability of WipeOut 2097 - Amiga version of the famous anti-gravity racer from the PlayStation and PC platforms is now available from Blittersoft.

13 Nov 99 - IRC Conference with Petro Tyschtschenko - Petro is quizzed about various Amiga topics. Not much real news but he does reveal how many OS 3.5 packages have sold and the break-even sales goal. Petro is enthusiastic as ever. Thanks to the European members of the UGN for arranging this conference.

17 Nov 99 - Plug-Ins Available for Image Engineer - Special discounts now available for plug-ins for Image Engineer.

19 Nov 99 - Alive Mediasoft New Products and Updates - New product announcements and updates for other projects from this enthusiastic Amiga developer.

23 Nov 99 - Centsible Software Buys Out Paxtron Stock - All of Paxtron's former stock will now be available from Centsible Software.

24 Nov 99 - Alive Mediasoft New Products and Updates - New product announcements and updates for other projects from this enthusiastic Amiga developer.

08 Dec 99 - Nova Design and Newtek Announce Availability of Millennium - Millennium is a collection of software, scripts, effects, fonts, backgrounds and other content designed to update your Video Toaster and Flyer dramatically.

08 Dec 99 - Amiga Survivor Magazine Announces New Issue - Amiga Survivor has released its latest issue and is asking for help.

18 Dec 99 - Cloanto Releases Amiga Forever Holiday Bundle: New ROMs and MP3s - The Online Edition of Amiga Forever 3.0 and the Amiga Forever Plus Pack are available in a special holiday bundle.

18 Dec 99 - Compuquick Christmas 99 Update - Latest announcements and specials from this well-known US mail-order firm.

18 Dec 99 - Immortal, Amiga Game Music Album Released - This new audio CD features music from many popular Amiga games.

18 Dec 99 - Paul Nolan Ltd Extends Photogenics 5th Anniversary Sale - Hurry to take advantage of special savings on Photogenics.

27 Dec 99 - Amiga 2K Show Announces First Group of Exhibitors - The April Amiga 2K show is beginning to take shape.

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